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Tefal Practica 28cm Stir Fry Pan

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Brand: Tefal / Product Type: Frying Pan

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2011 21:22
      Very helpful



      A great pan for all dishes!

      After constantly trying to cook too much in my frying pan i was desperate for a wok! I was browsing in asda and for £14 at the time i decided on the tefal one. I went for the tefal one after having a very good tefal non stick frying pan. Now about 6 years on its still going strong. Ok it doesnt look absolutely fantastic but it still fab to use. Admittedly some of the non stick has come off but i put that down to me using metal utensils in it at times when i have been idle! Even though some of the non stick has come off its only ever so slightly it is still a easy pan to wash and doesnt stick much at all considering how old it is.

      The pan itself isnt a heavy pan so would be fine for anyone with little strength or weak wrists anything like that. The handle is black plastic and the outer side of the pan is black too. The pan has in the centre of the inside has a red circle. It supposedly shows solid colour when the pan is hot enough but i have to confess i have Never paid attention to it. As im normally whizzing round the kitchen chopping etc.

      I cook a variety of foods and find this pan is versatile i fry eggs in it make scrambled eggs, curries, spag bol, currys. Basically anything i can cook in this pan i will! When this one pops its clogs ill buy another definately


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      16.05.2009 08:07
      Very helpful



      A durable and substantial non stick stir fry pan

      I have recently purchased a Tefal non stick 28cm stir fry pan. I had one of these for over 10 years. Unfortunately, I did overheat the pan which caused some damage. I bought several other stir fry pans / woks in the £3 price range but sadly they did not last two minutes - you do get what you pay for!. I decided it was time to invest in another quality stir fry pan and hence my second purchase of a Tefal product at a price of £25.

      Tefal owes its origins to a Frenchman, Marc Grégoire and his wife, Colette. Marc was a fisherman. He wanted to make his rod reel in more smoothly. In the 1950's he experimented to see if a non stick coating might be the answer. He did find a coating that worked. His wife suggested that coating the cooking pans, too, would be worthwhile by making them easier to cook with and simpler to clean. This lead to the creation of Tefal's non-stick frying pans and non-stick cookware. Tefal is now the leading manufacturer of non-stick products and small appliances, operating in over 120 countries. Tefal was chosen as the name for the brand as it was a combination of the two words 'teflon' and aluminium'.

      The Tefal 28" stir fry pan is a very solid and substantial pan. It is an impressive looking black in colour and is made of aluminium. This non stick pan is dishwasher safe. It is 28cms in diameter. The base is 18cms in diameter and has a depth of 8 cms. It has a capacity to cook up to 4 litres. It is safe to use with all heat sources except induction. (Gas / Solid Electric / Ceramic ). It can be heated at high temperatures on a hob. It is oven safe up to 180 degrees. When placed in the oven the oven heat should be at a maximum of 180 degrees C° as the bakelite handles that cannot withstand higher temperatures.


      *Non stick coating*

      The pan has a strong five layer non stick coating which makes it highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. TEFAL guarantees that the non-stick coating complies with regulations covering materials in contact with food. It is safe with the use of metal utensils except knives and whisks. Slight abrasions or surface marks are normal and will not effecrt the performance of the non stick coating.Advanced metal spatula safe non-stick for extra heavy-duty use. The exterior is durable and stain resistant enamel Exterior - the pan has an enamel black exterior which is very durable and stain resistant for easy cleaning.


      It has a thermo conductive base and copper speccles that ensure even heat distrubution.


      The pan has a 'stay cool' bakelite handle. It is contoured, very sturdy and provides a good comfortable grip. There is a hole in the handle which allowes the pan to be hung if desired.


      Tefal's unique 'thermospot' is a unique indicator that lets you know when your pan is preheated to the correct temperature. The red spot turns solid red when the pan is perfectly preheated and ready to cook. When the spot turns red the temperature should be reduced to prevent overheating the pan. This is a useful feature as preheating pans is the secret to sealing in the flavours of food .


      Tefal pans should never be used in a microwave or convection oven


      Tefal recommend 'seasoning' the pan ie coating it with a little oil before first use. To do this just wash the pan thoroughly and dry. Heat the pan on low for 30 seconds, remove from heat and put one tablespoon of vegetable oil in the pan. Rrub the oil over the entire surface with a paper towel.

      The pan is easy to clean and care for. Just cleaning with hot soapy water. and a sponge or cloth. The pan must not be cleaned with scouring powders or scouring pads. A nylon sponge is ideal for both the interior and exterior of the pan. The pan must be cleaned each time it is used to remove the film of grease that can stay on the surface. If a dishwaher is used to clean the pan it may become discoloured or dulled due to the action of certain detergents. (The guarantee does not cover this type of wear).

      **Lifetime guarantee**

      The handles, body, knobs, lids and fixings of this cookware product are guaranteed from the date of purchase for a period of 12 months against any manufacturing defects. Perhaps the most important thing about the pan, though, is that it has a lifetime guarantee on the non-stick coating. The non-stick coating is guaranteed for the life of the pan against blistering or peeling. This guarantee, however, does not cover damage caused by incorrect use such as overheating, professional use or if the product is knocked or dropped. It does not cover stains, discolouration or scratches on the inside or outside of the product due to normal wear and tear. During the guarantee period Tefal will try to resolve problems and offer advice but if the product is deemed to be faulty they will either replace the pan (subject to inspection) or you may be redirected back to your point of purchase as your Contract of Sale is always with the retailer. Proof of purchase will be required. Tefal guarantees that the non stick coating complies with regulations covering materials in contact with food.

      **After Sales care**

      Tefal offer an after care service and provide help and advice including services ssuch as replacement handles. Just call 0845 602 1454 or visit www.tefal.co.uk


      The 8cm deep and 28cm diameter pan allows me to easily cook large family meals in the one pan. It is of professional quality and perfect for making stir-fry dishes and , very importantly is non stick and very easy to clean. I use mine for all my frying. In my opinion the Tefal Specifics stir fry pan is solid, durable and a high quality stir-fry that will, no doubt, last for many years to come and is an essential part of my kitchen.


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    • Product Details

      The new Practica cookware range combines ultra comfortable soft-grip handles with all the Tefal cookware technology you'd expect / Trust Tefal to put the comfort into cooking! With its expert non-stick coating, world famous Thermo-spot that tells you when to start cooking , and newly designed copper base for better heat distribution, the Practica range has it all / Versatile, durable, it's even easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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