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Rangemaster Classic 90

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Manufacturer: Rangemaster / Range Type: Free-Standing / Fuel Type: Dual Fuel (Electric and Gas) / Element Type: Burner / Additional Elements: Wok Cooking / No. of Cooking Elements: 5 Elements / Oven Amount: Double / Self Cleaning: With Self Cleaning / Capacity: 2.19 cu. ft. / Secondary Oven Capacity: 1.87 cu. ft. / Oven Functionality: Bake / Oven Functionality: Grill / Additional Features: Oven lights / Rotisserie: No Rotisserie / Exterior Color: Black / Exterior Color: Cream / Exterior Color: Cranberry / Exterior Color: Rose Taupe / Exterior Color: Latte Taupe

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    3 Reviews
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      06.09.2013 17:04
      Very helpful



      Love it!

      We bought this Classic 90 Rangemaster about three years ago when we had a new cream kitchen fitted.

      My kitchen has a funny layout. It is a galley type kitchen but with a wider area towards the back door and this cooker fits in perfectly in an alcove with enough room for slimline cupboards either side in which I store all my cooking wine and oils etc. It looks brilliant and was a big expense at the time. It took a lot of debating about to decide if we could justify paying £1,500 for a cooker. Actually, some places were charging up to the £2000 mark which was certainly out of the question but we found this on the Boot's appliances website and secured quite a lot of Boot's points in the process. I told myself that as Rangemaster are such good quality, the cooker should last me a lifetime if looked after and had my heart set on it.

      ~~~What do you get for your money?~~~
      You can choose various combinations of fuel for the Rangemaster but we went for Gas for the hob, grill and large oven and electric for the the tall slimline oven.

      It comes in various colours, cranberry, matt black, racing green and royal blue but we opted for the cream to go with our kitchen.

      The main oven has two shelves and a handyrack which is attached to the door. This is great for roasts as you can attend to meat easily and quickly. Maximum weight the handyrack will hold is 12Ilb.

      The tall electric oven has four shelves and a plate warming shelf at the bottom. Shelves need to be adjusted to use this plate warmer.

      The grill has two positions on which to cook or brown food.

      A griddle sheet is provided and should be used back to front over two burners for cooking of food. This is great for steaks and burgers! Plastic or wooden utensils should only be used though to avoid damage.

      The hob has five gas burners. Four above the main oven and a Wok burner above the electric oven to use when with a Wok or larger pans.

      Of the main burners, there is one large one and three smaller ones.

      The Rangemaster has a clock installed and also a timer. You can set this timer to start the oven at any time during a 24 hour period.

      The cooker also has a slow cooking feature.

      There is also a light so you can see what is going on in the main oven without undoing the door.

      The size of the Rangemaster is Height 89.8 cm...Width 90 cm...Depth 60 cm.

      ~~~ My thoughts ~~~

      I absolutely love this Rangemaster oven and at the moment we are looking to move house. Could be a long job finding a house as it must accomodate my beloved cooker.

      I like to bake and love the option of using the gas oven or the electric fan oven depending on what I am baking. Also there is the option of cooking things in the seperate ovens if vastly different temperatures are required.

      I haven't used the slow cook option as I have my Tesco slow cooker which does the job nicely.

      The timer is very easy to use and gets used all the time.

      I love the wok burner and the extra cooking space that 5 gas rings give you. Great if you are entertaining!

      This Rangemaster looks classy and is a joy to use but I am going to knock off one point for ease of cleaning.

      The ovens are fairly easy to keep clean as they have self cleaning walls and I put an oven liner on the base to catch drips but I find the hob is more difficult to clean. I could do with a large oblong shaped container to soak the pan supports prior to cleaning as these soon get greased up and are not easy to clean. I also find the hob has little crevices where grime hides and can be stubborn to remove. No-one enjoys the job of cleaning the cooker so this is a bit of a downside.

      Cleaning aside......I would recommend this Rangemaster and love cooking with it. Friends and relatives have also commented on how nice it is. I know it's expensive compared to other cookers but believe it will last us for years and years.

      Thanks for reading.


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        19.03.2012 21:24
        Very helpful



        A Classic 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker

        My favourite appliances in our kitchen are a Breville kettle (review written) and this Rangemaster classic cooker. We bought and installed the cooker a few years ago when the renovation of our kitchen was finally completed. It stands almost centrally at one end and provides an attractive focal point. We have the matt black model with a chrome bar and handles and also a matt black cooker hood to match.

        The Rangemaster classic reminds me of a much loved little Rayburn in the first property my husband and myself lived in, the cooker has a traditional look about it and suits our cottagey style kitchen. It stands 90cm high, 60cm deep and 90cm wide, it doesn't overwhelm the kitchen or look too bulky for a range cooker in any way and this I'm very pleased with.

        The gas hob consists of 5 burners. A large double ring burner is on the right hand side with plenty of space around it for a frying pan, wok, jam pan or griddle plate. The other four burners are arranged with a large ring and small ring at the front and two medium rings at the back. I find the large ring at the front a little awkward in its position and would ideally swap it with one of the medium size rings at the back, however as I mainly use the largest double ring when cooking I find little need for it anyway. I like the sturdiness of the pan supports, they are cast iron and finished in matt black. Heat control of the burners is superb in my mind.

        We use the grill almost daily finding the width suitable for grilling food for a family meal as well as using the option of heating only half of it for toast in the mornings. The grill heats very quickly and again there is a good control of temperature. The grill pan is made of enamelled steel and the chrome rack is adjustable for height.

        Out of the two electric fan ovens I mostly use the oven below the grill. It is a good size at 54cm wide and 45cm high for the majority of the baking and cooking that I do. It is extremely quick to reach temperature and holds a good constant heat. The interior has self cleaning panels and adjustable shelving. The glass window in the door is easy to keep clean and provides a good view of inside the oven with the use of an interior light. The second oven on the right hand side is tall and narrow, ideal for when I make a large batch of tarts or muffins or want to keep food warm. The temperature gage on the front of the tall oven provides constantly accurate readings (my husband has tested this... don't ask....) Both oven doors open smoothly and catch into position securely.

        I love the black and chrome knob controls along the front edge as they are not only stylish but comfortable to use and easy to position. A central display panel indicates the time and settings chosen. One little aspect to perhaps mention is when the clock is not set as is often the result of a power cut, the ovens will not operate.

        Everything about this cooker has a feel of quality and sturdiness to it. I rarely have to put much in the way of effort towards keeping it clean, it is a pleasure to use, easy to operate and reliable in performance.

        Available in a choice of colours; cream, cranberry, matt black, racing green and royal blue. The Rangemaster classic 90 range cooker is for sale online at Currys priced £1,549.00 and at CookersAndOvens for £1467.00.

        Thank you for reading x
        This review also appears on Ciao.
        © Lunaria 2012


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          26.12.2009 22:35
          Very helpful



          Ok but have been a bit let down with this - not what I expected for the price.

          This appliance is the higher end of the market for cookers and I was swayed for buying given the rangemaster name synonomous with ranges. I absolutely love the traditional look of this cooker and the fact that it is dual fuel - best of both worlds for cooking. Ovens - the larger oven is perfect for all uses and the handy rack is amazing invention as it is so easy to turn food when cooking without having to fiddle with oven gloves. Is also a decent size and have cooked full sunday dinners with roast, veg and roast potatoes in one go. Second oven - I find that this is really on the small side and is too small to warm dinner plates. This defeats the purpose of a warming oven and is basically redundant in my cooker and really not used. I would use it more if it was large enough to warm dinner sized plates which is what I wanted it for. The grill is a good size and holds enough for sausages and bacon for three people to be made in one go, or four sirloins but my huge gripe is that the rack is too high up cook on the grill as food burns on the elements. I have to use with the grill low down. This double the time it takes to cook food. This is definitely a design fault and something that I am very unhappy with given the price at which I purchased this cooker for. Gas rings - one very small which is never used (I have no idea what you could use it for, it is so small that takes an age to even heat water to boiling or to keep food heated.) One large ring and two medium rings. Definitely would be better with another larger ring and no small ring. Griddle - I use this for baking and it is fantastic that it integral part of cooker as is the wok ring.

          Basically it looks good in your kitchen especially if you like the traditional look but functionality is a different matter and have been disappointed with the grill and the warming oven - the range is only 90cm and feel that the manufacturers have tried to fit too much in in this space.


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      • Product Details

        The Rangemaster Toledo 90 FSD Dual Fuel Range Cooker is what all aspiring chefs are waiting for. Have you ever felt that proper baking and cooking often requires more than one oven? The Rangemaster Toledo 90 has two, and they are fully programmable. The conventional main oven is ideal for baking, and the tall oven can accommodate several dishes and spread the heat evenly among them thanks to its fan. For the finishing touches, a separate grill is included to give those crusts the perfect browning. When the recipe involves using pots and pans, the Rangemaster Toledo 90 offers comfort and versatility. Five burners give you plenty of room, and also provided are a half-ribbed, half-smooth griddle and a wok cradle. There won't be a situation you cannot cope with! If you are a cooking enthusiast, the Rangemaster Toledo 90 FSD Dual Fuel Range Cooker has everything you need! Overview Type Range cooker Fuel Dual LPG option Yes, kit included Hob Gas Number of elements 5 Oven Electric Number of cavities 3 Controls Programmable Yes Timer Yes Digital/LED display Yes Hob Griddle Yes Wok burner Yes Warming plate No Pan supports Cast iron Elements Gas Hob lid No Flame Supervision Device (FSD) This product has a flame supervision device fitted to each burner, a legal requirement if you live in a flat or multi-dwelling building. Ovens Heat -1x conventional oven -1x tall fan oven -1x grill Size 2 x Large (65+ litres) Capacity LH: 69 litres RH: 66 litres Energy rating A/A Energy consumption 0.85 kWh, 0.95 kWh Viewing window Yes (main oven) Interior light Yes Ease of cleaning Cook and clean oven linings (main oven) Grill Separate Yes Features Variable Other information Storage drawer No Bar handles Yes Dimensions 900-925 x 900 x 600 mm

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