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Homebake Coloured Flame Candles

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Brand: Homebake / Type: Candle

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    2 Reviews
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      06.07.2013 15:19
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      They were pretty

      Coloured Flame Candles

      Having recently bought a cake for my mother in laws birthday (no baking here - I didn't want to give her food poisoning), I thought these 'magic candles' would be a nice touch. The box promises red, purple, green, blue and orange flames... To me this sounded pretty cool, and I thought for the price of £1.29 they sounded like a steal.

      I personally bought one box - as I feel after a certain age one for each year can become a bit of a fire hazard. They are packed in a box of twelve, and the packaging was nice and secure. None of the candles were damaged in transit.

      Each of the candles as a solid colour, (they had no stripe around them). In my box there were red, yellow, pink, blue, mint etc. They were around 5mm across, and they had a holder that they could be slotted into. Much like standard holders they were fluted - with a thin post to push into the cake. Personally I found that some of the candles broke when I pushed them into the holders - there were small cracks, which allowed the candle to burn, although they were visibly noticeable.

      The posts on the holders were a little flimsy. Each was a good length, however they were a little bendy. They did hold the candles in place safely, they just took a little time to get used to using.

      Overall the candles so far looked to be pretty - and when lit they did look to be quite nice. The flames were a little different to 'normal' candle flames, and they did have a nice effect - which may have appeared to be more obvious in the dark. There were small 'sparks' in the flame that made them pretty - however they weren't as obviously coloured as I was expecting. In my pacj the different colours burned as such:

      Red - blue at the base, orange at the top
      Yellow - blue at the base, orange at the top
      Pink - blue at the base, red/orange at the top
      Blue - blue flames with a small hint of yellow at the top
      Purple - blue flames with a small hint of yellow at the top
      White - blue flames with a small hint of yellow at the top
      Orange - blue at the base, orange at the top

      Overall I found the candles to be pretty - they were only 29p more than the standard birthday candles, and I feel they did add something to the cake.

      As with all candles do not leave lit unattended, or let small children be in charge (or my boyfriend apparently)...

      According to the blurb on the box - the candles will burn for 8 minutes, which is longer than it tales to sing happy birthday, and they give off no toxic smoke.

      They get 4 stars from me, as they were a little different.


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      27.12.2012 14:16
      Very helpful
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      Bright cheerful candles for decorating a birthday cake, but the flames were disapointingly dull.

      When browsing the cake decorating aisle in Asda looking for inspiration of how to decorate my daughters' 13th birthday cake I saw these brightly coloured candles which looked like they could be far more fun and vibrant than the normal run of pastel coloured candles. The fact that they promised to have coloured flames as well, would, I thought add, an extra bit of excitement when it came to light them. Along with a packet of brightly coloured jelly beans and some coloured balls I had high hopes that I could make a fitting cake for a newly turned teenager, and the positive comments from her friends seemed to confirm that the candles had helped to achieve this.

      The candles come in a small rectangular box (12x10x1cm), much like you would get colouring crayons in, with a slot cut out through which the candle colours could be seen. The box is purple with a wealth of colored stars and swirls and the flames drawn above the slot are in colours to match the candles that they are above, emphasizing the print that states that the flames burn the colour of the candle. They are made by Home2Bake which I had not heard of before, but contact details are given as well as instructions for how to use them and a safety warning about dripping wax and keeping out of reach of children. Inside the box the candles are protected by a ridged clear plastic pocket.

      The twelve candles are divided into four colours - three of an orangey pink colour, three dark yellow, three of turquoisy green and lastly three grass green. It seemed a bit strange having two shades of green but the colours did work well together. One of the things that I found particularly good with these was that they don't have separate candle holders; I have a box full of these and I always find it a bit of a pain trying to find a matching set. These candles are set into a clear plastic circular socket which then becomes a prong which you stick directly into the cake. This prong is 4cm deep so sits very securely in the cake. All but one of my candles were snugly fitted into their holder and felt safe, although you can pull them out to keep if you wish too - mine are heading for the bin though as I can see no further need for them. It does not say that they are recyclable although the outer box is.

      Another positive to this type of holder is that it seems far less girly than the normal floral holders and was much better suited to a teenager. I think that I would be happy to use them for a boy too. The candles themselves seem an average height of 5cm.

      **Lighting Up Time**

      Nobody seemed to notice my error of only having twelve candles on a thirteen year olds cake - should have brought a second pack - ooops! Twelve candles was quite a lot to light in one go, but fortunately most of them lit up first time and the wick seemed to be a good length. I watched quite eagerly as they burst into flame, expecting vivid flickering lights to appear. They looked pretty yellow and normal to me, but maybe they needed time to warm up. We let them burn down for a short while and peered closely at the flames. If you searched closely a feint tingle could just be discerned, the orangey pink one being the most noticeable. My daughter has pronounced them very disappointing candles as she had seen the packet and was expecting something special to happen on the top of her cake. They seemed to burn down very rapidly. Sometimes I get away with using a candle for a second time but I only have about 3cm of wax left after just over a minute of burning.

      The pack of twelve candles cost £1.97 in Asda. That works out at just over 16p per candle. Compared to their most basic pack of 10 candles with white floral holders this is obviously quite expensive. I wouldn't buy them again for the flame effect, but if you didn't have this expectation, I do think that they are a good colour selection and help to create a cheerful and fun cake, so I will probably end up buying them again.


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