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Tefal Specifics Frying Pan 32cm

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Tefal / Type: Frying pans

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    3 Reviews
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      03.03.2014 13:25
      Very helpful



      Everyone should have one of these.

      I have purchased two Tefal non-stick frying pans in the last 12 years. My newest one I have had for the last 2 years and I bought it because my first pan had unfortunately lost it's non-stick ability.
      To be honest I probably wouldn't buy any other frying pan from now on. After owning other cheap frying pans previously to the Tefal ones, the extra cost in price is definitely well worth spending.
      They are basically what they say on the tin, non-stick. Therefore this also makes them easy to clean afterwards as there's no scrubbing off stubborn stuck on food. I personally think everyone would benefit from having one of these in their kitchen.

      This particular pan is large in size. 32 cms across, being able to fit in a good good full size fry up.


      * It has thermo spot technology, so you know when your pan is ready to cook and heated to the right temperature.

      * Non-stick interior and exterior making easy cleaning (the non-stick is guaranteed for the life of the pan from blistering and peeling)

      * Stay cool handle

      * Oven safe up to 180 degrees

      * Dishwasher safe.


      * None that I can find!

      You can also get other products in this range such as crepe pan, paella pan, mini chef pan.

      I purchased mine for £14.99 from TK Maxx which was so far the cheapest price I've found. The RRP is £23.50 although can be found a little cheaper if you shop around.

      I give this product 5 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend it.


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      08.09.2013 20:25
      Very helpful



      easy to use ans quick to clean

      I have bought a few frying pans over the last 2 years a, I always went for cheap supermarket ones which ended up being false economy as the non stick coating would get food stuck to it and then vigorous scrubbing would remove some of the coating leading to black bits in my food so eventually it would get thrown out.

      This time I decided to spend a bit more money and I invested in a good make pan this Tefal one. The pan cost me £25 in Tesco which I was almost crying about at the time.

      The pan has what is described as a nine layer non stick coating which is also scratch resistant. The pan also has a nice soft touch handle which is curved for ease of use. You grey a lifetime guarantee for the non stick coating.

      The best feature of this pan in my opinion is the Tefal 'thermospot' this changes colour to a dark red once the own has reached optimum temperature. This is helpful especially for things like eggs and pancakes.

      Now I don't like to use fat when cooking as I am currently following Slimming World so I was interested to see how the non stick coat faired. The first time I tried it was for a fried egg as I really fancied one now normally frying eggs involves lots of oil which is fattening and I also hate the smell of grease I waited until the spot changed colour and cracked the egg in, the results were amazing, I got a perfect fried egg minus the fat and it didn't stick to the pan, in fact once it was cooked I simply tipped the pan up and slid it onto my plate!

      I also like to make a lot of Spanish omelettes which I like to grate a small amount of cheese on then grill to melt it, this pan is suitable for use in the oven/grill and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees. Even the handle can go in the oven.

      I have had this a pan about a month now and my healthy eating means I frequently eat stir fries this pan is great for them, I do have a wok but it is a nightmare to clean so I avoid it at all costs. This pan makes perfect stir fry in a few minutes. I also fry chicken pieces which are marinated these don't stick either. Finally it makes perfect scrambled eggs, this is one thing that no matter how much I stir always sticks to my saucepan on the frying pan however there is no residue left!

      My favourite thing about this pan is the ease of cleaning, every time I have used it even if there is any residue left it simply washes away with a little Fairy and warm water.This pan is also dishwasher safe.

      Overall this is a fantastic buy it truly is non stick and is so easy to use and clean, it gives even cooking results and is comfortable to use.

      5 out of 5 from me despite the expensive price overall it will save money as it will last.


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      01.07.2013 14:47
      Very helpful



      Frying pan for every household


      I recently moved home, and in the process we had a clear out of all our old items throughout the house including the kitchen, and one of the items for the scrap heap was the old frying pan. We had previous just bought non-branded frying pans, but found that when frying on a high heat their useful life is shortened dramatically by burning to the pan on both the bottom and inside the frying pan itself. One of our friends had a tefal frying pan so we thought we would give it a go as they said they had been using it for a year now and the item was still as if it was brand new - so why not.


      We purchased our frying pan together with a stir fry pan (see other review) from our local Asda store for a cost of £15.99, and these items are widely available in the major retailers. While some people might bolt at the high price for the pan itself, once you begin to use it you understand why this is actually good value for money as this is a very durable and unique product.


      The pan itself is 32cm in diameter, which is more than enough when cooking stir fry's/omelettes etc. for groups of three or four with no problem at all (product description says it is capable of frying five eggs at the same time). The pan has a "stay-cool" handle, meaning that the handle itself is coated with some form of heat resistant material, allowing easy use when frying or when heating the pan under a grill (short periods only) without the risk of scolding to your hands in the process - very helpful when tilting the pan to transfer food from the pan to the plate. The pan and the handle itself are oven safe up to 180 degrees C, which is also a benefit when cooking frittata's or similar style meals.

      One of the pan's features is a non-stick coating, which is ideal if you like to cook your food with fry-light or no oil at all, as it means that the foods doesn't immediately stick to the pan on entry and allows for the food to cook evenly without burning. This is also a handy feature when it comes to cleaning the pan, as if you soak it in water (for those non-dishwasher owners out there this is found in the sink) for 5-10 minutes after user, and then the residue easily brushes off the surface with minimal effort. For those who own dishwashers, the pan is also safe to use in here too - meaning no need to worry about hand washing if you have one.

      The one feature of the pan that I find the most unique, is the thermo-spot heat indicator - which is a red spot in the middle of the pan (3-4cm in diameter) which shows a slight circular pattern within in when not in use. However, once the pan is on the heat, and then this spot will heat up with the pan and turn a solid red colour with no pattern after 3-4 minutes - indicating that the pan is thoroughly heated through to cooking temperature, and you can now add the ingredients. I find this particularly handy for stir fry's, as they can become watery if you put the ingredients in too early, or burnt if you put them into the pan too late.


      In my opinion this pan is unique, durable and very reasonably priced as if you take care of it and wash it thoroughly after each use (which isn't much effort as mentioned above) then you can get the best out of it for years to come - not bad for less than £20. Five out of five.


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  • Product Details

    "This non-stick frypan from Tefal is an inspiration in the kitchen featuring a Thermospot system to show you when it has reached the right temperature for cooking. At 32cm it's the perfect size for frying an omelette simmering a delicious pasta sauce or sautéing potatoes with a knob of fresh butter. It features an ergonomic handle with a hole so you can hang the pan out of the way. Creative cooking made easy. Not suitable for use on induction hobs."

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