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Beechams Powders

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Brand: Beechams / Dosage Form: Powder / Pack of 20

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2011 13:35
      Very helpful
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      work well everytime

      I'm not really one for taking tablets as I have trouble swallowing them and so something I have always bought for colds, flu and headaches is Beechams Powders.
      A pack will cost you £2.79 from Morrison's and around the same price in chemists and other supermarkets.

      The packet is a dark blue and can be found in the medicine aisle of the supermarket, each packet has Beechams written on the front in large white lettering and Powders in orange letters that stand out.
      The packets are sealed with a see through wrapper to keep the powders fresh. This seal is much like what you get on a packet of cigerettes sealed for freshness and so you can read the packet through the seal.

      Once you have opened the seal you can then open the box at the end and you will see the sachets of beechams powders inside stacked up one on top of the other, there are ten in each box so this is good value for money as each dose lasts three to four hours, so you have a few days supply.

      Each sachet is in paper that is blue and white and has the logo on it with the instructions on how to take the beechams powders.
      These are made by GlaxoSmithKine who make other types of painkillers and cough medicines. Beechams is their registered trade mark.

      Each wrap is folded over so that you open the sides first then unfold the paper at the top then unfold the two halves of the paper which your left with to reveal the powder inside the sachet, be careful to open these as they can spill easy. The powder is white and smells sweet, the powder is really fine and has to be mixed in with water so you can drink it.
      This is for adults and childtren over 16 only. It says not to give to children younger unless you have consulted your doctor.

      One powder can be taken every three to four hours but don't exceed six powders in a period of 24 hours.
      Do not take if you have a stomach ulcer or kidney or liver trouble.
      These are not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and if you have asthma you need to consult your doctor before using these too.

      So, what are they good for ?
      Well, these will nuke any symptons you may be having from colds, flu, period pains and toothache within minutes of taking one.
      This is a strong fast acting powder that I can recommend to you if they are suitable for you. I find that these will get you back on your feet if you have to work with a stinking cold or flu within ten minutes. They work fast at getting rid of period pains in about the same time, I think that as they are a powder they work quicker than a tablet as they are easier to absorb into your system.

      I have even taken them without water straight from the packet when I have been in sever pain with toothache and can't wait to get rid of it or was not able to get any water, but this is NOT recommended but does work in an emergency if you like the taste and can handle eating the powder like I can.

      I do like the taste of these as I have been taking them for years as my prefered painkiller when I have had headaches or flu, it is something that has been around for years and I remember my mother used to give it us when we were ill as children.
      In those days things did not have warnings on the packets like they do now and she would give us half a dose in water if we were ill and had a high temperature.

      Things have progressed since the early 60's and we know more about side effects than we did then, so it is always best to read the packet before using and see if it is suitable. If your not sure consult your doctor first.
      These have to be kept out of reach of children too as they are not safe for small children to take.

      They do contain Aspirin which some people are allergic to so again read the packet before using, the other ingredients are saccharin, and sodium cyclamate.
      They contain 600mg of aspirin and 50mg of caffeine per sachet, which is probably why they get you back on your feet quick with the caffeine rush after using them.
      They are also good for Rheumatic pain.

      Personally speaking I wouldn't be without them, I like the taste which some people may find a bit strange and I think they work fast which is important if your in pain.
      I always have a stock of these incase the dreaded flu or cold bug comes around and find that after a few days of taking these the cold or flu has lessened and I am able to function with out taking them.
      For period pains these work quick so I am happy to recommend them to you.

      They get my 10 out of 10 vote every time.


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        01.11.2010 07:50
        Very helpful
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        worth a try.

        Why is it Beechams always seems the best candidate to combat cold. Ok not everyone but most people will turn to these when the dreading common cold or flu hits us. In my opinion the Beecham powders are not the nicest things to take but they do work!

        The Beechams powders come in a box with ten individually wrapped powders. You can get a larger box of these powders you get twenty in a box but I don't use them too often so only ever get the smaller sized box. As I have said each powder is individually wrapped in white thin shiny paper with the usage direction, use by date and contents on each wrapper. I do think this is quite old fashioned style but I remember when I was younger my Nan, mum and dad all swore by beechams powders so when I was old enough I used them and they worked so I have used them ever since.

        Beechams contain Aspirin which is a pain killer and antipyretic this reduces body temperature and caffeine which helps the effectiveness of Aspirin. These formulated fast effective relief from cold and flu. It helps against headache, fever, aches, pains and also provides moderate pain relief for migraine, neuralgia, toothache, sore throat, period pain ad muscular pain. So it's not just for those bad colds although it does work well on them.

        The big thing to note is Beechams does contain Aspirin. This is written on the packaging in more than one place to warn you. This means you can't take anything paracetamol based and is also unsuitable for children under sixteen to take. To take them you add the powder to water. You can take one powder every three to four hours and no more than six times in twenty four hours. I find I only take a couple a day and cope on that. I'm not one for taking too much medication and not really liking them may have something to do with it too.

        The box says it is 'specially formulated for fast and effective relief from cold and flu symptoms'. I have to say I have to agree. After taking them you do get a little bit of your bounce back for a short while. They do take about half an hour to get into your system but you do feel them take effect.

        The actually powder is white and very fine. Once you unwrap the paper, being carefully you don't lose any out of it, you add it to water. It makes the water slightly cloudy but giving it a nice scent. The taste isn't unpleasant but I'm not a huge fan of gulping powdery water down. But that is just my personal opinion. There isn't anything wrong with them and my partner takes them with ease. He laughs at the way I take them and keeps telling me there pleasant and easy to swallow making me feel like a baby with them.

        The box contains enough detail for you on what Beechams are, how to take, when not to take, if you should consult a doctor and the ingredients. This will be handy for anyone with more medical problems.

        A box of ten sachets will cost £1.90 from Tesco's which is quite expensive compared to paracetamol but it's worth it when a nasty cold takes hold of you. Beechams has extended their range of products but I haven't ever switched I must be stuck in my own ways!


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      • Product Details

        First launched in 1926, Beechams Powders are the original way to fight back with Beechams / Containing aspirin and caffeine, they provide effective relief from cold and flu symptoms in unique, individual powder sachets / They can also provide relief from rheumatic and muscular aches and pains and other mild to moderate pain including migraine.

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