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Judge Milk Sauce Pot

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Brand: Judge / Product Type: Sauce Pot

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2014 21:28
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      I love my milk frother!

      I have to start off with saying that this is actually a Milk Frother first and foremost, but for some reason Dooyoo haven't titled it that way. It is actually called the Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot. Anyway, on to my review...

      Being lactose intolerant, I often sit in a coffee shop when out and about and see everyone else having their frothy coffee or hot chocolate and wish I could have a lovely frothy hot chocolate instead of being stuck with juice (I can't stand tea or coffee!). So, this Christmas I decided to treat myself and get myself a milk frother.

      There are a number of different milk frothers on the market - handheld whisk-type ones, electric ones, glass ones and stainless steel ones. I decided to get one I could use on the hob, after all what's the point in having two pans to wash up?!

      I did a little research and the Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot seemed like the best frother in my price range, so I paid my £16.95 and ordered it from Amazon.

      The Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot is made of stainless steel and has a phenolic handle. One thing to note about the handle - The manufacturers do recommend using an oven glove or something similar as the handle can get quite hot. And I can confirm that the handle does indeed get quite hot! I suspect the heat is due to the handle being so close to the pot.

      You can use the Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot for frothing cold milk, but everyone knows that's not quite as nice as frothy hot chocolate (or coffee, if that's your kind of thing). Although, I suspect the kids will quite enjoy a frothy milkshake!

      This Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot is also great for making sauces in, especially if you only want to make enough or one or two people.

      So, to make a frothy hot chocolate:

      Simply pour your milk into the pot (I only do this for one mug, but you could do it for two).

      Then heat as you normally would heat a pan of milk (being careful not to boil it). It's best to have the pan near the edge of the hot so that the handle doesn't get too hot (if you're daring and not using an oven glove or cloth).

      When the milk has been heated through, take the pot off the hob and put it onto a heat-proof surface.

      Mix in your hot chocolate powder (I know you would normally mix the hot chocolate powder with the milk in the mug, but that would flatten the froth).

      Put the lid on and simply start pumping to froth the milk.

      When frothed until within an inch of its life, take the lid off and pour into your mug.

      And there you have your frothy hot chocolate!

      The Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot is a quick and easy way of frothing up milk, and your arm gets a little exercise while you're pumping away at the milk (is it me or does that sound slightly rude?!). Most importantly, it makes a good froth.

      I've had my Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot for a couple of weeks now and it gets used most evenings. I certainly don't make my hot chocolate without it now.

      It's a simple thing, but my hot chocolate drinks taste so much nicer now they're frothed!


      - Don't put the frother lid on while the pot is on the hob. Only put the lid on and froth once it has been taken off the heat.

      - Don't fill the pot more than half way, else you might find milk coming up through the hole in the top when you froth it.

      - Try not to lift the frother above the milk line as again you might find a little milk coming up through the hole in the top.

      The whole thing is easy to clean. It can go in the dishwasher (we don't have one), but it's also easy enough to wash it in the sink with everything else.

      All in all, I love my Judge Milk Frother Sauce Pot. I can now have homemade frothy hot chocolate, just like they do in the coffee shops and cafes!


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