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Lakeland My Kitchen Cake Tin

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Brand: Lakeland / Type: Cake Tin

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2013 15:42
      Very helpful



      Lakeland loose bottomed cake tin

      Lakeland really is my one stop cook shop heaven. I could spend hours in there wandering around looking at all the cool stuff. Luckily we have a fairly big store near my house so I can always satisfy my cooking needs.

      This review deals with the Lakeland My Kitchen 30cm loose-based deep cake tin which Dooyoo told me to post under this link.

      Lakeland have a really nice selection of cake tins and I have found them to always be of very good quality and perfect for cooking with. When I bake cakes this is really the easiest pan to use to make them in, the best I have used and I think the main reason why I like it so much is the loose base, but more of that later

      The pan has a non-stick coating so its very smooth. I do grease the tin before I use it, more out of habit than anything else and I think this does help to make the cake slip out but I would say that probably you don't really need to with this pan as it is that non-stick which is great. I never have a problem with my cakes sticking after using this pan which is good when you bake a cake that you are not going to ice afterwards and need it to look nice straight away. Apparently, according to the information from Lakeland, the tin is finished with a double layer of, "durable Quantum 2 non-stick material for superior food release," so that is why it's so smooth. This also makes the tin really easy to clean afterwards in my opinion. I find once the tin is cold I can just wipe the surface and any little bits of cake residue will just come off and then you can put it in the dishwasher for a proper deep down clean.

      The cake tin is round and like I said it has a removable bottom. This simply slots into the bottom of the tin and is held in place by a small ridge all the way around the edge of the tin. When you have taken your tin out of the oven and let it cool for a few minutes then all you have to do is push up ever so slightly from the bottom and the cake will come out the top and then you can lift it onto a wire rack. This is so easy to do and much better than with a conventional pan which I always end up shaking and patting to try and release the cake and then usually end up with a broken mess when it has broken coming out.

      The cake tin is nice and deep which I like because sometimes if I am making a cake of my own recipe I sometimes don't get the amounts right and it often rises a bit more than I would like but the depth of this cake tin keeps it in at the sides and stops it from overflowing and getting all over the cooker or spoiling.

      The tin is really well made and over the last couple of years has definitely kept its shape and has not warped or bent in the cooking process. The tin is safe up to 250 degrees in the oven and it washes really well in the dishwasher too

      The tin costs in the £20 region which I think is really good value considering it has lasted for quite a few years now and I can see it still lasting for quite a long time yet.


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      23.03.2013 04:03
      Very helpful



      A good quality Cake tin and one that makes cooking cakes a pleasure

      =Lakeland - My Kitchen Cake tin=
      After having a massive gut out about 2 years ago, I got rid of all the cake tins, and invested in these rubber cake tins, they are great for what I call standard cakes but trying to cook Christmas Cakes in them, I just found that the cakes just didn't seem to bake as well, whether they did not like being in the oven so long don't know.

      I thought as I'm going to invest in a couple of better quality ones and as I knew that I needed 2 special cakes earlier in the year, one for wedding anniversary, and one I said I'd do the cake as a Birthday present for my daughters granddad's surprise 80th party.

      =Off to Lakeland we go=
      I had looked online and noticed that they had a range "My Kitchen" and the cake tins that I choose where the cook and bake loose sided cake tins.

      Sizes available
      15cm diameter x 8cm high - £9.39 (6in x 3in)
      18cm d x 7cm - £10.39 (7in x 2 3/4in)
      20cm d x 10cm - £11.39 (8in x 4in)
      23cm d x 8cm - £14.39 (9in x 3 1/4in)
      26cm d x 9.5cm - £16.39 ( 10in x 3 3/4in)
      30cm d x 10cm - £20.39 (12in x 4in)

      (Prices correct at time of writing, - presently on offer at buy one get one half price)

      =The Claim by Lakeland=
      Lakeland say that each is robust, commercial weight piece has a heavy duty construction that will not twist or wrap with a double layer of durable Quantum 2 non-stick to see you through years of roasting and baking" - With a claim like that I was looking forward to getting let loose on them. They are also dish washer and freezer proof.

      =My Purchases=
      I brought the 26cm and the 30cm cake tins.

      =My Experience=
      I used my tried and tested Christmas cake recipe, so I did 2 batches, the first which would stay as Christmas cakes and to trial the tins, and the 2nd batch ready for the "special cakes".
      I have to say the tin was easy to use, from lining the inside of the tin with greaseproof, to covering the outside, it was easy to pop the mixture in to the tin, although when full they were heavy. To pop the base in you just lower into the tin, and it slots into the ridges at the bottom, it went in perfectly first time, and had a really snug fit.

      Cooking - They cooked the cake effortlessly, it was even texture.
      =The Help Moment or should I rename the panic moment=
      This is the bit that I always dread getting the cake out of the tin, is it going to come out in one piece, are there going to be chunks missing, is it going to collapse - I'm sure we've all been there!
      Off comes the outer of grease proof, then I put the cake upside down on a wire cooling tray, and held the bottom as I lifted the main unit off then removed the base. It was perfect, both the cakes where.

      =Batch Two=
      This was the one I worried more about but knew if I did any accidents, as least I had batch 1 to fall back on, again this was a smooth 10 out of 10.

      =To wash=
      As previously mentioned this is dishwasher proof, but I don't have a dish washer, just his lordship!! - the cake tin washed really easily, no scrubbing was needed, no soaking, just a normal wash.

      =Since Christmas=
      I have baked a couple of times with the cake, on normal cakes from a Victoria Sponge to a marmalade cake, even with the thinner consistency it cooked both cakes perfectly, no running out of the bottom.

      =Long Term Investment=
      I know I have only had these about 4 months, but they are really good, and I have purchased other items from the range as I was really impressed, and there's a few more that I have got my eye on.
      The sizes I first purchased were for Christmas Cakes / Party cakes, but the smaller sizes work just as perfectly.

      I can see myself and my daughter getting plenty of use from these tins.

      =Would I recommend=
      A great big yes.


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        19.07.2012 11:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        I actually have a selection of these cake tins in different sizes. They are from Lakeland and I bought them a few years ago on a 3 for 2 offer. I had offered to make my friend's wedding cake, and realised I needed to invest in a few more tins otherwise I'd be struggling to get everything done without it taking days.

        The cake tin I have added to the Dooyoo catalogue is the 20cm tin, but to be honest the review applies to the other sized tins I have as they are essentially the same product but in different sizes. The sizes they come in are standard cake sizes, so it should be easy to find or convert recipes which are suitable for the size of tin.

        I chose to buy from the Lakeland "My Kitchen" range because I figured these would be higher quality than most, and as it was a friend's wedding cake I didn't want to take any chances. This cake tin costs £10.29 at full price, although they are frequently on a 3 for 2 offer which brings the price down. Below are the prices for some different sized tins to give you an idea what you could get on the 3 for 2 offer:

        15cm £8.29
        20cm £10.29
        23cm £11.29
        25cm £16.29

        The claims made by this range convinced me that I was buying the best quality tin within my price range. They are designed to be robust and thus won't twist or warp, and they have a double layer of durable Quantum 2 non-stick which ensures the non-stick layer doesn't come off after using it a few times. They are also dishwasher and freezer safe.

        ==My Experience==

        I have used this tin (and others from this range) for various types of cakes, including sponges, chocolate cakes, carrot cakes and fruit cakes. The annual Christmas cake is made using the largest of these tins that I own. The tins cope well with different types of cake mixes, without experiencing any sticking or leaking in the oven. The cakes cook evenly too, rather than burning round the edges before the middle is baked. Part of this is down to the baker, but the tin definitely helps as I have some which just jinx my recipes.

        The loose base makes it very easy to release cakes from these tins. This is important to me as I often go on to decorate cakes once I've baked, and there's nothing more annoying than having to find a way of filling a big chunk of cake that's missing from your nice smooth sides. I can definitely confirm the non-stick claims made by this brand are true. As long as you line the tin first, the cake is very easy to release in one piece, and you can use the greaseproof paper to help you lift the cake up from the base.

        These tins are very sturdy, and there's no chance of the heat causing them to warp in the oven. You know how sometimes, if you have a thin baking tray, it can sort of "jump" in the oven and become lopsided? Well, there's no chance of this happening with these tins as they are very thick and sturdy. The bottom of the tin fits well, and just slots into the body of the tin to rest on the ridge at the bottom. In my opinion, this is easier than the ones you have to mess around with buckles at the side.

        The only downside to the tin, is that cleaning is a bit awkward as it has ridges around the edges where the bottom meets the body of the tin. Bits of cake mixture get caught in this, and no matter how long you leave it to soak, or scrub, I never feel that it's as clean as I'd like it to be. It just always feels like there's bits of cake stuck under the rim. They do survive being washed in the dishwasher, but still require some scrubbing around the rim afterwards to be cleaned properly.

        Overall, these tins are excellent value. They are in great condition after about four years of useage, and I have a feeling they will last a lot longer yet.

        (This review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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