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Meyer Select Stainless Steel 6 Piece Pan Set

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Brand: Meyer / Type: Pan Set

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2012 19:07
      Very helpful



      A fantastic quality pan set

      I've had this pan set for just over a year now, having purchased it in last years January sales. I actually went to look for a pan set before Christmas, chose this one and then went back in the sales to buy it discounted.

      The pan set contains six pans - a milk pan, 3 saucepans (16cm/1.4 litres, 18cm/1.9 litres and 20cm/2.8 litres), a wok and a 'French Skillet', which is a small frying pan. They are stainless steel and all three saucepans have clear lids so that you can keep an eye on what you are cooking. The French skillet and the wok have a non-stick coating, however the saucepans and milk pan do not.

      There were a few things that made me choose this set over others. The first was that all of the pans come with cool grip handles. As someone who is very clumsy and always getting burned, this really appealed to me. The underside of each handle has a soft, rubbery material, which stays cool even when the pan is hot. There is also a sort of thumb rest on the top of each handle, so you can carry them easily without the need for an oven glove or tea towel (although the instructions do still advise an oven glove, probably to cover themselves more than anything). The undersides of the saucepan lids also have this cool grip, to make removing them less hazardous.

      The second thing I really liked was that the lids of the three saucepans have draining lids. Each side of the lid has draining holes (one side large holes, one side small), so that you can drain any water from the pans without removing the lids. The pans have a lip on each side, so even if you are left handed you should be able to drain the pans with ease. This is such a simple, yet clever idea and I have barely used my colander since purchasing these pans.

      The pans are aluminium and all have a thick aluminium bonded base which they say will help even heat distribution. I have used these on both my old hob which was electric and my new one which is gas and they have always heated up quickly and evenly. Apparently they are also safe for an induction hob, although not having used one myself I cannot comment further on how well they perform. They are oven safe up to 180 degrees. The pans are dishwasher safe too, although we don't actually have one so we wash ours by hand. The pans also come with a 10 year guarantee, although you can tell just by looking and holding them that they are good quality, so fingers crossed we won't need to use it.

      The pans I use most are the saucepans. I like having a variety of sizes - the smallest one is ideal for soups and sauces, the medium one for boiling veg and the largest one is used for stews. When empty the pans have a bit of weight to them but are not all that heavy. When full, I can find carrying them a little difficult - especially with the largest saucepan holding 2.8litres, it can require two hands sometimes, but they're nowhere near as heavy as the cast iron le creuset pan I have.

      The milk pan is a little smaller than the milk pan I had in my last pan set, however still an adequate size. I don't actually boil milk all that often, so I don't use this pan much, although having a fiancé who won't eat two types of veg cooked in the same pan (he is fussy to the extreme!), I sometimes use this for a single portion of carrots or sweetcorn and it is fine.

      The French skillet measures 20cm and is a perfect omelette pan and most recently was also used for pancakes - again a perfect size. It's a bit on the small side to use as a normal frying pan, although you could probably fit a couple of sausages and a rasher of bacon in there if cooking for one. This pan has a non-stick coating, which has proved to actually be non-stick - a shock for me, as the only ever non-stick pans I have bought in the past were anything but! The non-stick has not peeled off or chipped when washing, which again was a problem with a previous pan set.

      The wok (or stir fry pan as Meyer calls it) is the least used of my pans. It's rare I make a stir fry and I'm not a huge fan of Chinese cookery, so I think it's probably only been used around four or five times since purchase. Again it has a non-stick coating which really does work and it is a decent enough size for a stir fry for two.

      I find the pans wash well in warm soapy water. I have had to soak the saucepans on occasions when food has burned on and this does not seem to have had any adverse effects. They do not seem to have dulled over time and look pretty much as good as new, aside from a very slight discolouration to the rivets on the handle of one of the saucepans.

      I paid £110 for this pan set in Boundary Mill in December 2010. I have seen it retailing at as much as £200 in House of Fraser and Debenhams, but recently Amazon.co.uk have been selling it for just £79.99 which I think is excellent value. According to Amazon the RRP is £224, so this is quite a bargain. To purchase each pan individually would cost around £195, so it works out better to buy as a set - assuming of course you will actually use all of the pans in it. Other matching pans (such as the full sized frying pan) can be purchased individually to go with the set too if you would like to have everything matching.

      Overall I am pleased with this pan set. You get a good variety of everyday pans, which are great quality and durable. I love the features of the cool touch handles and the draining lids, which make the pans just that little easier to use - and less washing up since I don't have to get the colander out! I would definitely recommend this pan set to anyone setting up their first home or wanting to replace a set they already have, as I can't really fault them.


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