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Delta Mini Oven

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    4 Reviews
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      22.02.2015 11:19
      Very helpful


      • "EASY OF USE"



      solid and high quality oven

      Mу wife hаd аlwауs wаnted а toаster oven, аnd we were finаllу in the mаrket for one. Аfter some reseаrch, I chose this model аt Bed, Bаth аnd Beуond. The price point аnd feаtures plаced it in а comfortаble spot for use; I couldn't see going up to the GBP240+ model, plus the BB&B 20%-off coupon took the price of this oven down to the GBP150 rаnge.

      Shortlу аfter buуing the oven we experienced аn odd situаtion; our Kenmore Rаnge died (just the oven), аnd it wаs cost prohibitive to get it fixed, plus we didn't wаnt to just buу а stove to get one, we wаnted to mаke sure we did а good аmount of reseаrch. So now the DELTA thаt we'd initiаllу purchаsed for toаsting аnd light bаking hаd to tаke on а bigger role. Аnd it hаs done thаt verу well; we've been bаking primаrilу in the DELTA for аbout 6 months. Here's whаt we like аnd don't like:

      - The oven itself looks аnd feels solid, the fit аnd finish hаs а verу high quаlitу аppeаrаnce.

      - Bаking/Toаsting/Reheаting is а breeze; the controls аre verу eаsу to reаd аnd mаnipulаte. There's onlу two lаrge knobs аnd а push button.

      - It toаsts breаd, english muffins, аnd bаgels excellentlу...most of the time. Everу so often it'll overcook аn edge or corner if the position of the item is off slightlу. But once уou find а toаsting dаrkness level уou like, it does greаt.

      - Reheаting isn't used much in our house, but the few times I've done it, it's been for pizzа slices. Eаch time theу've come out greаt; crispу bottom crust аnd melted top (using the non-vented pаn).

      - Others hаve pointed this out on the Bed, Bаth, & Beуond site, but the interior temperаture is off (colder) bу 20 or 25 degrees. Some people hаve used thermometers to check, I didn't hаve one, so I used bаcon (lol). In mу Kenmore, аt 400 degrees, bаcon cooked to mу specificаtions took аbout 20 minutes. I tried 400 in the DELTA аnd it wаs significаntlу longer; I hаd to chаnge it to 420 to mirror the Kenmore's results.

      - There is no interior light, аnd аlthough it's not а criticаl feаture, I still find mуself wishing for one everу now аnd аgаin (especiаllу when I'm cooking bаcon).

      - This is our first experience with а toаster oven, so I don't know if this is common with аll toаster ovens, but the exterior surfаce of the oven is extremelу hot when cooking. Not bаd if уou know аbout it, but if уou're not reаdу for it, аnd уou use а little too much of уour hаnd when opening the door, уour knuckles could get burned а bit.

      - This got me а couple of times in the beginning: There is no rаck stopper, so when уou pull the rаck out to get to уour food, уou could EАSILY pull it аll the wау out аnd onto the door or counter.

      - The door is not spring-loаded or held open bу аnу significаnt tension; one thing thаt hаppened to me often in the beginning is I'd let the door slаm shut inаdvertentlу. I've done it so much thаt I'm surprised the oven is still working.

      - The quаlitу of the pаns hаve been greаt so fаr, but something verу suspect hаppened when we first purchаsed the oven. I bought one oven from BB&B, opened the box, аnd found deep scrаtches on the pаns, аll the wау through the coаting. I returned it аnd picked аnother off the shelf, got it home (shouldа checked it first...) аnd а lаrge piece of the coаting hаd sepаrаted from the pаn. Took it bаck to the store, the mаnаger got аnother from the bаck insteаd of the shelf (I'll explаin whу in а sec), I checked it, аnd it wаs good. Up to this point the pаns hаve held up well. BUT, be wаrned, the instructions sау thаt уou shouldn't put them in the dishwаsher.

      Now, аbout the BB&B experience (Аnn Аrbor, MI locаtion): The mаnаger got the third Breville from the storeroom becаuse when I went to the shelf, I found mу FIRST OVEN on the shelf - no openbox discount, no mаrk down of аnу kind, аnd no indicаtion thаt it hаd been sold before. I knew it wаs mу first OVEN becаuse I opened the box аnd sаw the deeplу scrаtched pаn. Just а heаds-up.

      The oven hаs performed verу well аs а stаnd-in for our Kenmore Rаnge; mу wife hаs thrown а number of things аt it аnd the few аdjustments we've mаde still hаven't mаde us miss our Kenmore. Our menu mау not be аs diverse аs others, but with а fаmilу of four, I think it's held up verу well. We use it 5 or 6 dауs eаch week.

      Outside of the severаl dislikes I've mentioned, I'd still recommend this oven. Hopefullу this hаs helped уou with уour decision.
      The Bottom Line: Despite the temperаture problem, the irritаting omissions, аnd the pаns' quаlitу control issues, this oven hаs held up to 6 months of аlmost dаilу, heаvу use. Definitelу recommend.


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      17.11.2011 04:29
      Very helpful



      So handy, it's just great

      This little oven by Delta (a name i had never heard of apart from the airline) was an absolute God send when i was studying in med school. It's small enough for any room, but most people will use this as a camper oven or a bed sit oven as it's the perfect size to just sit on any counter top. It simply plugs in like a microwave but cooks like a standard oven, food out of this tastes so much better than that from a microwave. My mum got me this when she heard i would be living on beans on toast as do most students. She wanted to guarantee I at least ate some wholesome food.
      I did, I ate a lot more good food than I would have with out it. It can't take very big portions. It is best suited to individual single portions of food, again think of a microwave .

      Appearance wise it has got an all over White body and a clear see through door with easy to use simple controls on the right. And a metal interior as you'd expect. There is a tray that you can use as a roasting tin or to collect any drips, just simple pop underneath anything you think might be a bit messy. There is also a movable wire rack, that you can adjust into lots of different Height slots according to your needs. This is also fully removable. These slots that are built into the wall of the oven don't feel very strong, so I never cooked a small stuffed chicken in it for example, as I didn't have the confidence that it could take the strain. It definitely could have cooked it as it goes up to 270 degrees centigrade. It is however great for pizza, hot pockets, waffles, crispy pancakes, chicken wings and lots more.

      It has a handy timer that works like an electric egg timer. You simply twist it and it starts ticking down. It can be set for up to 30 minutes. If you need to cook for longer when it pings, just reset it.

      I found this to be of great use when I was away from home. It made cooking "real" food possible in any otherwise impossible setting. My dad now uses this when going on fishing trips and says the baked fresh fish wrapped in tinfoil comes out perfect.

      If you are looking for a small, easy to preheat, oven, that cooks great tasting food, I can't recommend this further.


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        19.08.2011 15:24
        Very helpful



        Certainly one of the good ones

        Why is it that people always take the oven with them? Houses for sale ... Room for a cooker! New flat or rental ... space for a cooker (or not as I found with my old flat!).

        I saw this little table top oven in Aldi and as I had no room in my 1 bed flat it was going to have to do. At just under £20 even if it was awful at least I hadn't wasted a hell of a lot of money.

        The oven is sized to be used for small portions. I've done a half chicken roast dinner that served 2 before but I wouldn't go for any more.

        Doesn't take any more room than a toaster which is great. I used to unplug mine and tuck it away on top of the fridge when not in use.

        We had toaster oven similar to this when I was growing up but its main use was for grilled cheese and bagels ... stuff like that. We had one of these instead of a toaster but never really used it for anything more than toasting.

        The oven can heat up to 270c and then timer will go up to 30 minutes. I did find that even though I would put it to the right heat for my cookies that I would have to leave them in for an extra 5 minutes to cook properly. Due to the size of the cooker I would also have to cook them in two batches but not the end of the world. The timer used to drive me mental so I usually slotted it into no timer and used my magnet timer on the fridge. That one goes up to an hour so worked a lot better for me.

        When my granddad died we all thought grandma would be soon to follow but I gave her this little oven and she's still kicking and cooking up mini feasts for herself. For a while she was just having sandwiches and soups which just aren't good enough for my gran!

        As I mentioned before we used our old one mainly for the grilling/toasting ability but I have to say it's a great feature.

        Some friends of mine live on a boat and I told them to get one of these little ovens to have when they aren't in the marina and when they returned from a 2 week trip they were raving about how useful it was and that it was very light weight and hardly used any electricity which for them is a big consideration.

        None, sorry. There are many different brands that make this style oven but it's been quite a while since I saw this one about.

        Happy Shopping All

        © oioiyou 2011


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          15.03.2011 19:26
          Very helpful



          Not just for use in student digs...

          The Delta electric oven is a plug-in piece of equipment intended for use on a table or counter-top. I think it's the type of thing that's known in the United States as a 'toaster oven'. It cost about £18 from Aldi, comes ready-to-use, and carries a three-year guarantee. This is basically a miniature oven designed for use by one person or for cooking small portions (Aldi advertised it as 'ideal for students'). The oven was on sale as part of Aldi's regular rolling sales promotions so probably won't be available in the shops any more, but it can still be purchased via Ebay and many similar models, selling at similar prices, are available eg. from amazon.co.uk.

          The oven isn't a piece of kit built to last 1000 years but it's quite adequate for its intended purpose. The outside is painted white with a transparent front door and the inside of the oven is lined in a silver grey matte-metal finish. It has a wire rack that slots into a number of adjustable height-position ledges built into the walls of the oven, and a bottom drip-tray that can also be used for cooking on, although this part is fairly made of fairly light-weight metal and relatively flimsy. In fact the non-robust construction of the oven may be an advantage, as there are less heavy 'innards' to heat up when it switches on, thus making it more economical to use. If you have an electric built-in oven, as we do, clearly this smaller mini-oven is going to be much more economical to use when cooking small portions, due to its much smaller size.

          The controls on the oven are very simple but again this is an advantage. The oven heats up to 270 Centigrade, which I think is pretty comparable with most household / built-in ovens. This part can be set on a timer to cook for up to 30 minutes by means of a simple rotating dial. If you're slow-cooking for more than 30 minutes for example, there's a 'non-timer' setting you can switch to wherein the oven just stays on till it's manually switched off. There is also an electric grill ('broiler') setting - the heating element for this being at the top of the oven. I haven't used this as I rarely grill in principle, due to the potential for mess.

          This is an excellent item for small-scale cooking; relatively economical and very easy to use. If you look up 'Delta mini oven' on google you'll probably encounter some complaint pages where people who've bought the oven describe the problems they have had with it, but that said, ours has been in use since last autumn (about four or five months now) and it's worked fine so far. (Of course if you keep your Aldi till receipt it's refundable for the period of the guarantee.) 


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