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Designer Habitat Pizza Stone Set

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Brand: Designer Habitat / Product Type: Pizza Set

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    1 Review
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      04.07.2013 00:31
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      Pizza set

      Habitat pizza stone set

      I bought this as I was looking for something which would serve not only as a tray on which to cook pizzas but also something which would look good on the table for such things as sharing platters.
      It was in the sale at www.amazon.co.uk, reduced from £20 to under £10 so it was quite a good buy.

      The set advertises itself as being perfect for creating pizzas evenly as well as for baking breads, rolls, biscuits, and other baked products. As yet I have cooked only pizza on it but actually prefer to cook the pizza on a pizza tray and transfer it on to this when it goes on to the table as I don't like the thought of something too hot on the table.

      pizza set itself consists of a circular 33" cream coloured ceramic plate which is apparently high impact and so will keep food hot and fresh for longer. I have yet to test out this theory because pizza seems to go onto the plate, get cut served and eaten before we realise the benefits of the high impact claim. The plate does go into the oven and can withstand cooking temperature and is conveniently sized for a decent size pizza; I think it would be the really big ones which wouldn't fit fully onto the plate. Once the pizza is cooked, the plate is non stick and I have had no problems with having to scrape bits of pizza base from the plate but rather it comes straight off. It also cooks the pizza really nicely leaving no soggy bits in the middle, and burnt bits at the edges. This did concern me as I usually use a pizza tray with holes in the base and had thought this would leave the pizza slightly too uncooked or mushy in the centre but my fears proved to be unfounded.

      The pizza set also contains a chrome rack which sits underneath the plate and has two carrying handles so that food can be carried to the table. These fit very neatly onto the plate so there is no wobble but they don't go in the oven when cooking!

      Also included in the set is a free pizza slicer so an added bonus.its actually a rather good one, with a large round cutter instead of some of the smaller ones, a sturdy handle and it really does cut the pizza without having to go backwards and forwards over the same spot.


      A really nice set which I have used to cook the pizza and also as a serving dish. Its stylish and the colour means it would match most decors without looking out of place. Well made and reasonably priced I would recommend this.
      Thanks for reading
      Daniela xx


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