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Tefal 28cm Non Stick Thermospot Frying Pan

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Tefal / Type: Frying pans

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    2 Reviews
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      09.07.2013 14:47
      Very helpful



      A good work-horse of a pan.

      I'm reviewing my Tefal Thermo-spot Frying pan.
      It is 28cms in diameter and cost me £11 in ASDA .
      ***WHY I BOUGHT THIS***
      I bought it to replace my old one which has seen better days and is due replacing and having bought Tefal before I knew their products to be reliable.

      ***USING and MY OPINION***

      It is identical to my old one and that pan served us really well for this past year or more.
      There is a cardboard attachment covering the new pan which has all the information you might need on it in many different languages.

      It's recommended you wash the pan before using and then coat it with a light coating of oil.
      Well, I did the washing bit ,but didn't bother with the oil because ours is used primarily for our Saturday treat which is an Ulster fry. An Ulster fry is similar to a full English breakfast fry-up, but minus baked beans and with the addition of Irish potato bread and soda bread . In total disregard for health issues we use cooking fat rather than healthier oil ,but since this is a once per week treat I don't think that's too bad.

      It is dishwasher safe, but they point out that the outer surface of the pan might become discoloured from washing this way, because some dishwasher detergents have an ingredient that causes this kind of discolouration.
      The pan itself has a logo in the centre. It is a large red circle about 5cms in diameter and has a pattern on it incorporating the "T" for Tefal. Once your pan has reached cooking temperature the writing disappears and you are left with a plain red spot and that indicates you are all set to cook in it.

      The handle on this pan is hollow underneath and quite light and for some reason this kind of handle has meant the pan costing just £11 ,while it's almost identical twin pan but with a solid heavier handle costs £15 (or it might have been £17. I can't recall precisely). Now I looked both pans over carefully in the shop and this handle issue appears to be the only difference.
      I suppose some people prefer the weightier pan for safety reasons, but the £11 one suits us fine.
      So look around carefully before just grabbing the first Tefal Spot-on you see.
      There is a good amount of cooking surface with this pan, because while the sides curve up and out they don't waste too much space doing so.
      It holds 4 large eggs comfortably....5 at a pinch, and it can accommodate a few decent sized fish ,although very large fish will need trimmed to fit .

      It's a good size for omelettes too but I have a smaller Tefal pan I use for those anyway.

      The non-stick is fantastic on this pan and the only reason I'm replacing our old one is because a certain husband persists in cutting food IN the pan.....which means the knife cuts into the non-stick surface. An infuriating habit that leaves the cooking surface scarred with cuts . With the cuts in the surface I thought the non-stick might start coming away in bits/patches, but it hasn't.
      The same husband tends to use the pan at an unnecessarily high heat setting because he likes his food cooked quickly yet well done. Thankfully this pan seems to take that kind of abuse in it's stride.

      So, would I recommend it. Yes. Definitely.
      This is my third or fourth tefal pan and considering the abuse they take that says it all.

      Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful~~myloh


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        04.07.2013 14:41
        Very helpful



        A great frying pan worth paying for

        I have bought a number of cheap frying pans over the last 8 years since I have had my own house but in the main they don't last very long and I finally decided to buy a decent one towards the end of last year. I had some amazon credit available and so set about looking for a decent frying pan to do the job and ended up buying this Tefal one.

        Tefal is a well known make in cookware and I knew that they had a good reputation so even though I wouldn't usually trust enough to buy an item like this online I decided to give it a chance as I trusted Tefal. The frying pan I bought was 28cms and cost me about £20 with free delivery, of course you can buy the Tefal brand in many other stores such as department store and supermarkets.

        The frying pan arrived packaged in a box from Amazon but having no actual packaging itself just simply a little tag attached to the handle of it. The pan is circular is shape and the sides are about an inch and a half tall and taper outwards so the circumference of the top of the pan is a bit bigger than that at the bottom of the pan. The pan is black in colour with a red thermaspot in the middle and has a non stick coating on it, the metal juts out from the pan a little and then it meets with a plastic coating to make the handle. One thing I really like about the pan is how long the handle is as I have had frying pans before where the handle isn't long enough and it can end up heating up but this one is an ideal length.

        The pan is a really good size and can easily cook a standard pack of bacon which is a general use of our pan, we also use the pan to cook Pork Chops and there is plenty of space to do so. We have a gas hob but the pan is suitable for use on both gas and electric and it's also safe to be washed in a dishwasher unfortunately i'm the dishwasher in this house.

        The pan sports the thermospot technology which I personally don't thin is necessary but is a nice addition, the spot is a pale red in colour when cold and then as you heat the frying pan it changes colour to a deep red which shows that the pan is up to temperature.

        The pan is easy to use and the thermaspot means even an idiot knows when it is ready to cook, the pan cooks evenly and the food doesn't stick at all which is great if only my husband would realise and stop using so much oil to cook everything! The pan is nice and light to use even when full of food and it washes really well. Our pan has been in use for about 7 months now and it still looks like new, there is some marks from the heat on the underneath but the actual cooking surface is still perfect.

        I give the pan 5 stars, I like that it doesn't come surrounded by pointless packaging, it's great value and it cooks really lovely food so i'm pleased with it.


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      • Product Details

        Fry food to perfection in this 28cm regular-depth frying pan from Tefal. Featuring a Thermospot it will show you when it is perfectly pre-heated in order to seal in the flavour of your food. Made from aluminium in a traditional black design it has an anti-abrasion copper speckled base making it incredibly tough and hard-wearing. Being non-stick you will be able to stir and toss your food easily and it has a stay cool Bakelite handle. It is freezer and dishwasher safe and can be used on all hob types exce

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