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Asda Home Baking Trays

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Brand: Asda / Type: Baking Trays

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2012 13:28
      Very helpful



      good for the money

      Please note dooyoo have added a picture of an actual baking tray which is wrong - I added the correct link to the picture for the product I am reviewing so not sure what is happening with pictures!*

      ~Asda Home Baking Trays~

      These home baking trays are part of the Chosen By You range at Asda. They are essentially foil trays which are designed to be used when making tray bake goodies. Each pack contains 5 foil trays which measure approx 17 x 12 cm. The trays are protected by a plastic wrapper.

      Available instore or from www.asda.com priced at £1.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I do a lot of baking but usually stick to sponges and cupcakes. Last month, I wanted to turn my hand to brownies and realised I didn't have a rectangular tray to accommodate them. I spotted these baking trays in Asda and felt £1.00 was a reasonable price for 5 trays. I would only be used them once so they weren't too expensive that I would feel bad about throwing them away afterwards.

      Each tray is a decent size and is around 3cm in depth. The foil trays are stacked into each other. The trays do feel a little flimsy at first but when filled up with liquid mix, they don't leak or bend - they appear very secure. The tray is smooth to the touch mainly but has some crinkly corners to allow it to be picked up easily. The edges of each tray are extended a little further than the rest of the tray and there are little dimples on the base which help the tray sit neatly on a baking tray.

      The first time I used these trays, I was making chocolate fudge brownies from a cake mix. I poured the mixture into the tray until it was around 3/4 full. The tray stayed firm and didn't slop to the side which meant my brownies baked evenly and raised perfectly. I had to use two trays for the full mix which resulted in me having two tray bakes of brownies. I have since used them for making flap jacks. The finished tray bake is easy to remove from the tray once cooled. The tray bake can be negotiated out the foil tray by pulling it down at each corner and the cake doesn't appear to stick to the foil. I simply dispose of them after removing my finished tray bake.


      These foil trays are of a decent quality and are versatile. I wouldn't recommend them for sponges as a regular tin is fine. What I really like about these foil trays is that if I am mixing ingredients up from scratch, I don't need to make a massive amount of mix. The tray bakes are the perfect size for individual tray bakes or to share with one other person. This is great if you live alone but of course if you want to bake for a party or larger family, investing in a proper, large baking tray would be a better option. They are ideal for baking up something to take to relative and I simply wrap them up in foil - they survive the bus ride perfectly fine!

      Recommended - thanks for reading :)


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