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Brand: Asda / Type: Bakeware - Cake Board

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2013 21:41
      Very helpful
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      A good cake board from Asda.

      ~*~*~ Asda Cake Board ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a cake board from Asda, it is used to sit the cake upon so you can move it around easily and finishes the look better than a plate for example.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      These can be bought in Asda stores and cost just 78p each. They come in round or square but only one colour which is silver. The boards are 10" and hold a cake upto 8" comfortably.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      I absolutely love to bake cakes, I have been making birthday cake for my family for a while now and I have two 12" boards in blue and black that I frequently use, but last week I offered to make a birthday cake for my cousin and whilst I don't mind re-using the two cake boards for us I wanted to get a new one for her. I opted to buy a cheaper board and did originally look online to purchase a pink board from the online shop where I usually buy things, I ordered the icing and forgot about the board so in the end I went to Asda as I knew I had seen them there in the past.

      There was two different boards available, a round and a square one, they were tucked at the bottom shelf of the baking stuff but quite easy to find, as I was making a round cake I opted for the round board.

      ~ Is it as flimsy as it looks? ~

      I knew these boards were going to be much thinner than the boards I had previously bought online but I was still quite surprised by just how thin they were, never the less it felt firm and didn't bend easily so for 78p it was well worth it.

      I made an 8 inch round cake, sponge, butter icing, jam, iced with fuchsia pink icing and decorated as the Monster High Skullette, I added silver edible balls to bling the cake up a bit (it was for an 8yr old) and the board set it off nicely, the overall look was really good despite the board being quite thin.

      It held the cake well, I had to transport it from my house to my cousins so did use a plastic cake cover thingy but when it was out of that and placed on the table it didn't show any signs of weakness.

      ~ Packaging ~

      The only reason I am adding this information here is because it's quite important. The cake boards come wrapped in a thin sheet of clear plastic, there is nothing much there to protect the board and I noticed some had gotten a little bit bashed and marked so have a check and make sure you pick up one that isn't marked! There is barely any packaging and your best to rip it from the under side not to mark the top of your board.

      ~ Overall ~

      I was pleasantly impressed with this cake board. I have been spending around £3/£4 for thicker/bigger boards but this done the job just as well and at a fraction of the price. For 78p you really can't go wrong and I will be buying these again in the future.

      To get the cake to stick to the board I put a blob of butter icing in the middle of the board and place the sponge/cake on top and the cake stays there pretty firmly. Despite being transported quite some distance - and by bus the cake didn't move at all.

      I would recommend these highly. They are great for Christmas cakes, birthday cakes, any cakes! They are plain silver in colour with a slightly textured look and are not ugly in anyway, just a good value cake board.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        09.05.2012 15:41
        Very helpful



        presenting my cakes neatly..

        ~Cake Boards~

        Not only do Asda offer a wide range of baking ingredients, they also stock cake boxes, boards and makeshift cake stands to present the finished result.

        According to the Asda website, they offer a square and round cake board but I have only ever spotted the round board in my local supermarket. This cake board is part of the Chosen By You range from Asda. It has a diameter of 10" and is suitable for cakes up to 8".

        The cake board has a foil like appearance and is simply packaged in a clear wrapper (cannot be recycled). The cake board is flammable. Asda recommend that you allow your cake to cool and apply a thin layer of jam to the board to allow your cake to sit neatly and not fall about.

        Each board is priced at just 65p.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I bake cakes regularly and used to just present them on a regular plate. These cake boards are ideal if you are having a party or if you are baking a cake to give to someone special. They look attractive and have a shiny finish. They aren't overly thick - possibly a cm thick but they are incredibly sturdy for a regular sized sponge cake. I wouldn't think they would be strong enough to accommodate a tiered cake.

        The base of the board is a cardboard material and has been covered with the foil material. It feels smooth to the touch and is easy to carry and store. I have used these cake boards a few times in the past and they have never let me down. They are very cheap and do the job whilst adding a special touch to a homemade cake. Any cake I have bought for my son in the past has came supplied with a cake board already and most do. These boards are ideal for giant cupcakes.

        I have always found these boards reliable and very easy to use. I normally bake a double, 8" sponge which is basically two small cakes sandwiched together with jam and then decorated. I have always taken the advice of Asda and applied a thin layer of jam to the base. I would recommend doing this as it does give a bit more stability to the cake and this is essential if you are accident prone like me!

        An 8" cake looks lovely on one of these boards and there is enough room around the edges to carry the cake around. I made a cake for my Gran recently and used a board to present it on. I then tin foiled it and boxed it up for her. The board remained secure and didn't bend or get damaged in transport. We cut the cake using a sharp knife and the board didn't suffer any damage. I have bought another few boards as I am trying my hand at giant cupcakes this month!


        I don't think there is anything else I can really say about a cake board! I highly recommend these cake boards and they are definitely worth the small cost as they add act as an attractive base to a round cake. You could brush off the crumbs on the surface and re use but I wouldn't think the cardboard base would withstand being submerged in water. They are of a high quality.

        5 stars!

        Thanks for reading :)


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