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Master Class Non Stick Box-Sided 2lb Loaf Tin

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Brand: Master Class / Bakeware - Loaf Tin

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2012 16:33
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      Excellent quality loaf tin for any home baker.

      Review of Master Class 2LB Loaf Tin

      I have a large amount of baking tins and similar items in my kitchen, many I have purchased myself, some I have 'inherited' when I took over my mother's kitchen and some my partner brought with him when we moved into together.
      Like many people, I seem to return regularly to the same pieces and use them over and over again. This review is focussing on my favourite loaf tin.

      **The Loaf Tin**

      Made under the Master Class label, this is a good quality tin designed for baking bread. I purchased mine many years ago and have used it a variety of different ways. Although primarily a loaf tin, it is also excellent for cakes, vegetarian pates and terraines too.
      The tin is constructed of a durable solid metal which is double coated with a non-stick coating. The loaf tin is a 2lb size, meaning it can bake a loaf of that weight. Although the Master Class range of cookware is a little more expensive than other brands, each item has a twenty year guarantee with a five year guarantee on the non-stick coating. The loaf tin is now probably well over 5 years old and it has been well used, the non stick lining is still in good order, and to honest, you cannot tell that the tin is as old as I know it is!

      The tin is very easy care, a wash in soapy water and a light rubbing with the washing up brush is all mine has ever needed to keep it in tip top condition. The manufacturer says that the range is dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe. I do not have a dishwasher, not have I ever had any desire or need to put my bake ware in the freezer, so I cannot comment on these claims. I have stored a baked vegetarian nut roast made in the loaf tin in the fridge, with no adverse effect on either the food or the tin.
      I do quite a lot of baking both at home and when travelling. We have a ¾ size gas oven in our motor home and I take this loaf tin and packets of bread mix with me when on a road trip, in order to have the means of baking bread when we are too far away from the shops. Being very lightweight, this loaf tin travels well and I am confident that my bread will cook well in the tin, without sticking to the sides of the tin.

      Appearance wise, this loaf tin is nothing wonderful, it is a simply greyish-black coloured rectangular shaped loaf tin. The tin tapers slightly towards the base. These sloping sides mean that as your bread rises there is room for it to expand giving a traditional shaped loaf on completion of your baking. The shape of the loaf is also easy to slice.
      I bought my Master Class loaf tin in a local independent kitchenware shop in my home town. I cannot remember the price I paid, but a quick web search conducted today has produced prices of around £7 for this particular size of Master Class loaf tin. Given the long guarantee and the durability of the tin, I consider this to be a fair price.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I know this will make me sound a sad old woman, but I really love this loaf tin! I would be very sorry to part with it as it has served me very well, helping me produce a wide range of baked goods over the years. The tin is more expensive than some other bake ware, but I feel buying cheap baking tins is false economy, as they tend to lose their non stick qualities, rust or buckle with use. The Master class loaf tin has done none of these things and it is still in great condition. I am sure it will continue to serve me for many years to come.
      I would recommend this loaf tin to others.

      Thank you for reading
      ©brittle1906 April 2012
      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.

      Update:- October 2013

      I have recently used this tin for a frozen dessert! I lined the tin with greaseproof paper, packed my ice cream mixture into the tin and froze it. The dessert turned out wonderfully!


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