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Beechams Powders Capsules

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Brand: Beechams / Dosage Form: Capsules / Pack of 16

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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2012 05:45
      Very helpful



      A great product!

      Recently I had been suffering rather badly with a sore throat, headaches and the sniffles and then a blocked up nose at night. My bones had been aching and one minute I've been hot the next cold which is why I have been here at more odd times than usual and doing so many dvd reviews!

      I was taking just paracetamol and relaxing but instead of feeling better my headache wasn't shifting and neither was my runny and then blocked up nose so I dragged myself out, off into with Boots in mind to grab something when I had a thought to nip into Poundland see what they had.

      Well they had boxes of these of course at a pound a box and my box contained 10 capsules. Being a Beechams product I knew already I was getting good value for money and so bought a couple of boxes of them along with a big bottle of Lucozade lol.

      The Packaging:

      Well the box is dark and light blue in colour and on the front of it along with being shown a picture on one of the capsules we are told that they are Beechams Powders Capsules and that they contain Paracetamol, Caffeine And Phenylephrine and that they are to help with a blocked nose, aches & pains, headaches and for a fever and that they are a non-drowsy formula. On the back of the box we are again told what they are meant to help with and how each ingredient is meant to help is, we are given dosage advice and warnings and contact details for the maufacturer are given. Inside the box there is a phamplet telling us yet more information about the product and my capsules come in a white plastic and silver foil blister pack as to which the capsules pop out with ease.

      The Capsules:

      Long and red and white in colour these are plastic feeling and looking capsule and all you are meant to do is take two capsules every 4-6 hours with these not being suitable for children under 12 years old and not to take them for more than 7 days solid.

      These are easy to take with a big drink although fairly large and thats it job done!

      These contain 300g paracetamol which is pain killer and a fever reducer, 25mg of caffeine which is a mild stimulant to help pick you up slightly and speed the capsule up working and phenylephrine in a 5mg dosage which is a decongestant and I have to say these are pretty fabulous all round, quick and very effective for me.

      I had all the symptoms listed on the box as I stated at the beginning of this review. I was surprised at how fast they worked for me, within a few minutes my nose felt less bunged up and I was able to breath better, a few minutes after that I certainly felt less achy and my headache that I hadn't been able to shift entirely went and my tempature seemed to cool right down. My throat felt less sore as well and although my bunged up nose was less stuffy it didn't go straight to runny which was what I sometimes had to deal with. The effects of these tablets lasted a full 4 hours with me, lessening to to me taking them every 6 hours after a only a few doses.

      Usually I find Beechams products overpriced and not overly effective but I found these to be a real life saver for me. I went from feeling really sluggish and down in the dumps and downright poorly to being almost right as rain after a couple of days so yep if you've got a cold or bug I say give these a whirl!

      Available in all good chemists costing a couple of quid for a box my size though other sizes are available.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        23.07.2012 00:36
        Very helpful



        An excellent painkiller to help get rid of a cold.

        When I was suffering from the worst cold ever last year, the one where you can't breathe, you ache all over, you're coughing constantly and you're head is pounding, those ones, I sent out my boyfriend to pick me up some medicine and he came back with the Beechams capsules. I was surprised as he knows I normally go for cheap painkillers and ibuprofen but in my deathly state I was willing to try anything so I didn't complain.

        These were purchased from the local shop which is generally over priced on everything so the almost £4 price tag didn't surprise me, they of course can be bought much cheaper in many pharmacies and supermarkets for cheaper but as far as a cold remedy go they are on the expensive side. The box tells us that these are suitable for relieving cold and flu symptoms including headache, aches and pains, blocked nose and a fever. All of which I was suffering with at the time so this should be the cure.

        As this was a heavier cold than normal I expected to be taking these for longer than a general cold would have cleared in and to a degree I was right. The dose is 2 capsules every 4 hours, as I was lacking any ibuprofen I was using these alone for 4 days taking no more than 8 capsules in any 24 hour period. These are not suitable for under 6 years old and the dosage for ages 6-12 varies from the adult dose as most remedies do so please check the correct dosage for them.

        The capsules are packed in the traditional blister packs that are easily removed by popping the tablet through the foil seal. I took these with water as I can't take tablets solo, they have a soft plastic shell that is easily swallowed and I much prefer this to the solid tablet type. The don't have that horrid after taste you seem to get. They were easily swallowed and didn't leave the feeling they were lodged in my throat which I was happy about. Soon after taking them, around the 30-60 minute mark I found that my symptoms were much more bearable and after a day of taking these I felt better to the extent that I was able to stomach some dry toast and generally feel more myself although the symptoms were still around for a few more days they were much more manageable. I didn't find they helped my cough any as I still had that for a couple of weeks but all other symptoms were faded out and gone after 3 solid days of taking these and then 1 dose on the 4th day. I was surprised that it cleared up so quickly with how bad I was feeling but I was impressed they done such a good job. Whenever I see them cheaply, around the £2 mark for 16 tablets I try and make sure I have a packet in so that if I do get hit by a cold again I have the solution there from the start, rather than suffering for a couple of days before being able to do anything about it.

        I'd definitely recommend giving these a try if you feel under the weather as they really help to ease the pain and finally get rid of the cold altogether.


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        14.11.2010 21:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Helpful when you need them to be

        ~ Tell me all about Beechams Powders Capsules ~

        Beechams Powders Capsules are a triple action analgesic (pain reducing), antipyretic (temperature reducing) and decongestant product( helps to clear a congested chest or nose) that I have used in the past to help when I have had colds and coughs and been generally unwell with a high temperature. I have found them to be effective and also very easy to take. I feel that Beechams Powders Capsules are a good buy when compared to some of the similar products you can buy and they have worked effectively when I have had to call upon them for help.

        I find that they are very similar in their effectiveness to other products such as those made under the Lemsip brand name and they work within 20 minutes of taking them. Beechams Powders Capsules have been able to take down my temperature and ease congestion when I have used them whilst suffering with a cold. The really good thing about Beechams Powders Capsules is that as they contain less paracetamol per capsule than some similar products, you are able to space out the dosage times to a maximum of 6 doses in any one 24 hour period.

        I find that being able to take the capsules like this can lead to less down periods where I am still feeling unwell but am unable to take another dose of the product. I feel that this is a benefit to me especially when I have a blocked nose or a chesty cough. The maximum number of Beechams Capsules you are able to take in 24 hours is 12, which differs from Lemsip and similar products which contain higher doses of paracetamol. Beechams Capsules contain 300mg of paracetamol instead of the usual 500mg dose. They also have the added benefit of 25mg of caffeine in each capsule which enhances the effectiveness of paracetamol .

        Beechams Powders Capsules come packed in a small cardboard box with a number of the capsules within it. Each capsule is sealed and packed to keep it fresh prior to use. The last pack I purchased was a 16 caspsule pack which cost just £1.89, or just under 19p per capsule, although I have also seen packs which contain just 10 capsules. I have found that if using these I do need to take the full dosage of 2 capsules each time, with a space of 3 to 4 hours between one dose and another if I find I still need extra help.

        The adult dosage differs to that which children aged 6 to 12 years old may take. The dose for this age group is just 1 capsule every 3 to 4 hours, with a maximum of 6 Beechams Capsules to be taken in any 24 hour period. As with many other similar products, Beechams Capsules are not to be given to children under 6 years of age.

        ~ Any side effects? ~
        When taking Beechams Powders Capsules I have not experienced any side effects at all. I have always followed the product instructions when taking them and am careful to check the timings of when I have taken the capsules. The manufacturers state that the product is most often well tolerated in normal use which is good to know and this gave me reassurance when I bought my capsules.

        Beechams say that its rare for paracetamol based products such as this to cause problems when taken following their safe usage guidelines, although certain allergic reactions, like skin rashes have been documented. Other known side effects have such as headaches, bouts of dizziness, upset stomachs, or disturbed sleeping patterns have again been documented as well as some other symptoms.

        ~ How do you rate them? ~

        I am pleased to say that I have not experienced any issues when taking the capsules and have found them to be easy to take and fast acting when I needed them to be. The addition of the decongestant ingredient phenylephrine was helpful to me and was one of the reasons I purchased the product. Over all I feel that Beechams Powders Capsules can be of help if taken safely and I would rate them as a 4 star product

        ~ Product warnings : ~
        * Never take Beechams Powders Capsules if you allergic to any of the ingredients used.

        * Certain food colours such as Sunset Yellow (E110) can cause reactions which may include asthma.
        * Those who are allergic to aspirin are more at risk of a reaction to the product.
        * Beechams Powders Capsules are not suitable for those with an overactive thyroid or diabetes.
        * The capsules are also not suited to those with pre existing liver or kidney problems.
        * The capsules may not be suited to those with high blood pressure or heart disease.
        * Anyone taking or having recently taken beta blockers, some anti depressants including imipramine/
        amitriptyline or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI's) should avoid taking the product.

        * Pregnant or breast feeding mums need to check with their GP whether the capsules are suitable.
        * Anyone with with an intolerance to milk sugars (lactose) should not take these.
        * NEVER take Beechams Powders Capsules with any other paracetamol based or decongestant based products.

        ~ Beechams Powders Capsules contain the following ingredients: ~

        Paracetamol 300mg ~ to ease pain and reduce temperature
        Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 5mg ~ to ease congestion
        Caffeine Ph Eur 25mg ~ enhances the effectiveness of paracetamol
        Lactose, Colloidal Silica., Dimeticone and Gelatin
        Amaranth (E123), Erythrosine (E127), Sunset Yellow (E110) and Titanium Dioxide (E171).

        NB: If you are in any doubt about whether the capsules will suit you its best to consult your GP for advice prior to using them.


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      • Product Details

        Convenient and easy to swallow, Beechams Powders Capsules can provide relief from major cold and flu symptoms, feverishness and chills / It also relieves blocked nose, acute nasal catarrh, sinusitis and the pain associated with nasal congestion.

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