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Russell Hobbs 18233 Three Piece Stainless Steel Pan Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Russell Hobbs / Product Type: Pan Set

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2012 08:46
      Very helpful



      Unsafe set of saucepans


      ~Product description & availability~

      I bought this set sauce pans from ASDA last year. They were on sale for £20.00 instead of £40.00. I was so delighted as I had been wanting another set of saucepans so thought this was a good deal for a well known trade mark like Russell Hobs The set contains three saucepans 16; 18 and 20cm diameter saucepans with lids. The set comes packed in a box which has the pictures of the sauce pans staked one on top of the other. Inside the box there is extra packaging to avoid breakage.

      The sauce pans are made of stainless steel and they have a shiny finish. The sauce pan handles are also made of stainless steel and the bit you handle which is supposed to be insulated is covered in some form of sleeves made of black rubbery plastic and they are not stuck on the handles as you would expect. Each lid is made of clear glass and has stainless steel rim, a small breathing hole/steam vent and a curved handle partly covered with black plastic which is actually fived to the handle.

      The trade mark signature RUSSELL HOBBS is imprinted underneath the saucepan base so would not be visible unless one lifts the sauce pan. The sauce pans are suitable for use on any cooker, gas or electric.

      At the time of writing this review, the saucepans are currently available on sale from Robert Dyas for £24.99 instead of £39.99.

      ~Ease of use~

      Before using the saucepans for the first time, I rinsed them with hot water just to get rid of the dust and any leftover manufacturing residues otherwise your first meal out of this pot may be a bit tainted with the some bits and pieces.

      The sauce pans heat up quickly so food cooks fairly quickly. The interior do stain quite easily so burned food whilst cooking often leaves staining in the saucepan which can be difficult to remove. It is also not recommended to heat the saucepans without a bit of liquid as this can also affect the general colouration of the sauce pans.

      ~Safety consideration~

      When in use saucepans should be kept away from the reach of children and general logic, the handles of the saucepans should be swinged away from the reach of children as general traffic of people in the kitchen.

      In my opinion the design of the saucepan handles leaves a lot to be desired. The handles get too hot especially when using a gas cooker like I do. When this happens, the rubber sleeves expand and become loose so they easily slide off along the handle which can cause accidents whilst cooking. In my opinion the saucepan handles are not very well insulated and can actually cause an accident in the kitchen when they get too hot. For me saucepans should have cool to touch handles in order to can prevent accidental burns.



      -Very attractive stainless steel shiny finish

      -Glass lids, so you can see what's cooking

      -Sturdy handle on lids better than saucepan handles

      -Lids with steam vent for easy cooking and avoid over spilling

      -Three different sized saucepans which allow easy storage as the saucepans can be stacked one on top of the other without toppling.


      -Saucepan handles are not well insulated, safety hazard.

      -Saucepans stain easily

      -With frequent use, the shiny finish goes even with very good cleaning

      -The trade mark sign Russell Hobbs is not clearly visible on the saucepans

      -Not really value for money


      I was really puzzled by the design of these saucepan handled. I did a bit of research which I should really have done earlier and was very disappointed when I realised that there are actually well designed Russell Hobbs sauce pans out there with proper insulated hardened plastic handles as would be expected. This left me wondering how genuine my saucepans were or did they represent the cheaper version of Russell Hobbs saucepans.

      I am really disappointed and regret buying these sauce pans. I fell for the trusted name Russell Hobbs but they failed to deliver quality on this set of saucepans.

      Would I recommend this set of saucepans, not really?

      My rating 2 stars out of 5.

      Thank you for reading and rating

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        01.04.2011 20:41
        Very helpful



        A great set of quality pans from Russell Hobbs.

        Buying pans is not something I do very often, but when I do I like to think I am buying a good quality product which will last a few years at least. There are many cheap pans on the market and I once won a set of what I believed to be cheap pans in a raffle that were very poor quality. I have to say it was because of those pans that I have never been tempted to buy a really cheap set as they were light and quite flimsy, difficult to clean and the handles became loose after a few uses.

        Buying a set of decent pans at a bargain price is something that does appeal to me however and when I spotted this set of three Russell Hobbs pans in Asda at a bargain reduced price of £20, I took a closer look and on being suitably impressed I then decided to buy a set.

        These pans are stainless steel and the three pans in the set are 16, 18 and 20cm saucepans with glass lids which hold 1.5, 2 and 3 litres respectively. A set of three was fine for what I needed as I already use a steamer and also have a couple of other pans which are still going strong.
        What impressed me the most before buying these pans was apart from the bargain price, they actually are good quality and are attractive to look at. Whilst they are not too heavy, they are certainly not flimsy. Indeed the pans feel solid and the handles on both the pans and the lids are firmly attached. The stainless steel is also very shiny and the black silicon on all the handles not only ensures the pans and lids are comfortable to lift in your hands, but also it adds to their stylish appeal.

        The pans are suitable to use on all hobs including induction hobs, so no worries about whether or not these pans are suitable for your particular hob type.

        Using the pans has presented me with no problems at all. The black handles on the lids and pans feel like soft rubber and this makes lifting the pans comfortable as they are easy to grip, but also more importantly I like the fact that the handles do not get hot, therefore when it comes to removing the lids and lifting the pans, you can safely do so without needing to use a tea towel or oven glove. The handles remain cool at all times and this is one of the best features of using these pans.
        The largest pan when filled with water for example, does feel a little on the heavy side, but it is not the heaviest pan of that size I have experienced. It is just worth bearing in mind that if you have trouble lifting at all, then the largest pan in this set could be deemed as heavy and a more lightweight set of pans may be more suitable for you. If this is not an issue for you however, I recommend these pans as the quality and solid look and feel of them is what stands out.

        The heat also seems to distribute evenly if you ensure the pan is centred accurately on your hob and you use a hotplate the same diameter or slightly larger than your pan. I have experienced no problems with the contents sticking to the pans, but I always cook on the lowest heat possible which is recommended anyway, as doing this prolongs the life of the pan and also excessive heat can damage a pan immediately.

        Cleaning the pans has also required minimum effort. You should not place the pans in a dishwasher, they are to be washed by hand in warm soapy water using a sponge or soft cloth. Placing these pans in a dishwasher may damage them. As I don't have a dishwasher anyway I don't have to worry about this, but it is just as important to note that you mustn't use any abrasive cleaners when washing the pans by hand either. I have not experienced any difficulty when cleaning the pans and therefore following the recommended guidelines for cleaning should not cause any problems. There is no need for scourers etc if the pans are used correctly. Of course minor stains and scratches appear over time, but this does not affect their functionality.

        The pans have seen a fair bit of usage since I purchased them and still look as good as new with no signs of wear and tear. There has been no problems with handles coming loose etc and I am very pleased overall with the quality of these pans. If used correctly they should last a long time and I have high hopes for them.

        As I mentioned before, I paid a bargain price of £20 for these pans. They are currently priced at £59.99 with free delivery direct from the Russell Hobbs website, but I have also found them on Amazon priced at £30 with free delivery, which is also a great price for these in my opinion and therefore if buying these pans it is worth shopping around, as the prices seem to vary and you could get a bargain just like I have.


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