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Brand: Elo / Type: Lid

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2013 18:39
      Very helpful



      a good-looking glass lid

      'There's a lid for every pot' is the German equivalent of 'There's a nut for every bolt'. Last month I didn't take this saying metaphorically but literally and went to Woolworths to look for a lid for a pot. Yes, Woolworths, you've read this correctly. The German branch is still alive and kicking. About five years ago I bought a round glass casserole from Simax, every time I used it I thought that I should buy a proper lid for it. But when I had put the pot away, I forgot about it until the next time. The lid which comes with it has no knob. I always had to use both hands and pot holders to lift the lid at the two integrated handles. The reason why the lid has no knob is that you can use it also as a pan. This I've never done and will never do. Obviously, I'm not the fastest when it comes to simple decisions, but at last I became active.

      Of course, I was looking for a glass lid for the glass casserole, a lid made of tin would look silly. But I've also got used to 'sight-cooking', I have other glass lids for smaller pots and a large pan. It's convenient to see when something is boiling without having to lift the lid to check. I needed a lid with the diameter of 20 cm. I found two different brands which I both bought. I told the cashier that I'd find out at home which one was better and bring one back. She nodded but wasn't interested. Woolies!

      One lid was made of glass only and didn't sit tightly on the pot but slithered a bit, the other was made of glass with a small rim of stainless steel. It's made by the firm ELO. Put onto the pot it doesn't move, it's just perfect. I took the slithering one back and bought even a second ELO lid for another pot I had used a tin lid for. In the bin with it. 'Sight-cooking' for this pot, too.

      I must admit that the German firm ELO hadn't appeared on my radar yet. This surprises me because when I looked at their homepage, I learnt that it was founded 75 years ago and has been selling good-looking cookware of high quality ever since. They have offices in Europe, Asia and the Far East. They sell 'high quality cookware made of stainless steel, enamel or aluminium'. This statement can't be discussed whereas 'ELO products stand for cooking with pleasure and success' is rather a bold claim in my opinion. Can I demand damage compensation if I feel neither pleasure nor am successful when preparing a dish with ELO cookware?

      I'm content with my two ELO lids and I intend to be for many years. They're shock-proof, heat-resistant, easy to clean and can be used in an oven up to 180°. This doesn't mean anything to me, I have no idea how hot it is inside my oven, but then I don't put pots inside anyway. The lids are easy to clean.

      Two of my other glass lids have a small hole, the ones from ELO don't. I don't know what that means for the cooking process, if the fact that steam can leave through the holes during the cooking process makes it faster or slower. But it doesn't matter, a minute more or less doesn't bother me.

      The ELO glass lids can be got in the following sizes: 20, 24, 28 and 32 cm in diameter.
      British Amazon sell the 20cm lid for 8.15 GBP. German Woolworths sell it for ~5 GBP.


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