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Pantone Mug Red 186C

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Brand: Pantone / Product Type: Mug

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2011 11:07
      Very helpful



      mugs by Pantone Universe

      I have been picking up little gifts for Christmas and one gift hat I wanted to buy my friend who is a designer was this Pantone mug. These Pantone gifts are quite pricey for what they are but they are iconic in design agencies, everyone has to have the mugs and this red one I liked the look of. I have looked these up before though and they are not the cheapest but I was just hoping the quality would be good enough so that I'd feel happy about paying for it. They do a wide range of Pantone colours you just need to look around as everywhere has different colours.


      This mug is very nice to look at and when it arrived I was pleased as when you pick it up you know it's good quality as it is made from fine bone china so the mug is very light which is strange. The dimensions of the mug are 9.5cm x 8cm and it has a thick colour band around it in your chosen Pantone colour choice and under that it says it is Pantone and has the logo and then says what shade it is. They are very simple to look at but bold and bright and I like that about them.


      This mug, being so light I was a bit scared about wrapping it as I didn't want it to break and the same goes for my friend I didn't want him to break it when washing it. He got his present early so has already told me that he is pleased with it so far and really likes it and so far so good no problems. However, I was a bit put off when I went on Amazon the other day and the reviews were all very negative stating that the mugs break too easily and the paintwork has peeled off already because having paid so much I'm praying that these statements do not turn out to be true but I will keep this updated.

      A few other facts about these Pantone mugs is that they are dishwasher safe and microwave proof which are not really things that stop me from buying a mug anyway but they are handy to know. The mug has kept its whiteness fine so far and although it is light when washing, you just have to be extremely careful with it and I don't use it in the dishwasher as I prefer to hand wash it but maybe the heat in there is what is causing people to have the paint coming off. You just have to watch and be gentle with the mug that's all.

      This mug is used for everything tea, coffee, fruit teas and it is very easy to hold and has not got any chips or cracks for now. The mugs have a really nice finish to them as they are glazed also which is really nice and professional looking. They bring a brightness to having a cup of tea and it doesn't stain easily as long as you clean it regularly. Really the mug is good and I want one for myself as I like a lot of the colours in the range. I would say if you like design and know the Pantone colour range then get one of these for the office desk.

      There is not really too much more to say about the mugs other than it is a novelty idea so may seem pricey for a mug but the name is what you are paying for. Buy it if you know it will make someone happy and who understands the Pantone colour chart. I know they also do espresso cups too which is another addition to the set but these mugs sell out really fast as everytime I went on Amazon to buy one they kept going out of stock so it must be something a lot of people buy for gifts.


      These can be purchased quite a lot of places such as John Lewis who charge £10 which is pricier than most or Amazon who charge £8 although it currently says £9.90 from an Amazon seller but I paid £8 and amara.co.uk sell them for £8.

      The official Pantone site is ir.pantone.co.uk/


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