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Russell Hobbs 17995 Pressure Cooker

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Brand: Russel Hobbs / Type: Pressure Cooker

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2012 10:24
      Very helpful



      an easy to use pressure cooker by Russell Hobbs

      I love to cook and am always looking to buy different cookwares to help my cooking and to try new dishes. The latest addition to my kitchen is this Russell Hobbs pressure cooker, I love Russell Hobbs goods and this looked great and I needed a pressure cooker. This one is a 4L capacity pressure cooker which is enough for me and it is an aluminium silver so it looked really smart and fits in perfectly with the majority of my pans so it really had everything that I wanted to fit in with my kitchenwares.


      This pressure cooker is very stylish and modern looking, as mentioned above it is a silver aluminium colour and it is 4 litre capacity. It has a black handle on it and on this handle is the Russell Hobbs logo which is nice and the top has the black handle to lock into place. There are black handles on each side also to make it easier to lift this cooker and all black parts are plastic so that they don't absorb the heat and are safe to hold. The pan is not too heavy to hold when there is nothing in it and it is suitable for gas an electric hobs.


      The pressure cooker comes with a recipe booklet and a few instructions but having used pressure cookers before I didn't find it very difficult to use. The cooker comes with a 10 year guarantee and also has an auto locking safety system with it which is very useful. This helps with faster cooking which is great and in the recipe book that comes with it you get the likes of recipes for soup, fish, i.e minestrone soup, crab and sweetcorn chowder. They are all quite easy to follow and it says how long to cook them for which is nice.

      Now, this comes with a pressure ready indicator making it easy I made a beef stew for the first time using it. You put water in with the food and then it will cook, never fill it more than 2/3. Lock the lid and when you see steam coming out, turn the heat down and then leave it to cool as you don't want steam coming out all of the time. On the top the weight bobs up and down and there is a safety valve to monitor cooking so that you can check the progress to see it is looking ok. It is all made so well so that you can make no mistakes really.

      So, going back to the beef stew that I cooked, I literally put in all of the ingredients that I needed and then locked on the lid and added a little bit of water and it started to cook. It literally took me just 12 minutes and the dish was ready, it's amazing how quick it cooks and it tastes a lot more healthier which is also why it is definitely good to have one of these. Once the lid is locked in place it is very secure and you know that it will not move out of place. The dish can be quite heavy when food is in it which is one of my only flaws really but other than that I haven't many negatives.

      To wash this cooker is very easy, I don't find anything sticks because it is mainly liquid and I just leave washing up liquid in it to soak and it comes out as good as new. I love that this cooker is so versatile and that is is easy to use whether I want to cook stews, soups or meat dishes that I know I can with this, you don't need to be an advanced chef to know how to use this. It comes with a removable steamer basket as well to add to another of the extra features that this comes with.

      I can't recommend this pressure cooker enough really, it cooks perfect dishes and makes my life a lot easier. It looks great, has the right capacity and is easy for making stews, soups and other meat or fish dishes for the family. It is straightforward to use and easy to clean, what more could I want. The price of this cooker is great as it can be bought cheaply if you look around for it. The lid is easy to open and close and it has so many features to help with the pressure volumes.


      To buy this pressure cooker is easy, you can buy it for £30 from Asda Direct or I got it for £15 half price at Asda on offer.

      The official Russell Hobbs website is http://uk.russellhobbs.com/.


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