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Zanussi ZKG5540XN

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Fuel Type: Gas

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2009 14:36
      Very helpful



      A fabulous oven and I can't thank my sister enough for it!

      I got this oven from my sister last week, we had moved into a house with a very old and pretty knackered oven, you know the kind, bit white, tall, with the grill at the top, no glass in the window and only one shelf. Although it cooked ok, the battery for the ignition was broken and we had to light it with a gas lighter, which was a little dangerous as well as annoying! Also we couldn't cook very much in there, making a sunday lunch wash nigh on impossible.

      So when my sister offered us her Zanussi oven as she was getting rid of it, and knew we needed one.

      The oven is black and silver and is a gas cooker, it has 4 hobs on the top, with a glass covering, which is used as a splash back when using the hob. There is a top oven/grill and Main Oven with two shelves. To buy new this oven costs around £450-£500, and is perfect for families with the two ovens, as it means you can cook on two heats (i.e. if you have something which is to be slow cooked at GasMark 3, and something to be cooked at Gas Mark 8), also if you have a big meal to make, you don't have to worry about space in the oven to do this as there is plenty of it! I am now looking forward to making Christmas Dinner as I don't have to worry everything won't fit in the oven!!!

      The main part of the oven needs to be plugged in to work, as unlike the hob, the ignition is electric and won't light without been plugged in, and the only problem is the length of the plug lead is not very long, probably just over a metre, which means if your oven goes in an awkward place, you might have to put an extension lead in, but thats nothing too bad!

      There is a digital clock and a timer on the oven, where you can set two times to beep when food is ready, I missed this alot when I had the older oven which didn't have this feature, I didn't think it was something all that important for me, but when I didn't have one after been used to having one for a year, I did miss it alot! It does come in very very handy when your cooking especially if your doing other things at the same time, as you won't forget that the food is ready!

      The doors of the oven are "air-cooled", which means there is a gap in between the glass door of the oven, and the glass which you touch on the front, this is great is you have young kids running around, as with some ovens, the front gets extremelly hot, and little fingers (or even big fingers!) can be badly burned on them, but this safety feature stops this, which is another great feature! The glass easily slips out so you can clean between them which can build up with grease and food, but they're very easily removed and cleaned!

      All in all this is a fantastic oven which is absolutely perfect for big families with all the space you can cook in! A wondeful oven which cooks very well and evenly (some ovens cook more at the back than front etc!). It is extremelly easy to use as well which is a plus!!! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!!!


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    Short name: Zanussi ZKG5540XN

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