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Sainsbury's TU Glass Serving Bowl

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Brand: Sainsbury's TU

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2013 15:53
      Very helpful



      A versatile serving bowl

      With all the lovely weather we have been having recently, we have been making the most of it and hosting a number of barbeques. At such occasions, I do like to provide people with a sweet treat on top of all the other meaty flavours and so with a fruity trifle in mind I went on the hunt recently for a good presentation bowl. For a number of years I have loved glass products, not only for the modern and clean look but also for the sparkly properties of glass as a material. Therefore I hoped to find a glass bowl that was as nice to look at as it was big enough to serve a large dessert. It was at my local supermarket Sainsbury's that I found my solution in the form of this Sainsbury's Tu Serving Bowl.

      ~The Bowl~

      This bowl was rather easy to find in my local Sainsbury's store as it was sat in the homeware aisle looking rather nonchalant against the more vivid crockery which was surrounding it. The bowl sat inside a pile of glass bowls and it was therefore rather a delicate operation to take one out to have a look at it individually. Looks wise, this bowl is constructed of a rather thick and sturdy clear glass which has a circular rim that tapers down to a much narrower circular base. The overall appearance of this bowl is modern and clean and, I feel, looks much more expensive than its £10 price tag.

      ~Vital Statistics~

      Size wise, this bowl measures 14.5cm tall by 26.6cm diameter around the rim although this width does decrease as the bowl tapers down to the bottom with the base being small enough to fit into my outstretched hand. In my opinion this size makes it the perfect size to serve up a dessert for around 6-8 people, although any more than this and you would probably be stretching the portion sizes of your dessert.

      ~My Opinion~

      This bowl has served me well for a couple of events now and I particularly like the way that its transparent body enables you to see the contents inside. This is especially nice when it is housing a trifle or my current favourite passion fruit trifle as it enables you to see the sponge soaked with cream and juice underneath the more decorative top. The size of this bowl also makes it ideal for serving up salad or simply burger buns with its clear finish making it fit in with any other coloured tableware.


      I have looked after my bowl by simply washing it out after every use and giving it a good towel dry to prevent splashes of water staining the glass. However, a quick look on the Sainsbury's website reveals that this bowl is dishwasher safe, as well as freezer and microwave oven safe so it really is a sturdy bowl. In between uses, I use my bowl as a fruit bowl during the week as this means it sits looking stylish on my kitchen worktop between uses without clogging up the valuable cupboard space in my already full kitchen cupboards.


      All in all this is an excellent bowl from Sainsbury's which has easily justified the £10 it initially cost. With its sturdy design and multi uses I can see my bowl lasting for a good number of years and it therefore comes recommended. As a result of this review, this bowls scores an excellent five stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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