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Black & Decker KC36LN Lithium Ion Pivot Screwdriver

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7 Reviews
  • good for light jobs
  • good grip
  • Feels flimsy
  • No auto lock
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    7 Reviews
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      20.05.2015 16:32
      Very helpful



      Makes My Life Easier

      It's helpful that the handle can be set into diverse positions. At the point when completely charged its effective and acknowledges Black & Decker driver adornments which accompany their arrangement of drills, the countersinking bit being helpfully conveyed with this driver.

      The screwdriver accompanies two edge pieces, one posidrive the other for conventional opened screws, which I discovered to be pointless as the driver turns quick, there is no stacking velocity control and it just twists out.

      The force catch is arranged in an unbalanced position, you need to utilize your thumb. A trigger system would be a superior alternative.

      It's a touch plastic however general it does the thing, yet is no match for its ancestor which I had more than 16 years back, which was extreme, all around planned and had an incredible determination of bits, including a drill, and endured years until the battery couldn't hold a charge any longer.

      Gracious and something else, why does B & D imagine that a tasteless red, silver and dark shading plan for their devices looks great, appears like those young men in the configuration office spent an excessively long time with their Lego when youthful.
      Product Information
      Technical Details

      Part Number KC36LN-GB
      Item Weight 621 g
      Product Dimensions 27.2 x 17.8 x 5.8 cm
      Item model number KC36LN-GB
      Power Source Cordless
      Voltage 3.6
      Batteries Included? Yes
      Batteries Required? Yes
      Cordless screwdriver with 3 position pivot handle for accessibility
      Forward/Reverse slide switch
      Spindle lock for greater control
      2 separate screwdriver bit included
      Slim and easy to use with a compact and ergonomic design
      Fitted with a 3.6 V Lithium ion battery

      Product Description
      This new BLACK+DECKER KC36LN is a great little 3.6 volt lithium ion 3 position handle screwdriver providing versatility and accessibility on the most demanding of jobs.

      Box Contains

      1 x BLACK+DECKER KC36LN screwdriver
      2 x separate screwdriver bit
      1 x charging unit
      1 x instructions


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      07.03.2015 14:13
      Very helpful


      • "You can change the position of the handle"
      • "It is comfortable to hold"
      • "It makes it easy to use screws"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Black & Decker KC36LN cordless screwdriver

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a cordless screwdriver that is made by Black & Decker.


      I like the design of this screwdriver very much because I can change how I hold it, one way it can be used it straight like a normal screwdriver but you can fold the handle down also so that you are holding it like a gun. When you have it in the position of a gun there are 2 angles that you can have the handle positioned in.


      I think this is a very good cordless screwdriver and I used it to put up a bookcase that I bought last week and was flat in the box when it was delivered. The screwdriver is easy to use and it felt like it was screwing the screws in tightly, this is very fast and it gives a better grip I think than when I screw screws in by hand because I think then I am not going to be able to get them as far into the wood as they should be.

      This is my screwdriver and my husband does not use it, I keep it in my car when I am working because sometimes I use a folding table to work on and I like that I can screw it together when I get to my appointment and it takes less time than using a table that I have to unfold the legs into place. When I use this screwdriver I am making the table feel as sturdy as a permanent table and I am happy about that.

      It takes a few hours to charge but when it is charged it stays like it even if I don't use the screwdriver for quite a long time, I use it about every week or less than that and I am happy that it will keep its charge and not start to discharge like some other cordless tools do.

      I think this is a very comfortable screwdriver to use and I had over 40 screws to put into the bookcase and a table that I was doing at the same time and it did not ever make my hands hurt.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      25.02.2015 00:09
      Very helpful


      • "elbow joint allows this to have three positions"
      • "good for light jobs"
      • lightweight
      • "Easy to use"


      • "not enough power for those harder screwing"

      Not one of Mr Blacks and Mr Deckers best drivers

      This is one of those drivers that can be used in two positions, (although it can be counted as 3), those positions being bent in half like a gun or straight up like a pen, the third position being a gun shape but at a different angle.
      The handle has a cracking grip on it, with little indents all around it which helps keep hold of the thing, even with gloves on.
      It has a 1.3 Ah 3.5volt built in rechargable battery which takes about five hours to fully charge, although I have known it to take longer, even though there's no way of knowing for sure when it is charged. It is a matter of clock watching and guessing when it is done by counting the hours.
      Wit a full battery you're going to get an hour or so of flat pack building, which is not bad for a tool
      to unlock the handle to put it into a different position you simply press the button in the elbow, the button with the padlock on it. Then you bend the elbow into the position you want. Once it reaches that position it clicks and locks into place.
      It has a directional button on the top of the unit, forward and reverse, which means that you can unscrew and screw in.
      The chuck is fixed, with no torque setting, but at the end of the day the power from this is not going to break through the other side of what ever you're working on.
      Don't get me wrong, it has power, but only for the lightweight jobs such as screwing into soft wood that had been pre-drilled first. Or maybe even taking something apart that needs fixing.

      The cost of this driver is about £20 which is not too bad if you only intend to do light screwing jobs around the house.


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      25.01.2015 16:51
      Very helpful


      • "So easy to use"


      Fantastic product. Makes life so much easier!

      This screwdriver is fantastic. I bought it when I bought my first house and Knewvthat I would be doing lots of DIY jobs around the house. Vi bought it from B and Q for around £30. It came packaged in a box and with it came a charging base and a clear, well laid out and easy to follow set of instructions which covered several Eurooean languages. The lead to charge the screw driver was a decent length and easily stretched to a nearby plug.

      The screw driver took around 2 hours to fully charge up and was ready to use. I have now had this screw driver over a year and I have surprised myself how often I gave Ysed it. I have found that I need to use it at least once a week and it makes life do much easier than screwing in screws by hand. Especially if you have pen pusher hands and wrists like mine.

      The screw driver can be used in 3 different positions which makes getting to difficult screws much easier and you find yourself working in mch lire comfortable positions than you otherwise would. It is reLky effective and sinks screws effortlessly into wood. I floored my entire lift space using this screwdriver and it must have saved me hours. It also has a reverse function and can easily unscrew tight screws which are stuck and being problematic.

      I have never had any problems with this product. I would fully recommend it to anyone.


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      29.11.2013 13:08
      Very helpful



      I love this screwdriver and really recommend

      I'm a real power-tool fan, and the electric screwdriver is without doubt the one that gets used the most. The extreme effort of manually turning a screw seems to be something that's beyond me on most occasions, because unless it's a very tight space I will always reach for my electric screwdriver!

      This particular one was given to me for a present, and it replaced a previous Black & Decker version which had served me well for as long as I could remember, so I was more than happy with the same brand.

      What's your preferred position?
      The screwdriver can be used with the handle in three positions - a "gun" style which is almost right angles, a straight screwdriver style and one angle setting in between. For me, the gun position is the most favoured, it feels like it gives me more power and strength somehow, I like the control of being physically closer to the screw that I'm working on. Despite being quite chunky, it's very comfortable to hold, even with small hands, the handle part isn't rubber but its somewhere in between plastic and rubber (if such a thing was possible!) it feels a safe and sure grip and I've never suffered slips. To select your position/shape of screwdriver, it's a simple push of the button which is positioned on the point of pivot and the screwdriver clicks when it's in position.

      Get to work
      Operation of the screwdriver is by pushing down the button/lever which is on the top of the barrel. Writing that down, it sounds quite awkward, but the design of the tool means that it is a natural position and effortless to hold down. Varying the pressure applied to the button varies the speed, and turning the end of the screwdriver nearest the bit adjusts the torque, although I have to be honest that using the correct torque on power tools is one area I have never fully understood, so this feature doesn't really get used! Using the lever the button is pushed to one side for screwing in, and pushed to the other side for unscrewing/reverse, whilst leaving the button in the central position locks the screwdriver so that it can be used in the same way as a manual screwdriver.

      Remaining in charge!
      The power in the drill has been enough for my needs without exception, and keeps a good high charge for a long time. It doesn't lose its charge when left in the case unused for any period of time, which is a bonus meaning it's always "good to go". The charger plugs directly into a socket which is positioned in the pivot area of the handle, and I usually only need to charge for half an hour or so to be back up to full charge. There is no indicator of charge level, though, that is down to perception, so a "charge full" indicator would be handy.

      Other bits
      My screwdriver came in a plastic case which is very handy and is moulded inside to house the screwdriver, charger and up to 3 bits. It came with 3 double-ended bits but the housing is a standard size to fit all standard bits, giving the screwdriver additional uses as it can be used with sockets and hex bits too (bought separately).

      On the whole, I love my Black & Decker screwdriver, it makes screwdriving jobs a doddle, even a pleasure, and being in the Black & Decker colours and materials, it still looks good as new despite around 5 years of very regular usage.


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        27.10.2013 17:06
        Very helpful



        Very good, 4/5

        The black and decker electric screwdriver as seen above is a useful tool that we have had in our family for... maybe 7 years now? Its a pretty simple design, but lasts ages, is rugged, and genuinely surprises me that it still works fine. We have since bought other electric screwdrivers, none of which last very long.

        Ok, in this screwdriver there are a few main parts. Firstly there is the handle, which is adjustable from a traditional screwdriver shape to more of a "gun" shape, with various angles in between. To adjust, you simply press the button on the side, and swivel to the desired angle. Its genuinely useful, and hasn't broken, which is always a plus. Also because it really locks into place, it doesn't wobble when you put pressure on it.

        Next we have the buttons used to operate. Again this is very simple. There is only 1 button, and it sort of "slides" from on side to the other. Having it one side will reveal an arrow, indicating the direction that the screw will move when you turn it on, and on the other side you have the ability to move the screw in the other direction. This way its makes it easy to know if you are about to screw your screw in, or take it out.

        Finally there is the lock on the top of the screwdriver. Here you can switch the electric screwdriver to a "locked" mode, allowing for manual screwdriver use. Honestly this is the one bit that doesn't work that well, I would recommend you just bring along your own manual screwdriver instead of use this.

        The pros are this unit is incredibly well designed and rugged, and its battery lasts a decent amount of time (never ran out mid-job unless its not been charged in ages).
        The charging point is well thought of as well, hidden in the hinge of the handle, so it doesn't get in the way during operation.

        The motor is powerful, and doesn't really struggle with any screws. It also gets them in/out in a timely fashion, and hasn't damaged many screw heads (I was worried initially it might start damaging them, it only does this with very poor quality screws that get "trapped" on something... using a manual screwdriver also damages these heads).

        My one niggle with it is that it is very bulky. Sometimes you just want a finer instrument to get that screw in a hard to reach place. It would be nice if this has some attachment to allow you to do that... sadly it hasn't so that stops it being a full 5/5 stars.

        Overall this is a very serious bit of kit, and genuinely has made DIY jobs just so much easier. If you are looking for a decent and well priced electric screwdriver, look no further, I would just say have a slender manual screwdriver for those harder to reach places and you should be fine for any screwdriver based problems you may fast.


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        20.08.2013 11:56
        Very helpful



        Brilliant for most people. Not for professionals.

        ~~~The Introduction~~~
        I'm not the greatest DIY expert in the world but I do at least know which end of a chisel is the sharp bit. I can do a few shelves and put flat-pack furniture together and that's about my limit but I do things like this often enough that I thought a rechargeable screwdriver would come in useful. The one I selected was the Black & Decker KC9036 which is available for around £23 (as at Aug 2013) as it looked like it was simple to use, would do everything I needed it to do and was a fairly cheap price from a reputable company.

        ~~~The Look~~~
        It's an electric screwdriver which means it's a long tube with a motor in the middle section and a drill bit on one end where you can attach various screwdriver heads. At the other end is a rounded pistol grip. As is fairly normal for Black and Decker this product is finished in a combination of bright orange and matt black. It's about 23 cm from nose to tip when fully extended and it feels like a solid bit of kit when you heft it in your hand. It doesn't feel flimsy at all and, although it might not be built to the highest (and most expensive) spec in the world, it feels like a quality product. It gives you confidence which, as a novice DIY-er, is half the battle.

        ~~~The Bendy Bit~~~
        There's a simple spring-loaded button about two-thirds of the way down the shaft of this driver. Press it and you can move the back third (the pistol grip bit) into any one of three lockable positions. This means that you can get into tight areas with greater ease and when in the "pistol" position it makes it easier to hold. If you put it into the fully extended, in-line position the entire thing is just one long shaft, making it easier to put your bodyweight behind it. The third position is halfway between the previous two. I just experiment with whatever of the three positions feels most comfortable for whatever job I'm doing at the time.

        ~~~Power Up~~~
        Here's the technical bit. It's a 3.6 volt fixed torque driver. The torque is 3.4Nm. For the non-technical among us (like me) this means that you can't adjust the amount of power that it puts out and experience has shown that it won't un/screw the tightest things that I need it to. For those I tend to use brute force, but it will cope with most jobs easily. It comes with a power adapter and takes around twelve hours to fully charge. That seems a lot but it lasts for a really long time. I haven't measured it and can't find any accurate figures but I've honestly had several months of use from it on one full charge. Obviously this will depend on how often you use it but for most people it won't be an issue.

        ~~~In Use~~~
        The business end of the screwdriver has a locking head which you have to turn quite aggressively to lock and unlock. Once in the locked position it can't be operated. This is a vital safety feature should the screwdriver fall into little hands. It's also useful if you want to put it in the locked position and manually start or finish any particularly tight screwing.

        It has a magnetised socket into which you can fit any of the six flat head or eight Phillips heads provided. I have yet to find a screw that they won't fit. The magnetic bit is a nice touch as it adds an extra level of security when holding the bit and of course it helps hold the screws in place too. That's handy when you're working in fiddly areas where fat fingers like mine might not be able to fit.

        The driver has one simple button to operate it. You simply slid it to the left or right, depending on whether you're screwing out or in and press it in to provide power. Remember: lefty loosey, righty tighty!

        ~~~The Verdict~~~
        If you're a serious DIY enthusiast or a professional, this will be a bit of a toy for you. It doesn't have the power that you'll be looking for and the fact that you can't adjust the torque will be a definite deal-breaker. But for the rest of us who just need something for the half a dozen times a year that we need to put some IKEA furniture together or just generally tightening things up, it's perfectly adequate for the job. It does one thing but does it really well. You stick it on a screw, press the button and it turns. Simple.


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