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PMS Eazee Eggs Cooker

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Brand: PMS / Product Type: Eggs Cooker

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    1 Review
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      03.09.2013 15:13
      Very helpful



      I must learn that labour saving ideas are a bit of a con really, and avoid them.

      Boiled eggs are one of those things that are lovely to eat in a packed lunch, but are a bit of a pain to peel. Especially when the packed lunch is for a small child. I came across the concept of Eazee egg cooking through watching a video on nectar adpoints. It wasn't for this brand, but the concept of how the egg was cooked was exactly the same, and this version was much cheaper. I cracked very quickly and purchased a set from amazon with some vouchers that I had.

      The concept is that you boil the egg in a plastic cooker within the pan of water, saving the need to remove the shell after cooking. The cooker has a screw off lid, so you save having to peel it when its cooked. The egg also has a slightly flattened end on one side so that you can serve the eggs stood on the flat end on a plate if you wish.

      In theory, a brilliant idea. However, in practice, at best this is messy, and at worst, potentially dangerous.

      My set cost just £4.25, and had the bonus of having an egg seperator inside the box as well. Not that I've ever felt the need for buying an egg seperator in the 16 years since I moved out of my parents home and needed to cook for myself, but its there anyway.

      There are six egg cookers in the box. Each egg cooker consists of 4 parts, and I think this is a weakness with the particular set. The bottom part is the bit you put your egg into, and it is only just big enough for a medium egg to fit into, so you will not be able to use large eggs, and in fact, I would say stick to small if I were you.

      The top part then reminds me a bit of a babys bottle. It has a ring of plastic with a screw section to hold onto the base, there is then a dome piece shape of plastic for the neck with a hole missing for the lid. The lid is a tiny piece with a little loop on to help you grab the cooker from the pan.

      The top two sections each have a little rubber band around them which I guess is to help form a seal.

      I had to crack my eggs into a cup in order to pour them into the cooker as the bases were too small to crack an egg directly into. Getting the lid assembled is faffy, and by the time I had screwed the lids on tight there were bits of raw egg white all over my kitchen bench. It took a long time to do all 6 - I'd say about as long as it would take 6 eggs in shells to cook.

      As soon as the eggs went into the pan I noticed that there were bits of egg white cooking in the water. I presumed that this must be residue from adding the egg to the base of the cooker, and didn't really worry about it.

      It was certainly easy to tell when the eggs were done as I could see both egg white and yolk and could judge whether it was cooked or not.

      When it came to removing the cookers from the pan of water some had fallen on their sides. I fished them out quite easily with the hooks on the lid, but when I came to open them, I found that all of them had let water inside the seal, and all had a layer of boiling water on top of the cooked egg. As I unscrewed the cooker, it then went all over my hands. In spite of leaving them to cool a short while, it was still rather hot.

      My eggs were pretty much welded into the cooker although they are meant to just slide out. I guess this is where the water had got between egg and plastic leaving it with a cratered surface. Also, one end might be flat, but the eggs were all wonky where they had been tilted slightly in the pan.

      So overall, my eggs looked like they were poached eggs rather than boiled because you could see the yolk. They tasted fine, but presentation was awful. It took much longer to make a few boiled eggs than normal due to the faff of having to assemble all the cookers. And, it was so messy, with a very messy pan to clean, my sides needed cleaning of raw egg white and boiled water, and the hassle of washing egg whites off of the 24 pieces that make up the 6 egg cookers.

      I think I'd rather just boil eggs traditionally in there shells and peel them for my sons before putting them in their lunchboxes, as frankly, this set was rather ridiculous.

      The box states 'Never peel a hard boiled egg again' and it makes me wonder what on earth made me think that this was a good idea.

      I think the major design flaw here is that if the egg cooker was in 2 pieces rather than 4 it would be a lot easier to use and clean, and it would have less points to let in water and let out egg white during cooking.

      I still think the concept is a good one, but with this set, the execution is very poor.


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