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Stoves Newhome SI550DOm

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Brand: Stoves / Range Type: Free-Standing / Fuel Type: Gas / Element Type: Burner / Additional Elements: Grilling / No. of Cooking Elements: 4 Elements / Oven Amount: Double / Self Cleaning: With Self Cleaning / Capacity: 2.21 cu. ft. / Secondary Oven Capacity: 1.34 cu. ft. / Additional Features: Pilotless Ignition / Exterior Color: Black / Exterior Color: White / Sabbath Mode: No Sabbath Mode

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2008 22:16
      Very helpful



      could get a better cooker

      I'm starting to think we're poor. I look around the house looking for things to review and I'm having to resort to a boring cooker that I've been avoiding due to sheer dullness for ages. It's not even that good and I get really bored reviewing things I don't like. It's scraping the barrel but it looks like it's either the cooker or the cat with only one eye and I can't find a category for mutant pets .We must be poor because I want to review a snazzy telly or an amazing gadget I am left with a cooker.

      I THINK we got this cooker because it looked nice. It sort of does. It's silver with a nice glass top and apparently it 'matched things'. That'll be the silver kettle and the silver toaster and the silver bin. Women sure know their stuff. I'd have never had thought of that. Well done. There are two ovens, vertically stacked and a row of knobs topping the lot. It looks as nice as an oven can look. Well, as long as it wasn't next to an aga or something.
      The glass lid conceals 4 gas burner rings on a black surround. It has 4 adjustable legs.
      The cooker is freestanding and measures 60mm across.
      See. Boring.

      Limited. The first thing I noticed is that it gets really hot when you turn the knobs. Both ovens can get up to 240 degrees and the bottom oven gets fan assistance. We all need a bit of support. The lid automatically cuts the burners off when the lid is lowered which is a nifty idea but not exactly unique. It's quite interesting to watch once but, like peering into the fridge to see if the light goes out when you shut the door, it loses its entertainment value remarkably quickly after a few hours.

      Top oven
      Not good. The top oven houses the grill so I'll start there. It's an electric oven but has the same capabilities of a gas grill in a caravan. It cooks things in the middle really well. Almost in an exact central line. You could put a snowball at the edges and it'd be fine for months. Rubbish. I don't want to have to turn toast round every 5 seconds to ensure an even burn or have me sausage rolling around trying to get warm. Total pants. The oven itself is fine but there isn't a lot of room in there. Waffles. They'd be OK. Waffles. I do, ironically.

      Bottom Oven
      This is a lot roomier but still only has 2 shelves on adjustable ledges. It certainly copes with the normal load of a Sunday roast but struggles at Christmas as I try to juggle 8 exotic festive treats that all need cooking at the same bloody time. Stupid Christmas. And that reminds me. Does anyone know if you're meant to cook things by putting them on the bottom of the oven. Not on a shelf, just on the 'floor' for want of a better word. It seems to work fine, it just doesn't seem right. Like that feeling you get when you feel slightly aroused after seeing 'Jane' in the Disney animated version of Tarzan. You know the feeling. The oven, as well as its fan, has a light that only seems to work if you clean the oven occasionally.
      Again, its heat distribution isn't great but as long as things are moved around every now and again the job gets done.

      4 rings in 3 different sizes (2 big, a medium and a littl'un) do the job well. The space is quite roomy and fits a few good sized pots. If you need to boil an unwelcome visitor to your cannibalistic island whilst wearing a grass skirt and bone piercings as in a Bugs Bunny carton, you will probably need a larger fire outside, This won't do.

      Things that annoy me
      It's broken.
      Ok, that's a biggy isn't it. The thermostat on the top oven is apparently dead. The electrician told us so. It cost £35 for him to tell us so. He tinkered, got it working, took money, left. If it happens again, he's taken the serial number and can get a new thermostat. It has and I'm scared to ring him because if it cost £35 for diagnosis then a cure would surly be astronomical. We now flick the switch on the main fuse box instead. How safe.

      The knobs are made of crap plastic. Whilst this is normal at Ann Summers parties, it's disappointing in an oven because they break. And have.

      Cleaning is annoying. Generally. But especially with ovens. The bottom oven is fiddly and the black plate isn't smooth. Its sort of coarse and rough so the dirt sticks to it and can't be shifted. This results in the light not working very well because I can't be arsed cleaning it. The hob is, actually very easy to clean. I just asked the wife (not sexist OK, I do the cruddy bottom ovens. Sometimes).

      I know I don't sound very positive. It's not that bad - just very boring to write about. It does look good and, apart from the grill, it cooks decently. There are a myriad of similar ovens around so I'd go by price more than anything. I think, when bought 2 years ago it cost almost £500.

      These now follows a list of dull features followed by a website address.
      Thanks for reading. Will also be found on ciao in the near future (dhillcrest).

      Conventional electric top oven
      * Fanned electric main oven
      * Electric grill in top oven
      * Glass hotplate lid with safety cut-off
      * LED clock/minute minder
      * Oven light
      * Four burner gas hob
      Dimensions (mm) H930 W602 D602



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    • Product Details

      Designed to slide between units Stoves freestanding cookers have adjustable feet to fit flush to worktop height / High standards of design run through ever aspect of the products function / Control knobs are precise and doors, shelves and other movable parts are satisfyingly exact / Grill in top compartment / Mains ignition / Minute minder / Short name: Stoves SI550DOm

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