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Faringdon Non Stick Springform with Glass Base

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Brand: Faringdon / Product Type: Pan

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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2009 20:36
      Very helpful



      A good addition to any collection.

      The Faringdon non -stick Springform cake pan with the glass bottom seemed to be something new and to my knowledge something fairly different. Like many of us I have quite a collection of cake tins in all shapes and sizes, some I have had for years and others have been introduced as and when I came across them or could afford them.

      At first I found it hard to see the logic behind the product but when I realised that I could make a chilled Raspberry Dream cake and then serve it straight from the glass base I changed my tune.
      I have a normal springform sponge tin and I love that because I can be sure that the sponge is going to come out in one piece, no hacking in at the sides of the cake tin to remove the `stuck sponge!`

      The Faringdon Springform cake tin is eight inches in diameter and you have just slightly over two and a half inches in depth. The outer cake ring is non-stick and the ring has a flip lock on it to open and close it. To seal the glass base into place you close the flip lock down and vice versa to open it, the flip lock is easy to use and would present no problem to anyone with weak or arthritic wrists.
      Faringdon's have made the base from reinforced glass so it can withstand high temperatures.
      The cake tin and base can go in the dishwasher.

      If I use a non-stick cake tin like this I usually don't grease and flour it beforehand, the non-stick surface should release the cake without any trouble but I do know from past experience that when the non-stick coating starts to get a bit thin then you may need to use a greaseproof lining.

      I will say that the first thing that I cooked in the Faringdon cake tin was a basic Victoria sponge mixture, I wanted to put the cake tin through it's paces and see if there was any seepage.
      The outer ring forms a good tight seal when the glass base is slotted in and the flip lock is closed.
      Try as I might I couldn't see any way that the cake mixture could escape.
      If leaking cake mixture was going to prove really annoying then you could always make doubly sure and line the tin with greaseproof just in case.

      The Victoria sponge came out and the cake mixture had stayed put, not a drop had leaked out. The cake tin needs to cool before you can even attempt to unflip the lock, although the lock does cool down quickly. Once the sponge had cooled I flipped the spring lock and released the outer ring, the sponge cake was fine, the non-stick coating let go easily and the edges of the sponge cake were nice and tidy.
      Of course once that outer ring has been removed then you could easily leave the cake sitting on the glass base, if you choose to do that it will still fit into an average sized cake tin.

      I always soak my non-stick cake tins, it is so easy to forget and then go at them with the scrubber and scrub all of the Teflon coating off. Once the tin ring had been soaked for a few minutes the ultra thin layer of cooked mixture that was sitting on the inside of the ring just washed away.

      This Faringdon's non stick cake tin will be invaluable to those who frequently make chilled desserts, you can pile the dessert high, let it set, then remove the outer ring and serve the sweet straight from the glass base. So that glass base really serves a purpose.

      If I could find one thing to have a little gripe about maybe it would be the price tag, it is not unrealistically priced but it it still a lot more expensive than others in the Faringdon cookware range but I can only surmise that the glass base is the main reason behind that.
      Apart from that no other moans or groans. ( glass base cake tin around £10.50p )


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        13.05.2009 13:15
        Very helpful



        A good cake tin

        I have always loved cooking, right from when I was young in the kitchen with my mum helping spoon the fairy cake mixture into the little cake cases and then putting way too much icing on the top! I love baking cakes even now, and Harry is now my little helper in the kitchen which makes it far more interesting! However, I have been branching out lately and trying new things so I have started to acquire some new bakeware to make my life easier and expand the variety of things I am able to make. After finding a recipe I really fancied, I discovered I needed a 20cm cake tin and a quick browse on Amazon led to me purchasing this tin.

        Although I haven't heard of it before, Faringdon bakeware seems to be readily available on the internet, and I have seen a fair bit of it in stores such as TK Maxx as well for very reasonable prices. I read some reviews on it before I bought this one and they did seem positive so I took a chance on this tin. It is a 20cm tin in diameter, has a clear glass base and is also springform, which I will explain further on in the review. It is made of carbon steel, so is very strong and hard-wearing and should last you for a long, long time. I hate buying cheap tins and having to replace them every few months, so I decided to go for something a bit better and I hoped this tin would fit the brief for me.

        Before using the tin the first time, I gave it a wash in hot soapy water to make sure it was totally clean. There was a big white label on the bottom of the glass which didn't come off too easily and has left a sticky patch on the underside of the glass which doesn't seem to want to come off. It seems a bit silly that they stuck a very sticky sticker on the glass instead of the metallic sides, but that is just a small matter. After washing it, I decided to bake a cake to try it out. Before cooking a cake, you have to grease the tin and this was easy to do with the nice wide tin, and the baking paper sat nicely on the bottom of the glass. The glass seemed well held in by the springform casing, and I started to make my Orange Drizzle cake.

        When the batter was ready, I poured it straight into the cake tin. It sat in there nicely and didn't leak which did worry me slightly, so I was happy. I popped it into the oven for the 30 minutes and when my timer beeped, I grabbed my oven gloves and lifted it onto the mat. So far, so good. It was still in one piece and the cake looked done which of course is good. I gave the cake a little shake to loosen it but it didn't seem to budge. I decided to let it cool for 15 minutes and then try to remove it. I slid a spatula around the edge to loosen it after a bit and that was fine, so I removed the outer metal casing. You just open the sprung clasp carefully which opens up the case and allows you to slide it up and remove it. This part worked perfectly and it came away without mess and without ruining my cake.

        The problem came when I had to take it off the glass plate. Despite my drawing around the tin, the baking paper circle ended up being slightly smaller than the glass part, so the cake was stuck a bit. I tried sliding the spatula underneath to take it off but no luck. I ended up putting the cake upside down on a plate when it was totally cool and literally ripping it off. Luckily my cake wasn't too badly damaged, just a few missing edges at the bottom but I wasn't too bothered as it was underneath. I really had to soak the glass plate in hot water to get the cake bits off but after soaking, they did come off okay. When it was all washed, it looked like new and I was fairly impressed with its performance. I guess you could always serve the cake on the glass plate if you wished, but again you would have needed to use baking paper to ensure it doesn't stick, and then wash it before serving.

        Putting it together again was a bit of a palaver, and I still haven't quite got the hang of it. You have to have the metal casing open, and then slide the plate into the groove near the bottom of the tin, all the while trying to put the clasp back together to secure it. I found that I had to balance it on my leg in order to get it back together, as if I closed it too soon, the plate wasn't secure and I couldn't push it down properly into the groove and therefore it wasn't flat and was unsafe. I have sinced used it a couple of times and am getting better, although I still put it back together on a carpeted floor as I don't want to drop it and smash it! I am sure there is an easier way but I haven't yet found it!

        For the good price I paid for this tin, I am pleased with the quality of it. It certainly did the job that I asked of it, my cake was cooked, came out flat and well cooked, and it held the batter in as well, which is always good! It does say that it is non-stick and while this is true for the metal casing, I found it not to be the case for the glass plate at the bottom. I can't really see the benefit of it being glass bottomed rather than steel, but there you go. Because you need to use baking paper on the bottom ,its not like you can see through it to see your cake, and it just ends up being harder to clean as well when the cake is cooked onto the glass. I think next time I would choose a steel tin, but still I am happy enough with this one for now. It can be annoying to put back together but I am sure with practice I will get the hang of it. The clasp is very tight and holds the glass securely, so I am happy with that part of the tin. If I were to bake more regularly, I may well upgrade to another tin but for my attempts, this definitely suffices.

        Dimensions: 20cm dia x 8.5cm

        Currently selling on Amazon for £4.70.

        Thank you for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Springform cake tin deep smooth base premium non-stick coating heavy duty steel easy to clean 20cm dia x 8.5cm.

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