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Asda Max Strength Cold & Flu Capsules

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cold & flu relief / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2011 14:29
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      ASDA's own MAX Strength Cold and Flu Capsules - Recommended


      As mentioned in my last review I am currently languishing at home suffering from the effects of having a head cold. My nose cannot decide whether or not its blocked or runny, I have a cough which is irritating for not only me but those around me and worse of all I feel decidedly sorry for myself. In an attempt to rid me of my symptoms at the first possible chance my wife went to ASDA yesterday and cleared the shelves of anything that looked like it may help speed up the process of getting me back to normal, this, I hasten to add is as much for her benefit as it is mine as I am a nightmare to be around when I'm 'poorly'. ASDA's own branded "Max Strength" Cold and Flu Capsules were amongst the products she bought and at just a pound a box were certainly cheaper than their Lemsip couterparts.

      **MAX Strength Cold and Flu Capsules**

      The packaging is now different to how it is shown above and these days the Capsules come in a predominately green and yellow box. They are clearly labelled with the brand and product name and along with an illustration of a single capsule are the claims that these are "for the relief of headaches, fever, aches & pains & sore throats". The capsules contain Paracetamol, Phenylephrine and Caffeine and 16 are included in easy to get into, foiled-covered strips. Each capsule is red and yellow in colour and are approximately 2cm in length, you are advised to take 2 capsules every 4 hours as required but are warned not to exceed 8 capsules in a 24 hour period (the recommended doses are reduced for children). As far as the packaging and directions are concerned the product is well produced and easy to understand and follow, the capsules are well packaged and along with a glass of water are easy enough to swallow.

      But do they work?

      **My Thoughts**

      I have, in the past, taken other Supermarket branded capsules which claim to be "max strength" and found the results to be pretty useless really. Generic Paracetamol and coffee produced the same results for me and at 16p a box from Tesco Paracetamol is cheap enough to buy without much thought. Lemsip are perhaps the market leader in cold and Flu remedies but their prices are always incredibly high so I do tend to steer clear unless I am absolutely deserate to be honest. I half expected these capsules from ASDA to be the same as the other supermarket brands and rely purely on the Paracetamol ingredient to dampen down the symptoms of my cold but in actual fact I do notice a difference a short while after taking a dose of these and that really did surprise me. I don't know if it is the "Phenylephrine" ingredient, which, according to Google is a decongestant that makes the difference but as my cold is primarily located in my nose and at the back of my throat I do start to feel brighter and alert once the capsules have entered my blood stream.

      Caffeine is obviously a stimulant and the three active ingredients working together do have a positive effect on the symptoms of my cold, the combination of the 500mg of Paracetamol, 25mg of Caffeine and 6.1mg of Phenylephrine (per capsule) do seem to be formulated in such a way to be effective and whilst nothing can completely cure the common cold the couple of hours difference I feel once I have taken these have made my symptoms much more bearable.

      Usually with a cold I am plagued by headaches and lack concentration, taking these capsules as directed I have experienced no headaches or muscle or joint pain, Paracetamol tends to be effective for me anyway and other than an intermittently blocked then runny nose my cold symptoms have been much more manageable then they would have been if I had decided just to wait it out. Obviously how other people will react to these capsules will depend on their tolerance to the active ingredients and how severe their cold actually is, I don't have Flu so can't say how they would cope with a greater challenge of trying to keep those symptoms at bay but for a Supermarket brand I must admit that I am quite impressed with these capsules from ASDA.

      The comparable brand, Lemsip, have their own variation of capsules which contain the exact same amount of the active ingredients that these from ASDA do but cost nearly three times as much, why pay more for the same product? A quick look on the Lemsip website for the purpose of this review confirms the active ingredient levels and I would suggest that anyone looking for more information to check this out for themselves before deciding what to buy. It's bad enough having to suffer a cold in the first place without having to pay more than you have to in an attempt to get some relief from the discomfort a cold brings but until a cure is found there are products available which can assist in making you feel a little bit better.

      Overall then I have been very impressed with the Max Strength Cold and Flu Capsules from ASDA, they do provide relief from my cold symptoms and for just a pound a box are excellent value for money. A full, Five star rating from me along with a glowing recommendation. Thanks for reading my review.


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