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Indesit KD3E1WG

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Manufacturer: Indesit / Range Type: Free-Standing / Fuel Type: Electric / Element Type: Solid / No. of Cooking Elements: 4 Elements / Oven Amount: Double / Self Cleaning: Without Self Cleaning / Capacity: 1.73 cu. ft. / Convection Type: No Convection / Convection Type Secondary Oven: No Convection / Additional Features: Oven lights / Additional Features: Oven Door Window / Exterior Color: White / Sabbath Mode: No Sabbath Mode

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    2 Reviews
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      02.09.2011 16:48
      Very helpful



      A good value purchase, but if you can afford something bigger I'd recommend you look elsewhere

      My partner and I bought this oven when we moved into our new house, and we just needed something basic that would keep us going until we got a new kitchen fitted with all-singing all-dancing fitted appliances. We knew that would take us a while to save for, so although we only wanted a basic inexpensive oven, we also wanted one that would fulfil all our needs and would be sufficient to keep us going for a while.

      We did a bit of research and once we got over the prices of ovens in general, we managed to narrow it down to a few. We were basically after something small, as it didn't seem worth getting anything bigger until the kitchen was fully functioning, so we thought we'd save a few pennies by choosing a 50cm oven rather than a 60cm one. We also weren't bothered what colour it came in, as the stainless steel ones were around £30 more expensive than the white ones, so we started looking for a white 50cm wide freestanding electric cooker.

      From what I remember, we didn't have an exact budget in mind when we went shopping, but we were looking for the best value we could get for our needs. This one was on offer in Comet and cost us around £230, which in comparison to the others was good value. We decided on this one because it was the best value product but had everything we wanted.

      The oven itself is white (I think it comes in stainless steel but this costs more), and has a separate oven and grill, along with four ceramic plates on the hob. It looks neat enough, and has glass doors for you to see inside the oven. The grill has to be used with the door fully open, and due to the design of the oven this can make it a bit awkward to access the oven at the same time so you'll find yourself doing yoga in the kitchen to get anything in the oven whilst the grill is on.

      Firstly, the oven itself. It comes with two adjustable shelves so you can fit tall cooking tins or pans in the oven. As soon as you turn the oven on, the light comes on so you can see what's happening in the oven. We've had ours about six months and the light is still working without us having to change the bulb. I was quite surprised by this because ovens I've had in the past had the option to turn the light on or off, but this one is constantly on.

      The only problem I've had with the oven is that it can be tricky fitting everything in if you're having a bit of a cook-a-thon, but I should have expected this due to the fact it's only 50cm wide. I didn't really realise how annoying this would be though, and probably wouldn't ever get a small oven again. Some of the baking trays we already owned before buying this oven only fit in lengthways rather than sideways, which isn't a problem unless you're trying to fit anything else on the shelf.

      The grill has elements at the top and the rack where the shelf goes is not adjustable. This means it's quite high to the elements so you have to be careful not to hit them when you're slotting the grill pan into place, and also watch the heat because it's difficult to see when things start burning. The oven comes with a grill pan and handle though which was good.

      The ceramic plates are in two different sizes, and the only problem I've had with these is that they take a while to heat up. I spend hours listening to my other half moaning about this because he is used to cooking on gas hobs where you get immediate heat, so sometimes our meal timings are a bit out because the electric hob takes a while to heat up. The oven is easy to clean though and we use wipes to get the surface dirt off and washing up scourers for inside the oven.

      The controls on this oven are easy enough to use, and are all on the front of the oven. The only slightly annoying thing is that there isn't a separate light for each component of the oven, so if anything is on (hob, grill, oven) the same light comes on. This means you can't tell at a glance if you've turned the right hob on, but unless you're a bit dippy (like me!) this shouldn't be a huge problem. The controls are surrounded by a plastic cover which come away from the front panel making spills easy to clean.

      Overall, this is a good value basic oven which will fulfil all your needs in that it cooks food. After managing with a George Foreman grill, toaster and microwave for a few months when we first moved into our house, I was grateful to have anything at all to cook proper food in. However, for larger families or long term use, I think the little annoyances this oven has will make cooking more hassle than it needs to be, and it may be worth investing in something larger and more practical.


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      30.03.2010 01:34
      Very helpful



      A good buy

      I purchased our new 50cm Free Standing Electric Cooker recently at Comet, where it cost me £279.99, excluding delivery. Delivery was an extra £19.95,and scrap removal would have been £8.95 for our old cooker, had it not been quickly carted away, by some scrap metal dealers who spotted it outside the house almost immediately.

      The installation was done by my husband,with no problems. Originally I did plan to have a gas hob, as I like cooking with gas, but my husband seems to feel very strongly that gas would be more expensive to run, am not totally convinced, but agreed to buy electric. At Comet it was noticeable that there was a bigger selection of gas cookers than electric, so it seems I am not alone in my preference.

      Anyway, the cooker looks smart in the kitchen. What you see is what you get, its quite a small basic model, if you are a gadget fan or want a cooker with bells and whistles, its not the model for you. But it suits me fine, and its big enough to cope with family cooking.

      I rang to register the guarantee, and as I have the washing machine covered by Domestic and General, I was told that I qualify for a reduced rate of payments on the cooker. I agreed to pay £5 a month for 10 months, which covers me for servicing, parts and labour for the cooker until March 2013. I'm happy about this, as it seems reasonable, and when my washer went wrong I had it repaired free very quickly.

      The cooker comes with a handbook which does explain that when first used the appliance may emit an odour which will cease after a period of use.It suggests removing pets from the room, and open the window, this is due to a temporary finish on some interior parts. Well all I can say is if by any chance you own a gas mask put it on, its a terrible stink which does disappear, but only after what seems like hours of use.

      An extensive list of Safety information is given, generally of a common sense nature,eg stand back when you open the oven door. Worth a read though, as some things may not occur to you straight away, and save having a nasty accident or fire. Typing this reminded me of an incident which occured to us when my daughters were very young, and we were staying in holiday cottage in a remote area of Scotland, opposite a very steep hilly area. My other half and I left our young daughters in the cottage, and climbed the hill. When we got to the top the girls appeared in the doorway far below, waving tea towels and shouting what sounded like "FIRE, FIRE". We charged down the slope only to find they had actually been calling "HYAH"!

      The cooker has no splash back, so needs to be set against a tiled wall, or a wall with a wipe-clean surface. Hob ventilation slots are fitted into a ridge at the back of the cooker, and should not be blocked or covered over.The Control Panel is quite clear, and easy to understand.The knob surrounds can be easily pulled forward, which makes cleaning more efficient. The main oven has an S setting, for slow cooking, full instructions are given, I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds a good idea.A timer is available on certain models, but not ours.

      I find the hotplate information notes are very useful,giving precise guides for the different settings, eg setting 1 or 2 is suitable for heating sauces containing egg yolks and butter, or 6 to bring water to the boil.There is a guide about suitable types of pan to use on the hotplate. The layout of the top of the cooker is fine, the only possible drawback I can imagine being if you ran out of room when cooking several ingredients, personally I prefer the open design to a glass hob which could crack or cause a burn. Cleaning these hotplates and their surrounds seems straightforward,cleaning should be done when the plates are cold, surprisingly the manufacturers say that Brillo pads can be used if necessary.

      I am a bit less pleased with the grill.It works fine, and browns toast evenly,it is situated directly below the cooker top, and can be operated only with the grill door open. The problem arises with the arrangement for slotting in the grill pan, this can only be done at one level, very close to the elements, vision is a bit tricky, you can't tell easily if the toast has browned, but the worst feature is the grill handle, it easily overheats, and I find it a bit fiddly.

      Below the grill is a plate warming area, or where you can store hot food.This is good except that the plates could become overheated,as the floor of this area is the top of the oven housing, and it does become very hot.

      I like the oven it seems efficient, and cooks the food nicely.A lovely feature is that it has a glass door, through which you can see how your food is cooking.I am determined to keep this clean, the trick seems to be a wipe down with a soft cloth and soapy water after each use, it only takes a minute. The glass part of the door is held in place by some easy to remove screws,the glass can be easily removed, and cleaned at the sink if necessary. This is classed as a double oven although not massive there is room for large casseroles, and baking trays. I have to say though, I was slightly disappointed that the oven is empty on purchase, Ithought new ovens usually come with a roasting tray,but this doesn't, so if this is your first cooker you would have to buy one separately, another expense for people counting the pennies.The sides of the oven can also be removed for cleaning.

      There is more easy to refer to info on cleaning in the handbook. The actual height of the stove is adjustable on installation which is gentle on the back, though you will need to bend over to look into the grill.

      The handbook finishes with a list of what to do if the cooker isn't performing well.

      So, I can think of one or two less than ideal features, but all in all I feel we picked a good model, quite unassuming yet a bit stylish in the kitchen.Thankyou for reading, hope it helps you decide on a suitable model if you are purchasing a new cooker.


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    • Product Details

      The Indesit KD3E1WG (Electric) Kitchen Range has a capacity of 1.73 cu. ft..The Indesit KD3E1WG (Electric) Kitchen Range has a capacity of 1.73 cu. ft..has a capacity of 1.73 cu. ft..

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