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Tefal Specific 28 cm Stir Fry Pan

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5 Reviews

Brand: Tefal / Product Type: Frying Pan

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    5 Reviews
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      01.07.2013 14:54
      Very helpful



      Perfectly cooked stir-fry's, every time.


      As mentioned in my other review of the Tefal frying pan, I purchased this item when we had a clear out of all of our kitchen cookware when we moved house. As I had been recommended the Tefal frying pan by a friend, I thought I may as well purchase the stir fry pan/wok to go with it - and I wasn't disappointed.


      We purchased our stir fry pan/wok together with a frying pan (see other review) from our local Asda store for a cost of £11.99, and these items are widely available in the major retailers.


      The pan itself is 28cm in diameter, and is also around 10cm deep, giving added flexibility than the normal frying pan as you can use this one to cook larger meals such as stir fry's for five to six people (I have personally done a stir fry for five using it and had ample room for more).

      One of the pan's features is a non-stick coating, which is ideal if you like to cook your food with fry-light or no oil at all, as it means that the foods doesn't immediately stick to the pan on entry and allows for the food to cook evenly without burning. This is also a handy feature when it comes to cleaning the pan, as if you soak it in water (for those non-dishwasher owners out there this is found in the sink) for 5-10 minutes after user, and then the residue easily brushes off the surface with minimal effort. For those who own dishwashers, the pan is also safe to use in here too - meaning no need to worry about hand washing if you have one.

      The one feature of the pan that I find the most unique, is the thermo-spot heat indicator - which is a red spot in the middle of the pan (3-4cm in diameter) which shows a slight circular pattern within in when not in use. However, once the pan is on the heat, and then this spot will heat up with the pan and turn a solid red colour with no pattern after 3-4 minutes - indicating that the pan is thoroughly heated through to cooking temperature, and you can now add the ingredients for your meal


      As per my review of the previous Tefal frying pan, this stir fry pan is also a sure winner and the thermo-spot technology helps me no end to ensure that the meals are cooked perfectly without burning or undercooking - five out of five again for Tefal.


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      18.03.2012 20:35
      Very helpful



      an extremely hard-wearing, versatile piece of kitchen kit - every home should have one!

      I bought this stir fry pan about 3 years ago to replace a similar Tefal one I had owned for 5+ years. I have never regretted either purchase

      The Tefal Specific 28cm stir fry pan is a medium sized stir fry pan with a hard- wearing non-stick coating. It has got a stay cool handle and is oven safe up to 180 degrees Celsius. You can also put it in the dishwasher - which I almost always do and it is because of this I can vouch for the durability of the non-stick coating - it really is very hard-wearing.

      But it is not just for stir fries. I use it for pretty much any frying job that I have - it is very versatile. You can then go on to cook the rest of your dish in it, for example: Bolognese, curry, stews. I use it in conjunction with a "spatter screen" which stops it messing up my cooker and also acts as a lid to keep the heat in and therefore use less fuel. However, I have just noticed that Amazon also sell a 28cm "Master class glass saucepan lid" which might be a better option (but please note that I have not tried it myself).

      The only complaint I have about this stir fry pan is that if I want to cook a really big Bolognese/curry/stew so that I can freeze some too, it is just not big enough.

      Other than that, I recommend it highly because of its` hard-wearingness and its` versatility. It is thoroughly worth the £23 I paid for it.


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      18.07.2011 09:49
      Very helpful
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      An excellent stir fry pan that doesn't stick is easy to clean is a good size & solid but not weighty

      17 years ago when my partner and I moved in together we were like most young couples and either were given or bought all the kitchen basics. A couple of years later, when we got married, we augmented our kitchenalia with extra things we wanted. 15 years on from this, and it seems like our kitchenware is now in need of a really good overhaul and in the past few months we've had to start replacing a fair number of items. Amongst these is our trusty wok which has decided it's no longer trusty and leaks non-stick when you use it as well as needing the handle tightening on a ridiculously regular basis. We have therefore relegated its status to that of solar cooker (well its round, black and has a lid, so why not!), and have had to replace it.

      We looked at quite a variety of actual woks, and in the end chose this which is billed as a stir fry pan instead. One of the reasons for this is that the woks we found were all either 2 handed woks and quite large (we've already got one of these which we don't use much), or they weren't non-stick and would need properly seasoning etc., or they were flimsy and we didn't trust them to last.

      We bought this from Sainsburys, and it was marked down from £24 to £15.96 which we thought was a pretty good price for a Tefal product of this nature especially as this comes with a lifetime manufacturers guarantee.

      This is a 28cm pan that's actually billed as a 'deep frying pan'. It falls somewhere between a frying pan and a wok in looks as it has a flat base, but tall curved sides. It's made from aluminium and is black inside and out, and has what Tefal call an 'anti abrasion copper speckled base' to make it tougher and more hard wearing. It has a non-stick coating inside, a Bakelite handle which is designed to stay cool, and is even freezer and dishwasher safe.

      I've mentioned before in another review of a Tefal product that I personally feel that the thermospot is a bit of a gimmick. However, I've found in chatting to a couple of people about it recently that many do find it useful as it tells you clearly when the pan is hot because the spot in the centre changes from patterned to plain red. Personally I still ignore this as I'm quite used to cooking and know from the look of the pan and the feel of the heat when I hold my hand over the top of the pan when it's ready for me to start throwing ingredients in, but for anyone who's not confident in this, then the thermospot does offer a good way of learning.

      Ease of Use
      The fact that this is made of aluminium means it's really quite light weight for such a sturdy pan, and this makes it really easy to use for cooking stir-fry meals and fahita contents and things. I also love that because it's part way between a frying pan and a wok, I can throw everything together in it, and then make a sauce around it all easily (unlike the Tefal frying pan we own which isn't quite deep enough for this).

      Picking it up and tipping the contents on to plates is also easy too as its well balanced, and again the light weight nature of this pan helps a lot, especially when you've added noodles to a stir fry and have a fairly full pan to lift.

      This is such an easy pan to clean, you can virtually just wipe it with a damp cloth and your done. I do submerge it in the washing up water before wiping it, but it doesn't seem to require soaking, and due to the non-stick nothing sticks to it so it comes up clean in seconds.

      Overall Thoughts
      I'm very pleased with this pan so far, and although we've not had it very long, we've already used it a few times. With its lifetime guarantee I know I've made a safe buy and don't have to worry about the non-stick coating starting to peel in the future as if it does, then my guess is they'll replace it for me. I may think the thermospot is a gimmick, but Tefal do seem to know how to make pans that last, and I've got to say I'm very happy now buying their products, so this gets a very definite thumbs up from me.


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        06.06.2011 11:39
        Very helpful



        A great pan

        ==Tefal Stir Fry Frying Pan==

        The amount of cheap frying pans that I used to go through was ridiculous and in theory was costing me far too much money. This was before I first bought a Tefal frying pan and since then I haven't needed to buy anything else (apart from different sizes and types of the Tefal pans).

        The Tefal frying pans are probably one of the most expensive frying pans you can buy but when you consider how well they work and how long they last them the price does work out far better than buying cheap ones that often make the food stick and are hard to clean and then need replacing within a year or so.

        This Tefal Stir Fry Pan is possibly the best pan I have ever owned and considering it is now a good many years old it is still looking pretty good and working extremely well must like it did the first time I used it. For the price of £20 when I bought it all those years back it was a lot more expensive than other frying pans I could have got but it also had a bit of money off so I felt I was getting a bit of a bargain. You can pick them up now a days for around the £15 mark which is still costly but well worth getting.

        The pan itself is made from Aluminium and is not especially heavy to lift up but it has enough weight to make it feel like it is a solid piece of kitchen equipment. It is dishwasher safe and I have often put mine in for a wash cycle after use and this has given good clean results although that said washing it by hand is just as easy and as effective too.

        The stir fry pan has a smaller base in which the heat will hit but this doesn't' mean that it doesn't heat or cook as well with other foods that are not being stir fried as the pan itself is pretty versatile and I cook most things in it and the need for a regular frying pan is just not needed.

        Cooking with the Tefal is really very good as there is a little red therma spot in the bottom of the frying pan which has the noticeable logo of the Tefal on it. When heating this will slowly disappear until it has gone and this indicates that the pan is now hot enough to star the cooking process. This is a handy aspect of the pan but not really something I tend to use as the time has gone on. It still works just as good now as it has ever done however and I only don't take much notice because I feel I more or less know when it is hot enough to throw in my onions or chicken etc.

        The smooth non-stick lining of the frying pan does make the whole cooking process simple to do and the food glides around the pan with ease and even when cooking a bolognese and letting it simmer away the sauce will come away from the pan so easily and not leave a hard to clean crust like other pans will do.

        Because of the depth of this pan I find that cooking up bigger batches of food much easier to do than regular frying pans and the slight angle of the sides means that everything is kept inside the pan where it should be and not as much mess is made than when using a different frying pan.

        The handle of the Tefal pan is comfortable to hold and makes it simple to kept the pan steady whilst stirring the food contents.

        After use the pan takes a little wipe around with a soapy cloth for it to be clean and ready for use again.

        All in all I can't find a single fault with my Tefal frying pan as it is such a versatile and easy to look after pan that is well worth paying that bit extra for. I remember getting mine from Woolworths in Pompey and that was a good many years before it closed down so that is saying how well it lasts and its got plenty of wear left in it. The fact that I have since gone out and bought a smaller Tefal frying pan to do items like eggs in and then a Tefal griddle pan means that I really rate Tefal as a company and their frying pans are the best money can get. So for get the cheaper pans and stick to a non-stick long lasting pan like the Tefal.

        5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation!

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        06.01.2010 12:25
        Very helpful



        Stir fry pan that works a treat - but's not a wok

        Stir fry dishes are amongst my favourite dishes and they are a great way to use up leftovers in your fridge - if you have some leftover roast meat, and some vegetables you can create a meal in minutes this way.

        I have owned woks for years now such is my love of the stir fry, but have struggled to find the ideal one for me.

        I well remember my first wok, which came with a little frame to sit on on the hob but which was cheap and nasty overall, ending up bashed, tarnished and in the bin.

        However I didn't learn my lesson from this experience and continued to pick up cheap woks, with varying degrees of success.

        Of course the secret in stir frying is ensuring you season your wok with oil before you use it for the first time, and you use it at very high temperatures. However I disliked how all the woks I bought didn't have a traditional handle and cursed what I perceived to be a design fault.

        When my last wok bit the dust I decided I was going to spend a little more on something and would break the wok golden rule and buy a non-stick product.

        Browsing Asda last year I spotted the Tefal Specific Stir Fry pan available for just over £15 and snapped it up.

        I am a huge fan of Tefal pots and pans - I find they offer quality products at fairly reasonable prices and the fact I still have a Tefal frying pan I bought ten years ago is testament to their durability.

        ~~The Pan~~

        Basically, the Specific Stir Fry pan looks like a wok with a traditional handle. It is 28cm in diameter and has an enamel exterior and a thick bakelite handle.

        It also has a thermo spot, which is unique to Tefal products. This spot lets you know when your pan has reached the required temperature for frying efficiently.

        ~~My Thoughts~~

        This pan isn't anything like as lightweight as some of the woks I have used in the past - it is sturdy and quite heavy. Like all woks, this still has to be seasoned with oil before using - in fact every Tefal non-stick pot and pan I own has had to be seasoned prior to use.

        Once you have done this you are ready to roll and straight away this pan is head and shoulders above the rest because of the thermo spot.

        In the past when I have used woks I have struggled to be sure that the oil is at the correct temperature - if oil is too cool and you can't cook the food properly. Let it get too hot and smoky and you may well have to contend with your smoke alarm going off. It's a hard balance to strike.

        With the Tefal Specifics Stir Fry pan this isn't a problem as the thermo spot tells you when the pan and oil are at the correct temperature. The thermo spot is located in the middle of the pan and whilst the pan is heating up it changes colour - you watch the spot until it turns solid red and then you know your pan is at the correct heat level.

        Cooking with the pan is a piece of cake too - you can move your stir fry pan about easily because of the long bakelite handle while still stirring away with your free hand. And because the pan is non-stick you can cook with even less oil than you would need with a traditional wok - I have made very successful stir fries using just spray oil in this pan, so it's worth considering if you are on a low fat diet.

        The pan is dishwasher safe but I must be honest here and admit I only ever wash my pots and pans by hand as I find the dishwasher is too rough on my non-stick pots and pans. Tefal do warn that some discolouration may occur if you put your items in the dishwasher and as someone who likes aesthetics in my kitchen, I am loathe to spoil the appearance of this pan so I get out the Morning Fresh instead.

        I haven't seen the pan in Asda again recently which is a shame as the price was a bargain - although the £23 Amazon are currently charging still represents excellent value for money.

        If you enjoy stir frying then I would recommend you consider the Tefal Specifics Stir Fry pan for an effective and easy way to cook.


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