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Sistema Noodle Bowl

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Brand: Sistema / Product Type: Bowl

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2013 16:10
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      A noodle bowl which is also great for soup!

      It is that time of year again when I start to tire of eating cold foods for lunch and instead crave something warm and comforting. Despite working in a large office, my options are limited when it comes to snacking on something hot and therefore I have taken to mixing up some home made soup before I walk to work in the morning. Starting this a few weeks ago, my options were limited in terms of what to carry my soup to work in. I wanted something that would prevent any spills inside my handbag and yet something which also had a ventilation hole in order that the soup could be heated up in the microwave. I have in the past used flasks for this purpose but was fed up with the way in which the soup was difficult to wash out of the container and left a slightly dubious odour behind. Fortunately, where I work there is a large Asda across the road and so I went into the store to get some inspiration.

      Among the usual tubs and flasks, my eyes fell on this Sistema Noodle Bowl. I have purchased some Sistema tupperware before and was pleased with the quality and durability of the containers. Additionally, I like the way that Sistema design products which are specifically for a certain product rather than being for any number. Although called a noodle bowl, I do not usually take noodles to work, and the bowl looked to be the perfect size and shape for my daily lunchtime soup.

      ~The Product~

      This product is basically a round plastic bowl which is topped with a clear plastic lid with four clips to keep it in place. Along the side of the bowl is a plastic handle and this is built in to the body of the bowl enabling the user to carry a full bowl around with ease. On top of the plastic lid is a red clip and this serves to give ventilation to the food inside the bowl whilst it is cooking inside the microwave and for the food stuff(s) to let out steam. The whole presentation of this bowl is rather functional in my opinion although it does feature some imprinted text which makes it stand out, including the Sistema logo on each of the four clips and an 'open' instruction on the lid clip. As shown in the Dooyoo illustration, my bowl is bright red and this ensures that it stands out inside my dark kitchen cupboard making it easy to grab on a cold dark morning.

      As mentioned, my bowl is bright red in colour and when shopping in my local Asda this was the only colour option available. Looking on the internet I have since learned that there are quite a variety of colours to choose from including blue, purple, pink and green. Had I known this before purchase, I would probably have opted for the pink colour way as it is lovely and girly.

      For information purposes I feel it is important to specify the dimensions of my noodle bowl and these are as follows:

      Length - 17.2cm
      Width - 15.6cm
      Height - 9.7cm

      The bowl is actually quite big in size and I can imagine that fully filled it would provide quite a substantial meal as it stores 940ml worth of contents.

      ~Using my Bowl~

      The first time that I used this bowl, I had to remove a cardboard envelope around the body of the bowl which basically outlined the details of the bowl including the barcode to enable it to pass through the till. Once the wrapper was removed I then gave it a good wash in hot water. Despite the product being brand new, I do like to wash products before I use them on the off chance that they have been handled in the store.

      Everything clean and dry I began by slowly pouring out a portion of soup into the open bowl. As this bowl is quite big it is quite difficult to gage how much soup to put in, however for my daily lunch I usually find four serving spoonfuls to be adequate. I then clipped the lid back onto the bowl ensuring that the ventilation clip was pressed down to prevent the contents spilling out. Each of the four clips aligns with four plastic indents on the body of the bowl and this ensures that the lid goes back on firmly and securely.

      As lunch time came around, I pressed the lid opening up giving a sharp popping noise and put the entire bowl into the microwave for five minutes before removing the lid and enjoying my piping hot soup.


      As a result of the fiddly plastic details on the lid of the bowl, I had been expecting this bowl to be quite difficult to wash thoroughly after use. After all, the lid had been splattered with hot soup during the cooking time. However, once the lid was removed from the bowl it actually washed up easily in hot soapy water and the plastic casing around the ventilation clip ensured that nothing had got inside the plastic leaving irritating marks that I couldn't remove.

      ~Availability and Price~

      As mentioned, I purchased my bowl through Asda and paid around £5.50 for it. It is also available from a number of other high street stores including Lakeland and Tesco where it is priced for between £5.50 and £7.00 making it great value for money in my opinion.

      ~My Experience~

      Having been using this bowl for a couple of months now, I have to say that I am very pleased with this purchase. The bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe and this ensures that when I heat up my soup at work I do not have to worry about the plastic melting in any way. The handle on the body of the bowl ensures that I can carry my hot soup around the office safely and it stays cool unlike the bowl meaning that it does not burn my fingers. I like the way that the lid has a ventilation clip as this gives my soup the opportunity to breathe and prevents the contents bubbling up inside the bowl and going everywhere. In addition, I find this bowl incredibly easy to clean and very safe inside my handbag whilst transporting my soup to and from work. It is helpful in my opinion that this bowl is such a large container, as it ensures that even for larger appetites there is enough room to have a filling meal.

      Overall I would have to say that this is another excellent container from Sistema and mine continues to look as good as it did the day I purchased it. As a result I would definitely recommend this bowl and score it a well deserved five stars for quality and performance.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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