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Tesco Professional Square Cake Tin

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cake Tin

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2013 10:42
      Very helpful



      perfect tin by Tesco

      ****Tesco deep square cake tin****
      When shopping in Tesco I will often have a spur of the moment idea to do some baking and pick up all the ingredients whilst I'm there. I really needed a new cake tin and thought about making a square cake rather than the usual circular sandwich tin cake. I had decided to make some chocolate brownies so I went to the home wares section and started searching for a square tin. I came across this Tesco professional square cake pan. It cost me around £5 on offer but I had some vouchers than needed using so it didn't cost me anything with using those. I chose it over the cheaper tins because it looked thick, hard wearing and didn't look like it would start to scratch or discolour over time like others I have bought.

      The dimensions on the tin are 21cm x 21cm on the length and width and the depth is 7cm. It's made from carbon steel and is said to be non stick. On my first use, I decided to use some baking paper to line the tin as brownies are difficult to remove from a pan as they are so gooey and bursting with chocolate, they can just fall apart. With this being a deeper pan too, I needed to make sure I could get them out. Once it was all cooked and ready to come out of the tin, I found it very easy and was shocked nothing had stuck inside at all. I will always use baking paper with brownies but I have also made a lot of other things in this tin and had no problems getting them out. I made a nice ginger cake which just slid right out when turning the tin upside down.

      I am extremely happy with how with this tin bakes things, it always gives even baking and rises perfectly in the middle. I have also got another tin from this Tesco range. I bought the round tin with the loose bottom for £7 and it is perfect for making Christmas puddings, coconut and cherry cakes and other heavy cakes. I don't like to cook sponge cakes in this tin much as it is very thick and takes a little longer to cook and I worry it might burn on top with too long a cooking time. I have tried it out and it cooked nicely but the top of the cake was cracked from being in the oven too long (probably my baking skills rather than the tin!).

      This tin is perfect for baking, I love how it's heavy and feels like good quality. It's a dark silver colour wrapped in a brown sleeve with the information on. The pan is safe for the dishwasher (if you're privileged enough to have one!) and it is very easy to wash up in the sink. It hasn't got one scratch on since I bought it about a year ago and it's still in perfect condition. I make sure I really look after the tins I have from this range as they cost a lot and are an important part of my kitchen for making those weekend pudding treats. I would say it is slightly difficult to get into the corners of the square tin as it's deep and sometimes bits of cake or butter can get stuck in so I make sure to check those before drying it up and putting it away. It's worth taking a few extra minutes to take care of these tins as they are excellent quality and will give you perfection again and again if you do your bit too.

      ****My Thoughts****
      I'm very happy with how this tin bakes my cakes and other bakery goods. I have quite a jam packed pots and pans cupboard and this tin is probably one of the most used as I do prefer to cut a cake when it is square as you get much more even slices and it is easier to store. Just by picking up the tin in the store and feeling it will show you how brilliant the quality of the tin is. There are quite a few different shaped tins in the Tesco Professional range and it's worth investing in them if those cheap £1-2 tins are getting a bit shabby, scratched and looking rusty. I recommend the square tin to anyone who likes to make cakes and treats often. I wouldn't say it just had to be cakes made in this tin. You could use it for a pie, puddings, rice crispy treats and all sorts of baking products. I haven't yet made a pie in it, but It would be a good tin to make one in.

      The first time we used it to make brownies, I couldn't believe how well the tin had cooked them. I got very high praises from my partner and he wanted me to make more! I used to bake them in a small roasting tin which just got too scratched and ruined and everything started to stick to it and went in the bin. I have used the tin plenty of times now and probably more than I ever used the roasting tin, and it is still in the same condition as when I first bought it. What a brilliant tin it is!

      ****Reading this, I now want brownies!***
      I have to admit, I can follow a recipe right to the last gram of sugar and sometimes my cakes don't turn out right. I have had problems with cakes sticking in the pan or sticking to cake cases and just being totally inedible but there is one thing I am good at, Brownies. I got a recipe from the BBC good food website and have since adapted it to personal preference. Check out the recipe here: (http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1223/bestever-brownies)
      It's definitely worth trying and having a go. I have adapted it to use cocoa powder instead of melting down dark chocolate as It ends up just costing too much to make and doesn't make it worth while. I also make it sometimes with caramel chocolate as when they are slightly warm still, the caramel is warm, gooey and sticky and makes the brownies that much more yummy.

      I give this Square tin 5/5 stars for being such a brilliant piece of baking equipment. I love using it and recommend it to anyone! You can purchase this at Tesco for £9 currently and can also order it with your grocery shopping if you do it on-line.

      Thanks for reading my review



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        29.06.2012 15:41
        Very helpful
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        Definitely worth a fiver if you're into baking

        This cake tin is one of the most used cake tins in my collection, as I often like to do square cakes rather than round ones, as they are easier to carve and provide a more stable cake for decorating, depending on which shape you are trying to achieve.

        The cake tin is from Tesco, and is part of their "Go Cook Professional" collection, which I spotted during a food shop and thought I would give a try as they looked decent quality. It is made from carbon steel, and like most cake tins is grey in colour. Tesco claim that this tin is non-stick, and is also dishwasher safe.

        The tin cost me around £7, but I notice it's currently on offer costing £4.97. That's very good value for a decent quality cake tin of this size. The tin is deep (7cm) and is 21cm long on each side. Although the tin is a good size, I find it a little annoying that it is measured in centimetres and not inches, because most cake recipes are converted to inches. For example, you'd usually look at a conversion chart to figure out quantities of ingredients for an 8 inch cake tin, but this converts to 8.2 inches which isn't a huge problem but a minor annoyance. That said, my recipes tend to turn out ok if I follow the quantities for an 8 inch tin.

        The tin is non-stick, but like most people I usually grease and line it before using it, as I'd never feel confident enough that a tin is non-stick to not use greaseproof paper. I've never had any problems with cakes sticking in this tin. It's nice and sturdy but without being too heavy to lift once it's full of cake mixture. When I first used it, I thought I might have trouble getting cakes out of it because the bottom is attached and so you can't just push the cake through the tin, but it seems to be perfectly fine if you've greased the tray, the cake just tips out.

        Initially I used to put this through the dishwasher after using it, but annoyingly it doesn't seem to get it 100% clean. The main issue is the corners, where bits of cake mix collect and you can only get rid of this properly by scrubbing with a scourer after leaving it to soak. I tend to leave it to soak to get the worst off, then scrub it until it's completely clean. I expect most square tins have similar problems in that the corners are difficult to clean.

        I've had this tin a few years now, and it has served me well. It is still in good condition and I don't see any need to replace it anytime soon. Four stars from me, as although it's great value and performs well, there are just a couple of niggles which knock a star off for me.

        (This review also appears on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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