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Beechams ULTRA All In One Hot Lemon

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3 Reviews
  • Soothing
  • Didn't help much with blocked nose
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    3 Reviews
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      21.12.2014 21:25
      Very helpful


      • "Soothing "


      • "Didn't help much with blocked nose "

      Soothing hot drink

      I’ve managed to only have one cold this winter but that was enough for me as there really is nothing worse than having a bad cold. There isn’t anything that you can do to make it go away but luckily there are plenty of things that you can buy to at least ease the symptoms of it.

      I bought some Beechams Ultra from the supermarket and although they normally cost £4.49 for a packet with 10 sachets in it they had them on special offer for only £3.

      The box contains 10 sachets of powder which you pour into a mug and then just fill up with hot water and stir to make sure that you have dissolved the powder. The powder contains paracetamol, phenylephrine and guaifenesin. The paracetamol helps with aches and pains while the phenylephrine is a decongestant and the guaifenesin is an expectorant to help lift phlegm from your chest.

      The flavour of them is honey and menthol and I thought that they were very soothing to drink. The hot lemon flavour immediately made me feel better and I could actually smell the menthol in them which combined with the steam seemed to unblock my airwaves a little bit.

      These didn’t make me miraculously better as soon as drinking them but they definitely did help with my symptoms. They helped ease the ache that you get when you have a bad cold and the really helped ease the pain in my chest. The fact that it was a hot lemon drink was also just soothing in itself and it also helped take away some of the dryness in my throat.

      The only thing that they didn’t seem to help with was my nose. The hot steam coming from it along with the menthol helped clear it a little but the Phenylephrine didn’t work nearly as well as a nasal spray at unblocking my nose for any amount of time.

      Over all though these were a good option for easing my cold symptoms and they really did feel as though they were soothing my symptoms and made me feel better even if it was only for a short time.

      Because these are medicines there are things to watch out for but everything is explained in the leaflet that comes with them but probably the most important thing is to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum dose which is four sachets in a 24 hour period.


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      07.06.2013 19:55
      Very helpful



      If only this was cheaper, but still well worth what you pay.

      Being a student surrounded by hundreds of people each day, alongside working in a club which puts me in further contact with hundreds of other people, I am always at risk of catching colds and other illness. Not many of the drugs on offer seem to help much, especially when more than one symptom is present, however Beechams Ultra All in One do seem to help a lot which is why I have used them many times and are always the first thing I reach for when I'm feeling under the whether.

      --- Ease of use ---
      This type comes as a power which you mix with hot (but not boiling) water. Personally I'm not sure if I like this or not; when you're ill it takes a lot of effort to get out of bed and make the drink when you could much more easily stay where you are and swallow and equivalent tablet, however on other occasions I feel the fact that it's a lovely warm drink helps you more psychologically and puts you in a better mode for the day such as a cup of tea does in the morning.

      --- Taste ---
      The taste isn't too bad, as in it could be worse. When you drink it with a sore throat you can usually feel it becoming better instantly, similar to having a soother however more effective. The instance of drinking also clears the nasal passage, which surprises me every time I have it as it is rather a pleasant feeling. ...Back to the taste; it states lemon on the packaging which is distinctive when drinking, yet I always add a spoon or 2 of sugar to make it go down even better, in fact with the 2 sugars it is really nice to drink!

      --- Effectiveness ---
      What more can I say accept... it works!
      On the packet it says it's for Chesty Cough, Sore Throat, Blocked Nose, Aches, Pains, Headache and Fever. As far as I've used it it has worked perfectly for all. The effectiveness against sore throat, blocked nose and a cough is especially impressive and instant unlike when taking tablets. As for pains and headaches etc I find other pain relief is just as good, but as an all-in-one this product is especially good.

      --- Overall ---
      One thing I haven't mentioned is the price, but can you really put a price on feeling well? It was around £8 for a box which contains 10 sachets, so 80p per sachet... which isn't too bad.
      Compared with alternatives on the market, including others from Beechams, the Ultra All in One is by far leading the way. With the 80p it costs for one sachet every 4 hours of the day to keep you going at work, school or just to help you sleep easier at night, Beechams Ultra All in One is the way forward.

      (Please note, I have also published this review on Ciao under the same username).


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      11.04.2012 19:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      yucky Beechams!

      Beechams is a range of medicinal products offered by GlaxoSmithKline. They offer a range of products designed to offer relief from cold and flu symptoms. Beechams is available in different flavours and variations including tablets, capsules, liquid medicines and powder drinks.

      *Ultra All In One*

      The 'All In One' range from Beechams is the strongest of all the Beechams products. The range includes capsules and two powder drinks - Blackcurrant and Cranberry and Hot Lemon Menthol.

      The Hot Lemon Menthol powders are designed to be mixed into a mug of hot (but not boiling) water and drank as a hot drink. Each powder is presented in sachet form and contains 1000mg of paracetamol, 200mg of guaifenesin and 12.2mg of phenylephrine.

      These powders are designed to provide relief from symptoms associated with cold and flu including a blocked nose, fever, chesty cough, headache and a sore throat. They claim to be non-drowsy. These powders can be taken by those over the age of 12 and if you are pregnant, it is worth speaking to a health professional before taking them.

      As with any medicinal product, care should be taken not to overdose on these powders. A maximum of 4 powders can be taken in any 24hour period. The sachets are presented in a cardboard box with all the relevant product information on it.

      These powders are available in a 20pk from Boots priced at £5.00. Asda offer a 5pk for £2.95.

      *My Thoughts*

      When it comes to colds, I normally favour some paracetamol (for the pain side of it) and a hot mug of diluting juice. As you can tell from my recent reviews, my local Wilkos reduced a lot of medicines and tablets. I stocked up on whatever I thought we may need until the end of the year. My fiance actually picked these Beechams sachets for his 'man flu'. When he realised they were lemon menthol as opposed to regular lemon, he rejected them for the capsule variety of Beechams. We paid just 75p for each box of powders we bought which is decent enough. I do believe Poundland stock these powders too.

      I have been suffering with a cold recently which has left me feeling run down and sluggish. I cannot afford to be cooped up in bed when I have a toddler to look after and a home to keep in check so have ended up using these sachets. I assumed they would be just like the Lemsip powders (which I quite like) but they weren't. I found it beneficial to have a mug in the morning and just before bed. It wasn't convenient for me to have a mug during the day which is where the capsules are better.

      Each sachet has a decent amount of fine, yellow powder in it. I boil up my kettle ( but not all the way) and pour quite a bit of water into my mug before sprinkling in the powder and giving it a mix up. The powder mixes with water well and turns a luminuous yellow colour which looks 'weird'! The drink has quite a strong menthol smell. The taste is utterly disgusting and I find it really difficult to stomach to be honest. I can understand why they tell you to allow it to cool a little as a full mug of warm drink makes my eyes water due to the menthol content.

      I would much prefer a lemon and honey flavour as I favour sweet over minty. The lemon flavouring is bitter and doesn't mix well with the menthol - perhaps the blackcurrant variety would me more to my tastes. Thankfully the taste is short lived within my mouth but each gulp leaves my face screwed up! I tried adding sugar which helped a little but not by much. I personally find the taste more favourable (but not by much) when the drink is left to cool quite a bit.

      These powders do work well and do not encourage sleep not prevent sleep in any way so the non drowsy claim is founded. The drink slips down nicely and the menthol aspect of the drink is strong enough to clear my nose and leave me feeling less congested instantly. I feel less sluggish and the paracetamol in this drink offers relief from the achy pain and general bunged up feeling that a cold inflicts upon my body - this occurs a short while after finishing the drink. It also helps with the headache side of a cold which is something I suffer from when bunged up. I find the effects to last a few hours before I start to feel rough again.

      When it comes to providing relief from a sore throat and cough, the effects are less noticeable. These is an immediate soothing feeling to the throat as the drink slips down but this is short lived and cannot rival a good dose of simple linctus. I prefer something thick to coat my throat and offer relief that way.


      Whilst these powders perform fairly well, I simply don't like the taste. If I try and gulp it down quickly, I start to feel sick. It ends up taking me a good 15 mins to finish my mug and obtain the full benefits from this drink.

      Personally, I still prefer a mug of sweet, hot diluting juice and some basic painkillers. I know there is no menthol this way but a rub of Vicks across my chest works wonders so I think I will stick to this method in future.


      Thanks for reading :)


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    • Product Details

      Beechams Ultra All-in-One Hot Lemon Menthol provides relief from the symptoms of colds and flu and the pain and congestion of sinusitis, including aches and pains, headache, blocked nose and sore throat, chills and feverishness / It also loosens stubborn phlegm and provides relief from chesty coughs.

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