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Hotpoint HUG61G Cooker Freestanding Gas Double Oven Graphite

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Brand: Hotpoint / Type: Gas / Burners: 4 / Size: H 900 x W 600 x D 600 (mm)

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    3 Reviews
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      16.02.2013 19:05
      Not Helpful



      the best i have seen

      the hot point cooker is a bit pricey in the cooker range but it is good value for money when you consider all its advantages. The Stainless steel makes it easy to clean and it looks good with any kitchen color scheme, because of the great design. The shelves slide smoothly which is not allways the case in other cookers and easy to operate. it is also has a very spacious main oven with a bright light inside and has a great timer feature.
      The top oven/grill is very handy and has a good cover/lid. i was also very happy with the instant heat, as i am very impatient I actually enjoy watching those cakes and yorkshire puddings rise.
      Top oven is brill too. Great for those tray of chips or a pizza. I honestly don't think that there is a better cooker out there it is definitely worth the investment. One disadvantage is that the outer oven door can get really hot so you have to be really careful when in use


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      16.03.2012 22:54
      Very helpful



      Nice oven at a reasonable price from Co Op Electrical



      My last cooker was a New World gas oven. It was won by my son who entered a local newspaper competition when he was primary school age (he is now twenty-two) and I think whilst still in the infants. The oven must have been fifteen or sixteen years old. For its time it was a good cooker, in my opinion, with good features but was a little on the small side for our family, being only 50cm in width and it was a single oven. I coaxed him to enter although didn't think for one minute he'd win (Don't tell him I said that!) as at this time I desperately needed a new oven and was wondering how I could budget for this expense. We came home from our week's holiday and among the mail waiting on the doormat was a letter saying that he had won first prize-a New World Cooker and a child sized chef's hat and apron. You can probably imagine that my son wasn't overly thrilled at winning an oven, although it's nice to win something. But, in winning he'd saved me a considerable amount of money and so I thought it only fair to use a little of the money I would have had to spend to buy him a games console; this worked out a lot cheaper than an oven.

      I did think, in more recent years, of getting a cooker upgrade but, as it had been won by my son, I didn't like to; I'm funny like that!

      Recently, however, this cooker just gave up on us. Maybe we worked it to hard being a family of six. One Friday it was working and then on Saturday when I was out my eldest son rang my mobile to ask if I knew what was wrong with the oven. The gas was lighting but would only cook on a very low setting and only reached a temperature high enough to warm plates.

      Luckily I have a small electric mini oven and a combination microwave so could make do for a few days but these don't seem to be working very well enough. It wasn't ideal but better than nothing, and I suppose I'm fortunate that I have other small cooking appliances to use, if I'm really pushed, such as a George Forman grill and a slow cooker but, then again, I don't really have the kitchen space to have so many appliances in use. I couldn't leave it long until I purchased a new oven.


      I decided that I wanted a double oven and one which was wider and of a bigger overall capacity than the one I had been using. Not long ago there were only three of us living in my home but now that there's five (and six when my youngest is home from university) a larger oven would be desirable. I've found when cooking a dinner that I have to do a lot of changing over of baking trays on the two shelves within the oven. This is particularly necessary as two of us don't eat meat and so if I prepare curry, Bolognese, chilli con carne or a casserole, I have to make two. I thought with a larger oven I might be able to place two casserole dishes alongside each other and nearer to the top of the oven where the food cooks quickest. Also, having a double oven would be very useful when cooking Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner. I decided to look for:

      A gas oven with single fuel

      A double oven

      A lid to close over the hobs

      A 60cm (width) sized oven

      When looking on-line I short listed to three or four possibilities and then decided to go to Curry's and Comets to look at the ovens. I was disappointed with both shops though as they didn't have many single fuel gas ovens on display and so I had to visit another store to see the ovens that I had in mind. Eventually I chose the Hotpoint HUG61G


      Now I knew which cooker I wanted I looked on-line to see if I could find a good price. I found that prices varied. Finally I decided to purchase from Co-op electrical stores for the offer price of £437.99. I considered this a good price although it wasn't the very cheapest, but I trusted the website. Also delivery was free and, as we have Co-op membership, we would gain points on this purchase.

      I ordered on-line and the process was easy. I chose a delivery day which I think was in three days' time. If I had purchased from Curry's this same day was the soonest they could deliver and they would have charged £20.00. As well as paying for the oven I also paid £9.99 for the service of removing and recycling my old cooker.
      I immediately received a confirmation email and this informed me that a further email would be received advising of a delivery slot for the arranged day.


      I was advised the day before that my cooker would be delivered on the Friday afternoon and I was given a ninety minute time slot. It arrived a couple of hours earlier, but this was after I received a phone call asking if earlier delivery would be convenient.

      The oven was brought into the kitchen.

      The old cooker had been left on my driveway and although I had paid for the delivery men to remove it someone beat them to it-scrap merchants. I told the delivery man of this and he phoned his company's customer services who then spoke to me and said that I would be refunded the £9.99 I had already paid. This would be paid directly into my account. It did.


      This gas oven is supplied, I believe, in black, white, silver, stainless steel and graphite. I liked the black but chose graphite as it goes with my other appliances. I now think that although the oven looks good in the graphite colour, black would have been a better choice and would probably stay looking pristine for longer than the lighter graphite. Oh well, too late now!

      I think the oven looks good. It has a lid which provides extra work space and I like the hob to be covered when not in use. However, I find this lid when lifted almost flies up and I think it would be better if it were heavier and felt more solid.

      The oven has a digital display on the front near to the controls.

      The main oven has an interior light.


      (MAIN OVEN)

      I like the way the door of this oven opens and closes with ease. The door opens to the side easily using the large easy to grip handle which goes across the width of the door. When opening display oven doors I found some were more difficult and had to be tugged quite hard. This isn't a good thing in an oven especially if pans are in use on the hob. The HUG61G is lovely to use in this respect.

      The controls for the main oven start at 'S' and then are numbered from 1to 9 and this means that the temperature can be set between 80 to 230 degrees centigrade.

      The main oven has two shelves which can be changed into different height position quite easily. With some other models that I was considering this wasn't as easy.

      One great thing about this oven is the fact that it seems to pre heat quickly and so the cooking process is certainly quicker than with my last cooker.

      I can fit two largish casserole dishes side by side in this oven, meaning that a meal is much quicker to cook as both can be placed in the hottest part of the oven and swapping over of shelf positions becomes less necessary.
      Once the food is cooked then the 'S' operation can be used which keeps the food warm or 'S' can be sued as a slow cooker. I had this feature in my old oven and use it often.

      TOP OVEN

      The idea of the top oven is to cook smaller amounts of food than in the larger main oven or, if cooking a large meal then some items can be cooked in the top oven as well as using the main oven. I've found that it's big enough to cook lots of different types of meals for two.

      I like the way with this oven that if the grill is on (and the door of this oven/grill must be open when using the grill) and I need to get to the main oven I can open both doors at the same time. I couldn't do this with my last oven and to access my oven had to almost close the grill. This is much easier and safer.

      The door of the oven/grill opens downwards. The handle is easy to grip.

      The top oven can be used as a small oven or a grill. I think a small oven is a good feature as quite often as if only cooking for two then this is big enough and must be more economical to use than the larger main oven.
      When using as an oven it can be set from 1 to 8 (120 to 225 degrees centigrade)
      One shelf is supplied with the top oven and its height can be adjusted.
      A grill pan is supplied and the grill on the HUG61G can be turned up or down which I had thought was the case with all grills but during my search I discovered that some cannot be varied; they're either on or off. I like a variable control grill for foods which I finish off under the grill and like to adjust as I go.

      The same control switch is used for the grill and small oven-turn one way for the grill or the other way (with the numbered settings) to use as an oven.


      Another thing I liked about this cooker is that it has four hotplates two of which are large rapid burners and two medium. One of the large hotplates is situated at the back. In some ovens I viewed there was only one large burner and it was placed at the front. If frying, or boiling potatoes, I use the large burner and always like to keep large pans and chip pans to the rear of the oven where there is less chance of them being knocked. I rarely have children in the house but my kitchen can be like Liverpool Street Station at times and anything that makes things a bit safer makes sense to me.

      Lighting these hotplates with automatic ignition takes a little getting used to as they have to be held in and I kept letting out the switch too soon and the flame then goes The top of the oven has four burners of which two are medium and two large rapid burners.

      There are four enamel pan rests which I think is an advantage to my former oven which had only two; four small rests are easier to remove to clean and they also fit easily into a washing up bowl.


      This oven has a digital display clock/timer. Both the top and main oven can be controlled to time cooking but not to a different time i.e. if the main oven is set for one hour then the small oven can only be set for this same amount of time.

      The timer can be set easily by pressing the digital display either in its plus or minus position. Once the food has been cooked for the amount of time set the display shows 'END' and a buzzer sounds.


      Our problem was that we have a fitted kitchen and this was fitted for a 50cm oven and we purchased a 60cm model. My husband had to move things along and trim some worktop off here and there to enlarge the housing space for this oven.

      Luckily we know a couple of CORGI registered installers and can usually contact one quickly to help. In this case installation was very straightforward and quick.

      Please bear in mind that it is my understanding that according to current legislation gas appliances in the home must be fitted or checked by a qualified CORGI gas fitter.


      The glass lid has a safety cut-out device which means that if you accidentally close the lid and the flame is still lit it will go out when the lid closes as the gas supply will be halted.

      It has a flame supervision device (FSD) or flame failure device) which detects if the flame is extinguished accidentally and then will cut off the supply of gas.

      The oven has 'stay clean' catalytic liners inside both the top and main oven

      Automatic ignition variable gas

      Grill zoned gas ovens

      Electronic clock & minute minder

      Enamel pan supports

      Slow cook setting


      900 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W x D)


      Main oven (usable volume): 60 litres

      Top oven (usable volume): 23 litres


      CURRY'S: £549.99

      CO- OP ELECTRICAL: £449.99



      I like this oven as it is easy to use as well as looking modern and attractive and blending well with other appliances in my kitchen. It's easy to keep clean both inside and out (catalytic liners inside the ovens). The inner glass on the door slides out (this was the same with my last oven) and can then be cleaned so that the internal glass can be cleaned of any grease splashes. But although I like it I don't think it is the perfect cooker, if there is one, yet I think, bearing in mind cost and the space I have available then for my family, it is very suitable. I believe I paid a reasonable price for this.

      I think (and hope) that my HUG61G will last well but possibly not for as long as my previous cooker did.
      And, I will admit, however nice any cooker is. I would rather let it rest often while I go out to eat, letting someone else use their cooker instead of mine.


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        11.03.2011 22:52
        Very helpful



        Makes cooking a joy again for me.

        When we moved into this house about 7 years ago it was our first house as a couple, and we had very little in the way of appliances and furniture, so when the lady offered to sell us her cooker we jumped at the chance. We put up with that cooker until we had our kitchen redone last year, and i knew that i wanted and needed a new cooker.

        Although i have cooked for myself for over a decade, i wasn't that sure on how to buy the best suited cooker as there is so much choice out there. If we had a bigger house, i would have loved a big range type cooker, but as we were making a small room over it made the choice more tricky.

        We browsed a lot of shops in person and realised that a lot of shops don't carry a big range of cookers, so we were judging what we had seen in shop and hadn't liked compared to photos online. Not ideal, but i think it worked.

        So, the main criteria for me was that i wanted a gas cooker. I hate cooking with electric ovens and hobs, so as well as a gas oven, i wanted a gas hob too. I also wanted an integrated grill as i don't like cooking on eye level grills and having fat spitting into my eyes. I also wanted a large oven, as i like to cook properly from scratch, so i didn't want to compromise on space. I also wanted an appliance that came in a stainless steel outer case to match the grey appliances that i had bought for the kitchen. I also wanted proper knobs on the cooker, not liking the rubberised ones as i don't trust that they won't perish with the heat over time.

        So, to say i wan't that fussy, that started narrowing my choices down considerably. Try searching for a double gas oven with gas hob, and you will see what i mean.

        I spotted this particular hotpoint model at John lewis, for £550. It was fairly expensive compared to other cookers on the market, but when you are as fussy as me, the price starts to go up, and my husband has learned to say 'yes dear if you like it' seems though i am the main user of this cooker.

        One thing that is new to me in the gas cooker market is that appliances now have something called a fuel safety device. This is something that is required by law for rental properties but not for your own house. Nevertheless, in a house with small children i find it useful that it has this feature. To ignite the ovens, grill or hob rings, you need to hold in the ignition button with the rings fully open for a certain period of time before it will stay ignited. There is no chance of small hands turning the dials and gas leaking out in a large enough quantity to smell. Also, if one of my pans boil over then the gas cuts out.

        The main oven heats quickly. The door is unusual to me. There is a visible gap between the inner and outer door, and the inner glass section slides out on runners so it is extremely easy to clean by washing it up in the sink. My old oven required you to unscrew the door panel to clean the glass, so i really like this. The oven actually cooks food at the gas mark setting described in recipes and on packets. If it says whack your pizza in at GM6 for 18-20 minutes, that is when it will be cooked to perfection. Not incinerated. Not uncooked still. Particularly handy when cooking a roast. There is a light in the main oven which comes on when you light the oven and goes off when you turn it off so you can see your food, but also i can see at a glance whether the oven has been left on by accident.

        There is a timer that works with the big oven, but i have never had call to use it as i am always in when it is time to cook.

        The smaller second oven/grill is very similar in design to the main oven. It has the 2 glass panels again in the door, the inner one being easy to remove and wash. In this oven i find it really weird. If you light the oven then start doing something else in front of the cooker then it feels really cold as the cold air is pushed out the oven. It can also feel a little warm when it is in use once it warms up. The manual recommends that this oven is set one setting higher than your recipe calls for to get the temperature correct. I do this when i cook, and it has worked fine for me. No burnt offerings yet.

        The cooker came with a heat shield which is meant to be in the cooker when you use it as a grill to direct the heat onto your food, and removed when you use it as an oven. To be honest, i find this bit of metal a bit unnecessary. Perhaps because my grill pan is always fully loaded so i don't want to direct all the heat one way.

        The only thing i am not fond of is i am not that keen on the grill pan provided with the cooker. The handle is a metal handle which basically hooks around the tray, so unless you get it in the exact right place, then the handle falls off and you can't pull out the food to check it. I am not sure how they could get round this as you couldn't have an attached handle or the pan would be too big to fit in the oven when not in use. Also, you don't want the handle attached when cooking in the oven. Maybe a thicker handle? Or slotting the handle through holes in the edge of the pan at the top?

        The hob has 2 different sizes of burner. I mainly use the smaller ones as i find the bigger ones are a bit too big for my pans and being able to control the heat as well as i want. I only just realised after months of using it that the burners can actually be turned back as though you are turning the whole thing back off. This leaves just the tiniest bit of heat for your pan to simmer. The burners are all a bit fierce on the lowest actual setting, and i have had many boiling over disasters on the hob because of this. It has taken a while to get used to.

        The hob is really easy to clean. I usually wipe it with a microfibre cloth or the washing up sponge. I have to be careful not to scrub with the rough side though as it does scratch it. I also find that you have to buff it up a bit as even water seems to leave little marks visible.

        Both ovens have catalytic liners for easy cleaning. I have found a quick wipe down inside while still warm with white vinegar keeps it looking like new.

        The whole cooker is finished off very smartly with a glass lid which pulls down over the cooker when it is not in use. This also helps to protect the wall behind the cooker from cooking splashes.

        Overall, i am still very happy with the quality of this purchase. It always looks very smart, and i love how it cooks how it should. It is an absolute dream to cook on compared to cheaper gas cookers we have had. I would highly recommend it. If you go to the hotpoint outlet website it is available in black, white and graphite for only £455, and also the stainless steel model i have is £495.


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      • Product Details

        The Hotpoint HUG61G FSD Gas Cooker , stylish and sturdy in graphite, is a 60-cm wide cooker with a double oven and four-burner gas hob / It offers all the traditional pleasures of cooking with gas / the lightning fast response and control / combined with modern convenience and safety features / Large viewing windows give you a clear idea of what's going on in both the roomy, 60-litre conventional main oven and the 23-litre conventional top oven / The HUG61G FSD Gas Cooker 's four gas burners are equipped with enamel pan supports and flame safety devices, while an electronic timer means keeping track of what's cooking is simple and straightforward / Meanwhile, handy catalytic liners in the oven interiors offer self-cleaning convenience for effortless maintenance! Welcome the attractive, reliable Hotpoint HUG61G FSD Gas Cooker into your home and get ready for home cooking the way you like it! Overview Type Freestanding Fuel Gas Hob Gas Number of elements 4 Oven Double gas oven Number of cavities 2 / double oven with conventional heat Controls Programmable No Timer Yes Digital/LED display Yes Touch controls No Retractable dials No Hob Griddle No Wok burner No Warming plate No Pan supports Enamel Elements Gas Ignition system Automatic Safety features Flame supervision devices (FSD) Flame Supervision Device (FSD) This product has a flame supervision device fitted to each burner, a legal requirement if you live in a flat or multi-dwelling building / Ovens Heat 2 x conventional Size Main: Medium Secondary: Small Capacity Main: 60 litres Secondary: 23 litres Viewing window Yes Ease of cleaning Catalytic liners Grill Separate No Other information Storage drawer No Dimensions 900 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W x D) /

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