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Silit Non-stick Tempera Pan

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Brand: Silit / Product Type: Frying Pan

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2011 19:51
      Very helpful



      a perfect German non-stick frying-pan

      Our household is small, we've got two frying-pans, a large one made of Cromargan stainless steel and a small non-stick one (diameter 20 cm, bottom 14.5 cm), and that's it. The big one is used for making goulash, for example, or tomato sauce or boiling vegetables for which pieces of onions must be fried first. We don't fry cutlets in it, because it's not a non-stick one. When it comes to eggs, it's OK for the scrambled variety, but a fried egg should glide smoothly out of a pan onto the plate and look as good on it as it did in the pan, and this is only possible with a non-stick specimen.

      So I always had a small, non-stick pan for frying eggs and small pieces of meat or fish for which the big pan wouldn't be necessary. Maybe I was always too stingy and bought non-stick frying pans which were simply too cheap and of bad quality. But they all told me that they were of good quality, that if I followed certain rules, they'd last forever! I swear that we don't eat out of the pan, we do own and use plates, we don't cut things with knife and fork in the pan and thus scratch the surface coating, but all pans I had up to now looked scratchy after some time. The surface coating disappeared, especially in the middle. Where did it go? Did we eat it together with the meals we prepared in the pan? A repulsive idea.

      When the last non-stick frying pan had finally to be discharged as unfit, I bought a non-stick, cast aluminium Silit frying-pan which, according to the accompanying leaflet, is ultra hard, non abrasive, heat resistant up to 400°C, robust and durable, easy to clean, time and energy-saving, perfect for healthful, low-fat frying. Well, all non-stick frying pan boast these qualities, what made me turn to this brand was the 5-year guarantee. If a firm guarantees the above mentioned qualities for such a long time, it must know what it's doing.

      And then the firm is not just any German firm. It was founded in 1920 and has become known worldwide for its Sicomatic pressure cookers, Sicomatic has even become the generic term for the pressure cooker as such. In 1998 Silit became part of WMF Group as an independent top-quality brand name and full range supplier of products for the modern kitchen. The WMF firm is just around the corner from where I live and some years ago I participated in a guided tour through it, this may also have influenced my decision.

      Of course, I should have waited for five years before writing this review in order to be able to tell you if the frying-pan does indeed stay in good form as promised. But I'm sure it won't disappoint me. It's a pleasure to use it, I eat more fried eggs now than maybe I should! It's not necessary to wash it out with detergent after every use, the less chemical stuff used in the kitchen the better, it suffices to rub it clean with a tissue. I'll try not to forget the maintenance tip to heat up 1- 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil every 2 - 3 months until it begins to smoke lightly, turn down the heat, add 3 - 4 tablespoons of table salt and then rub it with an ample amount of kitchen towel. This is said to remove stains caused by animal protein which can impair the pan's non-stick effect. Interesting.

      Of course, such a pan is ideal for making pancakes and when one side is ready, throw them in the air, make them turn round and catch them again. Alas, I don't dare do it, I've got a gas cooker and am not trained as an acrobat, the idea that the pancakes may land in the flames frightens me. I'd rather make an Italian frittata, a mixture of eggs and vegetables, when one side is ready, I let the whole thing glide into the glass lid, put the pan on top, turn it round and then place it on the gas again.

      I found my pan in a German online shop for 59.95 Euro (52 GBP on the day of writing). Brits can buy it on Amazon for 64.17 GBP.


      Thanks to koshkha for the title.


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      Size: 20cm