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Betterware Microwave Saucepan

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Saucepan

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2012 12:19
      Very helpful
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      great plastic microwave saucepan

      When I bought this, I had bought it for the intentions of cooking beans in it.

      I always used to use bowls or a big mug to try to cook the beans in, but I really wanted something that would be much easier and wouldn't need the use of a tea towel when taking it out of the microwave to stop me burning my hands.
      (not for convection microwaves)

      The Saucepan:
      The saucepan fits a whole tin of beans in a still room for more.
      You can cook almost anything in them if your using tins of things or even scrambled eggs.

      It comes with a lid to stop the liquid splatting all over your microwave.
      The lid has a small few holes to let the steam get out, so you know it's not going to explode from pressure.
      It's clear plastic with a pouring spout either side to stop spillages when getting the food from the saucepan to the plates.

      This is my favourite feature as I've used it a few times to warm milk up and it's perfect for pouring into the mugs.
      It is stainless plastic so it shouldn't stain orange when cooking beans or spaghetti from a tin.

      The handle with never be too hot for you to take out of the microwave without a tea towel, so your safe to just stick you hand on it without the worry of burning yourself.
      I know we've all done it by accident and got scalded.

      It is dishwasher safe, and it's very easy to hand wash too.
      Just make sure to wash the pouring spouts well as a few times I haven't checked properly and dried sauce is stuck in them.

      I use this a lot and was very dubious whether to buy it at it's £5.99 price tag.

      I don't like to spend unnecessarily if I can use something else, but this has got to be one of my staple kitchen items.
      I use it very regularly even if just to heat up some milk or beans for the dinner.

      I would say it is worth the £5.99 from Betterware catalogues.
      I do have a cheaper version too which I bought for 99p from home bargains but that one isn't as good as this.
      It's definitely something worth buying if you use tinned beans or other foods which you heat regularly in the microwave or even if your used to putting it on the hob.

      Switch to one of these and it will make your life so much easier in the kitchen.
      I haven't had any problems with it in the year I've had it, and has no signs of staining or cracking either.

      It is a very hardly plastic which should last me more years to come.
      (touch wood).

      Buying the product:
      It is available to buy online at www.betterware.co.uk or you can ring them to find out the number for the host in your area and they can delivery a catalogue to you.
      It is £5.99 for the saucepan and a lid. Worth it 100% in my opinion.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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