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Argos 10 Piece Bakeware Set

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Brand: Argos / Product Type: Bakeware Set

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    3 Reviews
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      21.12.2009 10:26
      Very helpful



      Brilliant bargain bakeware!

      My partner and I got engaged about a year ago and had a small gathering to celebrate with family and friends shortly afterwards. We received lots of gifts from well-wishers to celebrate our engagement, and one very thoughtful and extremely useful gift was a set of baking trays/oven trays from Argos.

      In case you are not familiar with it, Argos is a shop that deals with purchases in a slightly different manner from most other shops in that you do not simply go into the store, select your purchase and pay for it. The store is a 'Catalogue shop' and so you need to 'order' your item from one of the catalogues in-store and pay for it at a till point before collecting it at a separate section of the shop. This may sound like an ordeal, but in actual fact it is all quite quick and convenient.

      The set of baking trays had been removed from any outer packaging as it was intended as a gift, so instead the items were placed in a large gift bag with tissue paper.

      The oven bakeware set consists of an assortment of baking trays which are: a fairly large roasting pan (would comfortably hold a large joint of ham or similar), a 12 cup cupcake/bun tray, a loaf tin, two shallow cake tins, a four cup Yorkshire pudding/pie tray, a three-piece pie tin and a flat baking sheet.

      Obviously everybody has different needs for items like these depending on what type of food they cook and the like. I am not the biggest baker in the world, and as a result I have not used the pie tin, and the shallow 'cake' tins have only been used twice or so. (And not for cakes, either!)

      That said, I think the tins are all quite versatile in that I have used them for other purposes than what they were intended for, for example I have cooked pakora and scampi on one of the cake tins. It works absolutely fine for me to do this and I find that the cake tin is just the right size for a small amount of food like this too, which makes it ideal for my needs. I like how some of the items in the Argos bake ware set can be used for other purposes like this, and it makes it more convenient for me personally.

      All of the items in the Argos bakeware set are covered with a black non-stick coating which in my opinion is of quite a high quality. I get this impression because I have had some 'cheaper end of the market' items before and the non-stick coating has not lasted too long, and on cheaper items it can scrape easily. This is not the case with the Argos set and I find that the non-stick coating seems quite robust in comparison and doesn't scratch badly at all. In addition, it does the job in terms of helping to prevent the food I am cooking from sticking to the tray. On the occasions where food DOES stick though, this is easy to dislodge with the use of a plastic spatula or such like, which shows to me that the bake ware set is that of a fairly good quality... Other, cheaper products just don't work as well, in my experience!

      The Argos bakeware set is fairly easy to maintain too in that a basin filled with hot water and a good dash of washing up liquid is really more than enough to care for the items. Any residue or oil that has been left on the items is very easily removed by giving it a light scrub with a brush and washing up liquid.

      Most of the items in my Argos bakeware set are looking pretty much as good as new, with only the slightest signs of wear and tear on them. Considering my baking tray for example has been used every single week for the past year, I think this is pretty good going. The fact that the bake ware set is so reasonably priced too makes the good quality of the items a very nice surprise as it was not really what I was expecting at all!

      I would think that this item would make a brilliant gift for a wedding present or an engagement gift, or perhaps a house-warming gift? It offers brilliant value and even though it could never be described as the most exciting item to get as a gift, it is a highly useful and practical set and every good home should have a little collection of bake ware items.

      The current price for the ten piece bakeware set in Argos at the moment is £14.99 which I think is a very reasonable price. For a limited time, this set is also including a free pizza tray which makes it even better value. My set did not have a pizza tray so I cannot comment on what this is like.

      I would give the Argos 10 piece bakeware set full Dooyoo marks because I think it is very good quality considering the price is very reasonable. I cannot really fault it at all!

      The bakeware set is obviously only available in Argos stores, or you can order/reserve the item online at www.argos.co.uk.


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        01.06.2009 13:15
        Very helpful



        I am sure that I will get my moneys worth from it.

        If the sun is shining and all is well with the world then we generally head off in the direction of the local garden centre on Sunday afternoon but yesterday the Other Half decided in his wisdom that he fancied a trip to Argos. Our nearest Argos is only a couple of minutes drive away but no, we can't go to that one ! Why ? The Argos store that is at least twenty minutes drive away displays Managers specials, goods that are ex-display or may be slightly marked and there is ever such a teeny weeny chance that we may get a bargain !

        Men are from Venus and women are from Mars ( or maybe it is the other way around ) , whilst he gazes at longingly at all of the latest Black and Decker gadgets I drool over the latest Brabantia waste bin - this is called life in the fast lane !
        Over the last couple of years I have been ruthless with my possessions, I am sure that you know the feeling, when you have filled your kitchen cupboards and never thrown a single plate away for the last twenty years then it is time to throw out the old and bring in some new.

        My bun tins are disgusting! They have baked billions of buns and are blacker than black and that doesn't imply that they are Teflon coated either. I admit to having dreamt of wielding a Spontex scourer and rejuvenating them but I'm afraid that has only ever been a dream.
        My roasting pan - don't go there. It is hidden away at the bottom of the oven behind glass doors.

        The Argos catalogue is fascinating, look up the product number, punch the number into a machine to see if that particular product is in stock and then take the order slip to the cash desk.
        What could be simpler? On a hot Sunday afternoon when the store is heaving with short tempered customers all waiting for their number to appear on the collection screen I am tempted to think that the garden centre may have been the better option.

        Item 861/2249 - 10 piece bakeware set. Price, £12.69.
        My, my what a giveaway price! But quantity doesn't always mean quality does it ?
        But when you need some retail therapy then the quality seems to be forgotten about, the price is the uppermost thing in your mind.
        A 12 cup bun sheet, I have never owned one of those in my life! All of mine have been six cup, a large roasting pan, a 4 cup Yorkshire pudding tray, a 1lb loaf tin, 3 small pie tins and 2 round sponge tins.
        Forget the Armani, the Jaegar and the Country Casuals just let me have that bakeware set!

        The Argos bakeware set is very lightweight, it has a non- stick coating and this very morning I have used that new bun tin.
        I realise that this set of baking tins isn't top of the range but it is affordable and very useful.
        I have a habit of buying good equipment and then putting it way because it is too good to use, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous.
        The roasting pan is a good size and I am sure that it will perform as good as any other mediocre roasting pan on the market.
        The only three items that I may not use are the individual pie dishes but they will find a home in my cupboard. The bun tin has been used, cleaned and is now taking a short break.
        The Yorkshire pudding tray is an excellent size, ideal for the two of us ( two puds each)

        I would have liked to have seen a plain baking sheet in the collection but then I have always been demanding.
        The cookware set retails for an amazing price, so if we only use some of the pieces we are still getting good value for money. As I said the bun tin has performed and cleaned up well, so I am heading in the right direction.
        A lightweight baking set that no one can expect miracles from but it is functional and budget price.
        If it lasts me a year then I will have had my moneys worth out of it.
        I am now looking for a use for my old roasting tin, any ideas ? ( I had considered drilling holes in the bottom of it and using it as a bulb planter - but then again maybe not )


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          29.05.2009 12:09
          Very helpful
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          A good value set, even if you don't use it all

          Recently I decided it was time to purchase some new oven trays, mine were looking a bit grotty and overused. So I had a look at a few websites, and then as I was placing an order with Argos anyway I checked their site for over trays. They didn't have much at all, but this set seemed to be really good value at £12.69 so I decided I would have it. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock for home delivery so I reserved it and went to collect.

          The set contains:
          Oven tray 314 x 199 x 36mm.
          Roaster 320 x 257 x 39mm.
          12 cup bun sheet 314 x 238 x 15mm.
          4 cup yorkshire pudding tray 235 x 235 x 23mm.
          Round sandwich tin 2 x 220 x 220 x 42mm.
          1lb loaf tin 257 x 135 x 63mm.
          3 piece pie tin 98 x 98 x 39mm.
          Plus there is a free pizza tray until 24th July.

          I like cooking, but I've never made buns, yorkshire puds, loaves or pies. So what I really wanted was the oven tray, roaster and pizza tray. But who knows, maybe I will start baking lots of tasty things now I have all this!

          The set comes packaged in a sensible sized box. It fit easily into a carrier bag and I had no problems taking it home on the bus. It's also not too heavy.

          When I got the set home and unpacked it I realised the oven tray and roaster were really quite small - I probably would have realised that had I paid attention to the dimensions given on the website, but I didn't! The small size doesn't matter for me, but it wouldn't be big enough if you are cooking in the oven for more than 2 people, in fact even a meal for two would not fit easily on one tray. I don't pay attention to whether I'm using the roaster or the tray - the roaster isn't very deep, so it works as an oven tray as well.

          Although the sizes of the trays aren't very big, the pizza tray is standard size. The largest pizza I've come across for cooking at home is Tesco Value Cheese & Tomato (add veggies and more cheese to it, it's lovely) and this tray takes it quite happily.

          I haven't used all the bakeware stuff, and perhaps I won't, but they are made of the same material as what I have used, so I can comment on the quality of the whole set. This set is not expensive, it's not Prestige ovenware, but the quality is good. The trays don't warp in the oven heat, they are non stick (I've had nothing stick so far) and they wash very easily.

          I'm very happy with this set. The quality is good, and although I might not use all of it, if I do suddenly go mad and make a pie, I've got the tray I need. I like the smaller size oven trays, they are easier to wash, but as I say it wouldn't suit a larger household. However, all the other items are a good size, so if you use all these things then this is still a good buy - never hurts to have a small oven tray.

          I would recommend this, even if like me you wouldn't use it all - it's still good value.


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        • Product Details

          Set includes: Oven tray (314 x 199 x 36mm), Roaster (320 x 257 x 39mm), 12 cup bun sheet (314 x 238 x 15mm), 4 cup yorkshire pudding tray (235 x 235 x 23mm), 2x Round sandwich tin 220 x 220 x 42mm), 1lb loaf tin (257 x 135 x 63mm), 3 piece pie tin (98 x 98 x 39mm).

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