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    9 Reviews
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      12.04.2015 00:04
      Very helpful


      • "Comfortable to hold"
      • Reliable
      • "So useful!"


      • "None for me"

      A Smooth Short Screw...

      I bought this for my partner as part of his Christmas pressie, I don't know much (if anything) about power tools and the only reason I bought it was because it came up as a Black Friday deal on Amazon and I know he likes the Bosch brand.

      We've recently had a rather grand large shed put up in the back garden and I decided to get some exercise equipment - the majority of Mark's tools are now stored at his business premises and for the home, garden and vehicle DIY he really didn't need all that much room. When the cross trainer was delivered he kept me waiting for so long that I put the bloody thing together myself with two of the kids helping.

      Nightmare task made slightly easier with this cordless screwdriver.

      Comfortable to hold, something my partner and I both agree on despite having different size hands. I used it in pretty short sharp bursts but always felt it was 'easy' to pick back up again if that makes sense - Mark's used it for longer periods and says he likes the small stocky handle, the compact design makes it easier to get into small spaces as was obvious when I watched him screwing in the shelf supports on a small kitchen unit which looked like a more awkward job than his temper could usually handle!

      It's easy to control with a comfortable trigger action, all the screws I used to put together the cross trainer were reasonably short (the longer ones were annoyingly Allen key put-togethers) and they flew into place - Mark's been using it to get screws into wood and that looks to be a straightforward and speed task. Again he's been using short screws, it's a kind of subconscious thing as when you've handled the Bosch cordless screwdriver you get a sense of the kind of screws it'll handle - obviously you can change the screwdriver end but I feel that it's most comfortable and reliable when used with shorter screws.

      The screwdriver came in a fabulous silver tin which I'm going to steal for my make up brushes soon as it's obvious Mark isn't using it properly (he's keeping the screwdriver on the work bench and has a few tiny bits rattling round inside it!

      I paid £32 for it and I'd say it's already a useful tool, I'd pay full price (which was around £49 at the time)


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      11.03.2014 21:06
      Very helpful



      A great tool

      My friends and family will tell you that I am not the most handy or DIY capable person around and I will agree with them. However after moving into my new house and needing things to do, I thought it best to get a screwdriver.

      The Bosch IXO is definitely a handy little object. For any quick job around the house, such as taking a screw out of the cabinet or putting something together it is the best object. It's so small it can fit pretty much anywhere. Mine is kept in my desk drawer so that it is available for whenever I need to do a quick job.

      It looks pretty good, a nice green colour which I think seems quite manly. My girlfriend would probably disagree.. It fits nicely in the hand, its not too heavy which is great as it means that anyone can pick it up and use it straight away.

      It does the job absolutely brilliantly. A job that would take a few minutes and be a bother with a screwdriver is done in a matter of seconds and a quick press of the button. I know some might say it is pure laziness but lots of people would buy this to save a few minutes time. My favourite part is because it is merely pressing a button it means my girlfriend can use it as she complains a screwdriver is too strong.

      It's rechargeable which is great as it means you don't have to keep finding batteries from anywhere. I'm not sure on the battery life exactly but I have used it over the past few months sporadically with only charging it once. I also like that it is cordless so you don't have to fiddle with finding a mains socket. You can pick one of these bad boys up for £30 on amazon. Well worth the money in my opinion.


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      09.04.2013 01:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A brilliant little tool for everyday use.

      I was lucky enough to be given this as one of my Christmas presents last year and I was thrilled because I had wanted one for yonks and it was a Bosch, who are well known for decent tools. I have M.E, which amongst other things causes weakness and pain my my muscles which makes screwing difficult.....
      Despite this I am a very keen DIY-er and am training to be a luthier so I am accumulating tools like there is no tomorrow. People who know me realise that if they want to buy me a present then they need to forget flowers and fancy underwear, just get me a lump of oak or a nice power tool :)

      THE TOOL:

      This is an electric cordless screwdriver which is rechargeable and comes in a lovely retro tin for storage. The tin holds everything with ease and is sturdy enough to not get battered in a workshop environment. The tool fits in the palm of my hand easily and has a soft grip feel which makes it easy to use for longer periods. The screwdriver is lightweight which was an essential consideration for me as my arms and hands get very tired. I also have mild carpal tunnel and some issues with the nerves in my elbows so I needed something that was light, easy to use and also powerful enough to do what I needed it to do.

      A bit of a tall order perhaps but I think it fair to say that the screwdriver meets these requirements easily.

      The power button is large so you do not have to keep faffing about to find out where to turn it on or off mid job. It comes with a variety of bits including hex keys and even an Ikea bit. It has a handy work light which proved invaluable for doing the cladding and insulation in my Moggie Traveller van and it has a very useful charge indicator on the top. The top part is also home to the forward and reverse indicator and the textured soft feel grip holds true even when your hands are oily or grubby. The bit holder is magnetic so no more dropping and fiddling about with essential things that get dropped under a floorboard!
      The tool is fully charged in 5 hours.

      The IXO is the upgraded version of the original Bosch cordless screwdriver which claims to have 30% more power than the previous model. Despite the upgrades, this tool is very compact and slim enough to reach into all sorts of awkward spaces. The screwdriver can either be left on the charger, stored in the tin or hung on the wall from the special plastic hook. The tins is partitioned to take all of the bits, charger and instructions so nothing will get lost.

      This thing works brilliantly with screws up to 5mm, anything bigger than that then you will struggle.
      Changing the bits is fast and efficient.


      The Lithium Ion battery (3.6v) is tiny but has no self discharging problem which means that this is always ready to go. The battery also holds no memory which means that it does not lose capacity over time and ensures that the battery has a long life. Bosch state that even within a period of 4 months on standby, a fully charged lithium-ion battery is still charged to approximately 85%. I must say that I have not tested this out but I have found the battery lasts very well even in heavier usage. I was using this ( obviously in a stop/start fashion rather than a constant) for 5 hours and it still had power left when I finished the cladding. I found the power plenty enough to fit screws without pilot holes but to speed things up I did use them.

      This is great for the busy diy-er or for somebody like me who has all sorts of aches and pains. It has enough oomph to be useful and effective but it is small enough so as not to be a big cumbersome lump in your hand. I would not think this suitable for somebody who was using a cordless screwdriver on an industrial level but for the general user this is a lovely little piece of kit which makes light work of a boring and somewhat monotonous job.

      The price starts at £45 online and does vary all the way up to £79 so do shop around.
      I cannot recommend this enough. Another quality tool from Bosch.


      4.5 Nm torque
      215 rotations per minute
      Integrated work light
      Battery status indicator
      Lithium-Ion technology
      Ergonomic soft grip rubber cover
      Fully recharged within 5 hours.
      Variable Speed & Reverse
      ¼" Hex Tool Holder
      ¼" Chuck Capacity
      Maximum screw diameter = 5mm.
      No self-discharge, no memory effect in battery.
      Battery lasts six times longer than that of conventional NiCd batteries.
      Storage tin
      Item Weight = 1.1 Kg

      Tin contains
      1 x Bosch IXO
      1 x Charging station
      1 x 10 Bit set (incl. IKEA bit)
      1 x Instruction manual


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        29.01.2013 21:48
        Very helpful



        Good for home users only as summaried in the final paragraph.

        This was part of the Bosch arsenal of power tools we bought when we moved into our new home about 4 years ago. The house needed a lot of work and therefore we needed all the automated help we could get, this included help in twisting jagged metal into the wall.

        My first impressions of this product were great. It came in the box with both a handy storage and charging stand which I will elaborate on in a second or two as well as an assortment of bits for the screwdriver also. We didn't need to buy anything extra for it such as further attachments. All of the bits which came with it were very high quality and do not have the issue of cheap bits which is they wear down and become unusable. Since getting this 4 years ago, despite not having the usage out of them as a tradesman might, the bits have still had decent usage and not a single one has shown any signs of wear. Either the bits are great or I am doing something wrong (Actually, now that I think about it, either of these scenarios could be true with my handyman skills).

        As I just said, the screwdriver came with a storage and charging stand. This stand is shaped specifically fro this model of screwdriver to fit onto it perfectly by merely placing it on top. You can almost throw the screwdriver onto this stand and it will correct the position and even line up the charging plugs up with the screwdriver. As you may have deduced, this screwdriver does not charge via external batteries, nor does it charge via an adapter which plugs into the device. The stand has two small metal plugs which touch two metal contacts on the screwdriver in order to charge. This is really convenient as it means you are less likely to lose the charging equipment (A plug and adapter is far harder to lose than a stand, especially as you are presumably using the stand for storage too) and you can also keep the screwdriver charged up all day if you are working as you can leave the stand plugged in next to where you are working and just place the screwdriver down onto it when you are not using it.

        One issue I do have with the screwdriver is that I do not think that you should not HAVE to continue charging the device if you plan on working all day. The battery life on the screwdriver is not the greatest (Although I have tried another, an AA one to be particular, whose battery life was truly abysmal - making the Bosch's look amazing!). I find that it will generally last for about an hours worth of work which included screwing before it has too little power to be effective, the end will still turn but it will not turn against any resistance which makes it useless in forcing a screw into a material.

        The screwdriver itself, when charged, is great though. It is designed very ergonomically, it fits in my hand really well and I have no troubles for using it for long periods of time. The button is large and easy to locate even if you can't see it (e.g. in dark conditions). Another feature which makes this screwdriver suitable for the dark is the built-in light which is directed towards the end of the bit, whenever the button is pressed this will switch on and illuminate the target area well; as the light can be switched on without the end turning via a gentle press of the button, I have often found myself using this as my primary light source whenever I do the odd quick job and am too lazy to bring along my large flashlight. The bits fit in magnetically making switching very easy and quick. It is also very lightweight meaning it is very easy to carry around with you. This portability is added to by the fact that it is also very small and can even be stuck into your trouser pocket.

        I do have another criticism about the screwdriver, it has no speed control. Although this isn't as essential with a screwdriver as a drill where speed controls are common, it would still have been a nice extra to set this tool apart from competitors.

        The screwdriver is nowhere near as powerful as a drill. Generally, this doesn't have much of an effect and, if anything, it actually helps as it means it is far easier to control - I have found that I have much trouble using a drill with a screwdriver adapter as even with a speed control it still goes far too fast for me to hold steady and the screw goes in at all sorts of angles! However, with the lack of power, certain materials can be very difficult to penetrate such as very thick and dense wood with a long screw due to the immense friction put upon the screw; in this sort of situation, you have no choice but to use a drill or to go in manually.

        Due to the fact that this screwdriver is only really at its best if constantly at full charge and even then it may struggle with some very heavy duty materials. I feel that this is best suited for home DIYers and not for anybody who does this type of work by trade as these shortfalls will greatly impact them.


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          04.07.2012 00:41
          Very helpful



          Probably one of the best Cordless Screwdrivers out there.....

          It is fair to say that I am not paticulary good at D.I.Y. Unlike a lot of men, I do not even think I am any good at it. Even my wife thinks I'm not very good at it. And yet, when something needs doing, it is still me she turns to with a "Can you just have a go at trying to fix this....." and that is where I excell because, as we all know, God loves a tryer!

          So anything that comes along and makes my life one hell of a lot easier is, as you can imagine, a very welcome addition to my household!

          Despite looking like a futuristic blaster out of Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek or something, the above model pictured is actually a Cordless Screwdriver; a very good Cordless Screwdriver I might add!

          At first, I was a bit dubious about this as it is remarkably small for something that is supposed to be one of the most powerful and practical Cordless Screwdrivers on the market but apparently size isn't everything! (At least that is what I tell the wife!)

          It is also incredibly light weighing in at no more than around 300 grams. This is due to the lithium-ion technology of course (I say of course but what do I know?) which is also responsible for keeping this Screwdriver always ready and raring to go, even if you haven't used it in a while, for those moments when you think "I just need to tighten up so and so...." only to remember that you haven't charged up your trusty electric Screwdriver and that the battery on it is flatter than Mrs.Sparky's pancakes! And what is more, it even has a built in charge-meter so you can see exactly how much battery power you have used and whether you will need to charge it up again before you put it away...

          But that is not all..... this handy, lightweight gadget also comes readily equipped with a work-light. If, like me, you find those simple D.I.Y jobs taking longer than they should and daylight failing then this is just ideal and eliminates the need for anybody else to stand over you with a torch offering unnessecary (and often unwanted) advice. Though I admit to being dubious at first, the work-light didn't look big enough to produce much illumination, I actually found it to be more than adequate for my needs!

          It comes with a good supply of heads but others can be bought to supplement what comes as standard. It has a specially designed grip that makes it easy to hold and my only gripe is that I never picked one of these up sooner!

          I bought mine recently from Amazon for as little as £30 and I have to say it is an absolute godsend! So far, it has proved better value for money than most of the other D.I.Y gadgets I have bought over the years and has given me no reason for complaint!

          If you only ever buy one Cordless Screwdriver then this should probably be it!


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          11.05.2012 13:34
          Very helpful



          great little tool perfect for all those flat packs. great for people with dexterity issues

          Me and my partner i recently bought our first home and we have millions of diy jobs to do so the more tools you have the quicker you can get stuff done and this little screwdriver is probably the most used.

          When we bought our bosch cordless screw driver it came in a fancy metal tin rather then a drap card box which was a change from the normal tools you get from the diy shop. i seem to remember that it retailed at 29.99 on offer which we thought was a good price and as we had 20% store discount to come off that aswell we got a good deal

          when we got it home and took it out of the tin it came with a pack of different types of heads and a charger. it had foam padding in the box and the instruction book aswell. but to tell you the truth it really doesnt need any instructions its so simple to use

          we pluged it in and sat the screwdriver on the charge stand - no need to faff with cables or wires which is great . I think your meant let it chrage for 12 hours maybe but we needed to use it fairly quickly so i think it was only on charge a few hours

          quailty - the quailty it really good it gets chucked about, chucked in the tool box left in the mess that all diy projects make and its never broken this is the same with the charger. The screwdriver its really compact and u can get a good grip of the handle which makes you feel like you have alot more control. its quite weighty without being heavy too.

          Good points - theres lots with this product so here goes - its small, its well presented, its never broken, its easy to use, doesnt take long to charge, has extra screw head ends, it has a light on it to see in dark corners, it has forward and reverse motions very handy

          Bad points - ok so theres always some bad points to everything you and with the screwdriver its the extra ends you get (flat, cross, star etc) do round off after a while and to be fair to bosch its standard problem across all diy products not just this one also this item its great for flat packs and light work (it didnt like it when i was trying to undo a screw caked in paint on a door hinge) but to be fair we had to get a crowbar to get it off but still its a little bit of a light weight

          over all its a very good product and a really good idea it made super light work of putting our kitchen together and its used all the time for no end of jobs i would recomend this to anyone thats has trouble with there hand or just wants to make a job that little bit quicker


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          25.04.2012 22:44
          Very helpful



          Stop those blisters on the palms of your hands with the help of a bosch

          Everybody has heard of a screw driver, be it one with a 'cross head' or a 'flat head', and even some with special heads for those special jobs, and for any one that has ever used a screw driver then you'll know that sometimes turning the little tool in the same direction over rand over again can sometimes become a little tedious, even leading to a blister or two.
          Luckily though there is a great answer to this tedious repetitive motion and a brilliant way to take away the blister effect. This answer is in fact an electric, or more a battery powered screwdriver which takes the hassles, and blisters, out of the screw driving process.
          And since the invention of the battery screw driver there have been many companies that have brought one onto the market, such as black and decker, draper, Dewalt and others, including the one that I own and have been using for quite some time now, with this particular driver being made by a company called Bosch, with the full name of this one being the Bosch IXO IV.

          The first thing I noticed about this one when I first got it home was that it didn't come in the standard cardboard box, but before you friends of the earth start shouting about the plastic wrapping you now think this comes packed in, this tool actually came in a rather fine looking, and somewhat useful tin box, which housed more than just the driver.
          In the tin to be exact, you should get...

          * The tool itself
          * The charging unit which doubles as a bit holder and a stand for the screwdriver
          * An angled nozzle head, which is ideal or when you can't quite get the screwdriver into a space to screw in screw.
          * A corner nozzle head, (or eccentric driver as its called?), for when the screw is a bit to close to an edge and the standard piece won't allow you to get at the screw head.
          And a user manual which is in several different languages, so you'll have to find the one for you.

          So what does it look like then?
          It looks very much like a chunky little spud gun, (remember them? Those silly little guns that fired tiny pieces of potatoes out at the speed of a snail dragging itself up a steep hill).
          It is lightweight, coming in at about 300 grams, so it's easy to use on lengthy periods, or until the battery dies that is.
          The battery itself is a 3.6volt lithium ion one and can take up to5 hours to charge fully, but then, due to the fact it will never 'self- discharge', meaning that when the driver is not in use the charge in the battery stays exactly as it is, unlike many other batteries on the market these days.
          The driver 'bit' holder is what they call a hexagonal shank, so that the bits don't move around inside it, and as it has a magnetic feature inside it the bits that you put into it stay in, even if you tip the unit upside down, which saves losing the bits in the most silliest of places.
          It is made of a strong plastic body which is mainly green, although it does have a black soft grip handle for extra comfort. Then there's the easy to squeeze red trigger with an even easier to press red button slightly above the trigger that controls the rotation of the driver itself.
          It has a trio of little stylish LED indicator light to let you know when the battery needs charging, or is just running low, which is positioned on the top rear of the tool and has a rather nice little symbol on it which you see more often in your car. And either side of this symbol light there is the directional light indicator arrows, forwards and reverse, with the arrow lighting up green depending on which way you're going.
          Then there's one more light, which is house just under the front where the screwdriver 'bits' slot into, this lets you clearly see where the bit is in comparison with the screw head you want to drill, even in those darker corners.
          The front is covered in a soft rubber cap which can be removed to fit one of the other 'heads'.
          And it has an automatic spindle lock which helps when it comes to tightening or loosening screws.

          Is there anything else about this driver..?
          As a matter of fact you do get a few extra bits with this driver, in fact, what you do get with it is probably almost all you need to have when using it.
          You get ten, yes ten little driver bits, from flat heads to cross heads and even hexagon bits too, which do come in handy with most of the flat packs you get these days coming with hexagon type screw heads.
          But apart from the screw bits you also get a rather fine looking and very useful charging unit which doubles as a stand, which the ten bits actually fit into along the side. This charging unit, slash, stand is in a sort of triangle shape with a hole, or loop, in one end, where you place the front of the driver, and a double pin socket which is where you place the battery end to charge the driver up

          Then, to make the storage even better, the tin that this comes in is designed in such a way that you can place the two detachable 'heads' in it with the driver on the top, plus a few extra bits as well.

          How do I use this then..?
          You simply charge it up, although it will work just as well on half a charge, then you select the 'bit' you need, depending on the screw head you using.
          You then either place the screw on the work or place the screw onto the magnetised 'bit' and press the direction button which is on the side.
          Then squeeze the trigger until the screw drives itself into what ever you want it to go into.

          NOTE: be careful here as there is no torque control so it screws in at one speed, depending on how hard you squeeze the trigger, but if you're working on something delicate then do take care when coming to the final push.

          If you want to unscrew a screw then press the directional button through the other way and do exactly the same as you would if you were screwing in. simple as that really, although if the screws are too tight, and a spray of WD40 just won't work, then the power of this driver may not be enough.

          There's also the options of using the different attachment heads that come with this driver, the two heads I mentioned, and changing them is as easy as using the driver itself. You simply take off the rubber end of the tool, easily pulling it away from the screwing head. You should be then left with what looks like a hollow hexagon rod sticking out of the front. You then simply slot the chosen 'head' onto the 'rod', clicking it into place. And you're now ready to carry on screwing.
          It's as simple as that really.

          And the power of this little green thing..?
          It's not the most powerful of tools on the market as it's only got a 3.6volt battery, and can go about 180rpm with no pressure on the bits, but it is ideal for many jobs around the home and beyond.

          My Opinion...
          For me, after getting a bit annoyed with all the blisters on the palms of my hands, (easy now), but more for speed so that I could get the screwing job done, I tend to go for power screw drivers, usually using a drill with the right bits in them. But after I'd used a cheaper version of this driver I was pretty impressed with how it worked so when it broke I decided to spend a bit more money and invested in this Bosch driver, and I'm pretty glad I did.

          It feels nice and my hand, not to chunky and not too flimsy. You know what I mean, so that when I'm screwing something in I can keep a good strong grip on it, (stop it now!!).

          It has a few nice little features, such as the forward and reverse option, with indicator to let you know which feature is activated. Then there's the grip itself which is a soft runner and is so comfortable that there's very little chance of getting a blister on my poor delicate hands. The magnetic grip in the 'bit' holder keeps a good hold on the bits and is in fact strong enough the magnetically grip some screws as well so that they are easier to screw into place.
          And then there's spindle lock feature which comes in handy, especially if the battery suddenly dies on the last few turns of the last screw of the day, (we've all been there). So with the spindle lock you can use the screw driver as, well as a screwdriver due to the fact that the spindle is locked, so it won't turn when you manual turn the screw with the tool.

          I particularly like the way that it charges up, sitting in the well designed charging stand, with the 'bits' stored at it's side along the edge. And the fact that the battery doesn't lose power even if it's been sat out of the charger, or not even on charge for a long while.
          And the battery pack has what they call 'no memory effect' which means that it can be charged when ever you need to charge it instead of waiting for it to fully discharge once every second month with an 'R' in the second syllable

          As for the price of this power driver from Bosch. This particular one sells for around £30, which is pretty good value for money, especially if you have to do a lot of screwing, (You're at it again aren't you...???)

          IN all this entire driver is a good size, and with the ability to change heads it can get into most places so that no screw is out of reach.

          This doesn't have a changeable torque setting, having a set torque of 4Nm, but you can get an attachment for this driver, which will give you more torque options, for about £10.00 to £15.00. This attachment fits onto the driver in exactly the same way as the attachment heads that came with this driver in the first place.

          © Blissman70 2012


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            06.04.2012 17:17
            Very helpful



            A useful product

            If I was given a chicken every time I was told that women can't take care of a wide range of DIY jobs around the home just as well as their hairier, less well manicured counterparts (yep you've guessed it men!) I would have been able to open my own free range chicken farm by now! Ladies, if you have ever found yourself in a situation where by the man in your life has left a screw loose in or on something that you or the children need to make use of RIGHT NOW!! ( cycles, skateboards, the washing machine, shelves, the bathroom mirror, plugs etc) Please read on.....

            As someone who has the power and strength of a paper soft and silky butterfly (almost none in other words), I know that using a product such as this sweet little lithium powered cordless screwdriver to take care of simple DIY jobs can be as easy as pie. Buying one of these has meant that there should be no screw left unturned as even when my cave dwelling mate is not at home to come to my DIY rescue I can now deal with things. If like me you have found other bulky drill/ screwdriver combo tools that you can buy too heavy and hard to work with, then this little number could be just what you are looking for.

            ~Using the product~

            The cute and easy to work with Bosch IXO IV cordless screwdriver comes with a set of 10 useful screwdriver bits that can be supplemented if wanted by buying a small add on pack which contains a further 25 items. The screwdriver itself is something I find easy to handle as it has a neat and compact design making it perfect for smaller lady like hands (although it can also be used by your more burly manly types if wanted too!). I feel that the weight of the screwdriver is really quite light when compared to larger combo drill/ screwdriver type tools I have used in the past and the small compact size of this Bosch model makes it really good for use in smaller hard to access spaces.

            The made to measure charging base that comes with the screwdriver works really well as it is really small and compact, with an easy to access power cable, that can be plugged in and left to charge without taking up lots of space. The compact size of both screwdriver and charging unit makes this little screwdriver tool a good stand by product to have for use around the home. The whole thing can be stored in a kitchen cupboard for easy access if wanted, rather than locked away in the shed for those moments when his highness decides to fix that loose screw that you can now so very easily fix yourself with this super little gadget.

            The screwdriver has a nice compact feel that is easy to work with, having a comfy soft grip handle that makes sure your freshly manicured hands stay that way! There is a built in LED power indicator that is clear and easy to view as well as a built in torch light at the front end of the screwdriver. I feel that this built in light is very useful when working under cupboards etc where both natural day light and space can be minimal, as it really does help you see what you are doing. There is only one speed setting on this model that is activated via the push button finger grip, which I feel is more than adequate, as this screwdriver makes mincemeat out of jobs that would previously have had me having to use far more strength than I actually have.

            The magnetic bit holder works well and all you need to do to change bits is swiftly swap them over, which can be done with minimal faffing about. You can if wanted wall mount the base unit rather than use it as a portable thing, but I feel the 2nd option is more useful as you can simply transport the whole thing to the room or area you are working in at the time and put it on charge. A full charge can take a little while and you should expect to be kept waiting for between 2 to 5 hours depending on how low the stored charge in the screwdriver is after its previous use. For small jobs you don't need to wait for a full charge and should find there is enough stored power after a very light charging period.

            There is both a forwards and reverse action that can be used with this screwdriver which I feel is very useful and it really can be used on all sorts of household items and for DIY jobs that might otherwise need the assistance of a man! The light and compact nature of this screwdriver make it something that can be very useful for those who would not normally be able to handle the weight and size of a full sized drill/ screwdriver combo tool, making this a good all round choice for smaller DIY jobs. For jobs such as assembling flat pack furniture after a sneaky trip to Ikea behind the other halves back, this screwdriver works really well as you can have your sleek new Billy Bookcase up in a jiffy before the man in your life comes home from the weekend match... "Is that a new bookcase love?"... "Er no darling I'm not strong enough to put one of those together".. "But my Bosch IXO IV is though!"... She shoots, she scores!

            ~Price and product rating~

            The cost of this super little Bosch screwdriver is around £29 for the screwdriver, charging base, storage tin and screwdriver bits which I feel is fair value. What I like about this product is the fact that its light and compact size and shape, combined with its subtle use of power enable mere mortals of the feminine persuasion to deal with random incidents around the home that they might otherwise have to seek assistance with! This really is such an easy to use item that it really is worth checking out, which is why I want to give this a 4 star product rating. You won't need a degree in DIY to work out how to use this screwdriver, or the upper body strength of a circus strongman! Bosch have made this so very easy to use that if I owned a monkey I would definitely buy him one of these as it really is as easy to use as a peeling banana.


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            03.04.2012 13:35
            Very helpful



            Should be in every primate's toolbox.

            If I owned a monkey, I would definitely call it Wrench. I would also make sure that it was a Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus), as they are one of the few creatures on the planet apart from humans and giant pangolins that prefer to walk bipedally, are brilliant at climbing, and possess enormous strength in compariso to their size. Not only is this of zoological interest, but this trait could be put to excellent use in the world of DIY.

            I'm not very good at DIY. I empathised with Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf when he confessed that it took him three terms to make a tent peg in woodwork at school. OK, so I'm not that terrible, but I've never really had an affinity for making stuff for the house. It usually goes wrong somewhere along the line, and I end up reducing some nicely cut bits of hardwood to kindling, rather than assembling them into something resembling shelves. I even struggle a bit with self-assembly furniture. Recently, I purchased a very nice queen-sized double bed, handmade from recovered wood. I had to put it together, and it was very hard going. The frame came in four pieces, and when that was assembled (albeit in more of a parallelogram rather than the orthodox rectangular shape), it was time to fix the slats. This proved harder than A-level physics, as the screws simply would NOT go in. I'm not a total weakling, and I gave it a damn good go, but after taking half an hour to get just one slat out of fifteen screwed in, a trip to B&Q was in order.

            The Bosch IXO IV was the one that seemed to be the bit of kit for the job. Retailing at just under £40 (B&Q are probably the most expensive here, but I didn't have time to shop around), it had all the requirements. Coming with a removeable head and 10 different bits, this cordless screwdriver is great. It's very small and lightweight, and fits snugly in the hand. It's also very robustly made, coming from a pedigree of excellent German engineering and manufacture.

            It comes with its own recharging station, so there's no need to buy batteries for it. It charges fairly quickly (about half an hour or so), but I would be wary of leaving it to charge for longer than required though, as this will shorten the battery life as well as wasting electricity. It all comes packaged in a handy tin, so you can keep it all safely stored out of the way when it's not being used. There is one gripe about the tin though, as it was almost impossible to open. Perhaps it was just the one I bought, but I had to take numerous tools of increasing size, culminating in a crowbar, just to it to get the lid off. It must've been wedged on by some enormous Teutonic mechanic at the Bosch factory.

            Anyway, for a tiny little cordless screwdriver this thing packs a surprising amount of power. It is very important to make sure that the correct drill-bit is fitted for the screw, and that it slots in tight before applying any power. If they do not match, or the drillbit is applied at an oblique angle then it can easily strip the grip in head of the screw away, leaving you with an even tougher job of getting it in or out than before. Also, the drill is much, much wider than a normal screwdriver. This means that in particularly tight spots it is impossible to get it to fit the screw properly, and one has to resort to elbow-grease once more.

            What then does all this have to do with Wrench the Proboscis Monkey? Well, a creature that could climb into awkward positions armed with a screwdriver would've halved the time it would take to make, well, anything I guess. Had he been on hand to help, he could've scurried under the frame and finished the parts of the job that I couldn't easily reach. B&Q should take note - there's a gap in the market for DIY-savvy primates...

            In summary, this is a handy tool, but not one that is going to completely replace a standard set of screwdrivers. It can whizz through a set of screws in no time, if they are easily accessible and have enough space around them to fit the screwdriver. But there is no 'feel' to it, so for delicate jobs this is right out, as you could quite easily overtighten them.

            So until an unemployed Proboscis Monkey wanders over from Borneo, I'll make do with this when it's needed, and some old-fashioned effort with some standard screwdrivers.


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