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London Pottery Company Red and White Spot Teapot

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Brand: London Pottery / Product Type: Teapot

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2011 15:42
      Very helpful



      An attractive family-sized teapot that is extremely well made.

      My husband and I received many gorgeous gifts from generous well-wishers when we got married, as well as vouchers for a variety of stores. One such store we were gifted tokens for was the well-known retailer John Lewis. We have therefore purchased quite a large selection of items from this retailer, both in-store and online.

      One such item that I knew early on I was going to purchase was a gorgeous-looking porcelain teapot, from "The London Pottery Company Limited". The item had caught my eye whilst perusing the crockery and porcelain items in my local branch of John Lewis, and certainly the bright red colour of the teapot stood out to me as the item stood proudly on the shop shelf.

      Covered in an abundance of bright white-coloured polka dots, the colours of the spotty teapot are extremely bright and are sure to bring a touch of colour to the drabbest of kitchens or dining tables... I should know, because my kitchen is coloured in rather unfortunate shades of beige and cream and as a result I am often keen to purchase brightly-coloured kitchen utensils and tableware items to introduce a splash of colour into the room.

      The teapot itself is made from an Earthenware material, rather than being made from a bone china or porcelain which I think gives it a more robust feel. However, the teapot should still be handled with a certain degree of care as it is still fairly fragile and will of course smash or chip if not treated properly. The manufacturers have certainly taken this into account when packaging and transporting the item, and the teapot arrived to me in perfect condition, being packaged adequately in wrapping materials and a sturdy cardboard box.

      The 'London Pottery Company Globe' teapot, to quote the full name from the product's packaging, is a VERY generous size and this is a rather important factor to me personally as I often have family members or friends over for a sort of 'afternoon tea' type gathering. In the past, I have had to actually use two smaller-sized teapots to prepare and make the tea for everyone as my other teapots are much smaller and neater than I would like. The Globe Teapot, in comparison, is not at all petite and I would agree with the manufacturers' claims about this product being a '6-cup' teapot. In actual fact, I can get six and a half cups of tea from the teapot, if using cups and saucers, or approximately four mugs of tea which is fantastic in my opinion.

      You could be forgiven for assuming that the generous capacity of the Globe Teapot would make it an over-sized, cumbersome item to hold and use and this is just not the case at all. The old saying 'Looks can be deceiving' seems to be fitting here as the teapot actually looks like your average, bog-standard teapot at first glance. I think the secret is in the design of the 'body' of the teapot which seems to be never-ending when you take the lid off and peer inside... it just looks really 'roomy' to me, and again, in comparison to other teapots that I own, the difference in this item's capacity is extremely noticeable.

      Whilst I am on the subject of the teapot being larger than others I own, I must point out that the Globe Teapot is NOT overly heavy. This is something that I had been slightly concerned about, given that I have mobility problems and I do not have a lot of strength in my hands at times. I have actually struggled to lift a kettle-full of water in the past which resulted in my dropping it, and the water spilling all over myself. Needless to say, I was extremely lucky that the water in the kettle had not yet been boiled!!!!!!

      Whilst the weight of a (filled) kitchen receptacle won't be an issue for many or most consumers, it is certainly an issue for me, and it is something that I had to consider when I made this purchase so I am delighted to report that I have had absolutely no problems with filling, lifting or pouring the London Pottery Company Globe Teapot and can only assume that the material used is more lightweight than similar items I have used or purchased before.

      The lid for the Globe Teapot is a sort of 'D' shape, and so it has a straight edge to it and a little lip that hooks underneath the teapot's top rim to slot neatly into place. I have not found that this is difficult to do, nor have I found that any steam or liquid escapes from the lid/rim when the teapot is being used.

      Furthermore, I have had no issues with tea spilling or dripping from the sturdy-looking spout, which is an extremely annoying - yet surprisingly common - trait of teapots that I have purchased before. As this is of course, the purpose for which the item has been designed, I find that a leaky spout is an unforgivable fault, and will usually render the item unusable and useless by me, with the offending item being thrust into a local charity shop at the first opportunity.

      The Globe Teapot is, in comparison, a joy to use. I have never had any issues with liquid spilling, leaking or dripping from the spout and again I can only put this down to the item being extremely well-made.

      The Globe Teapot is dishwasher safe, although I have never tried this for myself as I don't own a dishwasher. I find that a little hot water and a spot of washing up liquid will wash the teapot adequately and quickly, and I have had no issues with this at all.

      I must quickly mention that I have had the teapot for several months now and there is absolutely no sign of any wear and tear to the item whatsoever.

      The picture at the top of the Dooyoo page unfortunately doesn't really do the item justice, but I can appreciate that this is the case with a lot of items that are available to purchase online. Believe me when I say that this is an extremely attractive-looking, brightly-coloured gorgeous spotty teapot that never fails to get compliments when I produce it (extremely proudly!!) at tea parties or when guests are over.

      I think readers of this review will have gathered by now that I am absolutely delighted with my purchase from The London Pottery Company and I think the gorgeous red and white spotty teapot I bought is the best teapot I have ever owned. This makes it a great value product for me and I highly recommend it.

      The London Pottery Company Globe Teapot can be purchased online from a variety of retailers, with prices ranging from £13 - £20. I purchased mine at www.johnlewis.com, for the price of £16 and feel that it is worth every penny.


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