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Challenge Xtreme 14.4V Cordless Drill Driver

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2 Reviews
  • Nice comfortable handle
  • Easy to use
  • tougher jobs
  • Battery takes ages to fully charge
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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2014 22:25
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
      • "Nice comfortable handle"
      • "enough power for short light jobs"
      • "pretty light"


      • " tougher jobs"
      • "Not up to those longer"
      • "Battery takes ages to fully charge"
      • "Battery runs down too quick"

      It's a challenge to finish a job before the battery runs out on this one

      This could have been a very dull drill to look at, being mostly grey, but Challenge have added a few dashes of yellow to it in the form of the trigger, which is where the handle meets the main body, the directional button, which is just behind the trigger and the battery release catches, which are on the sides where the battery slots into the bottom of the handle.
      This offers 21 torque setting which are ideal for when it comes to using it as a screw driver, giving you more control of the pressure when inserting a screw into wood.
      The keyless chuck can be tightened/loosened with one hand, without causing friction blisters in my palms, making changing the bits so easy.
      The trigger can control the speed of the start, which is great for when it comes to pilot holes. Some drills go from 0-2500 rpm in a split seconds, but this one lets you work up to the full spin so that the drill bit has less chance of slipping.
      The handle is comfortable, using a soft 'rubber type' material to coat the front section. This gives it a nice feel when i've had to grip the handle really tight in order to get the final few cm's into the brickwork.
      The 14.4 volt battery is not as big as some others of it's kind, which is what makes this one weigh 1.5 kg, at the most, so it's not that heavy when it comes to those long holds, altough I doubt the battery will last long enough for you to get arm ache.

      Sadly though, which is one of the reasons that I stopped using this one many months after buying it, is that it can take up to 5 hours to fully charge the battery. Plus, even with a full battery, with it being Ni-cd type it loses power too quickly, especially when on the tougher jobs.

      This sells for about £35 - £40, which, for a screwdriver, is not too bad. But for a true 'workable' drill i'd suggest shopping elsewhere as this one just doesn't have what it takes.


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      08.01.2013 17:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A Good Simple To Use Drill

      Having recently moved into a new home there is a long list of little jobs that need doing. Everything from painting the living room to putting up new shelves in the shower cubicle. For these jobs there was something I would be needing, tools! My list of tools consisted of pretty much nothing, however, my dad's list of tools was very long indeed, so I am able to pop back and borrow anything I need. One tool that I do actually own though is a drill. To be more specific, a Challenge Extreme drill.

      This drill was given to me by a friend, it was a kind of moving in present. He actually gave me two of these, one in the original case and one just lose. We were having a car boot sale so I sold the lose one for £10. The one in the case has come in very handy in the past few months and I've been drilling away happily.

      So the drill comes in a nice case that you can store the drill in and carry it around in. The drill fits nicely into the box along with two power packs, a charger and the plug socket. Fitting the drill into the case is dead easy, there are nice slots that make it a good fit. The cases closes are there are simple switches that hold the case shut. All very nice and easy.

      To use the drill you have to attach it to one of the power packs. These charge up simply by slotting them into the charger and then plugging it in. The power packs seem to take just a few hours to power up. Having not done any long term drilling I'm not sure how long each pack lasts, but for the jobs I have done the power lasted fine. The good thing about having two is that when one runs out you can simply plug the other one in.

      One thing I should mention is that the drill does not come with any drill bits. So you need to buy these separately, I just borrowed a few from my dad again. It's simple to put the bit in, just twist the drill and it opens up, slip in the drill bit and then tighten it up. There are different levels of power you can use when drilling and there is also a hammer mode, although I have a feeling that this function is not overly impressive. When we were at the car boot sale quite a few builders took a look at the drill and said it wasn't really a heavy duty one. So I imagine for serious use this drill would not last all that long.

      When I have been using the drill however I have found it does very well. I've drilled through wood, brick and plastic, the drill had no problem with any of these and performed more than adequately. It feels safe and secure when drilling and the fact that it's cordless makes it very handy. The drill is quite heavy and again I imagine if you spend a bit more you would be able to get a lighter one. You can buy a brand new one of these for around £30 so it's not expensive at all.

      Overall though, the fact is that for what I will be using this for this is a very handy moving in gift. It looks good in the case and can easily be stored away out of sight. The drill does everything I need it to and is very simple to operate. For some people it might not quite have enough power, but for simple do it yourself jobs around the house, it's more than enough.


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