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Benylin Children's Coughs & Colds

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Brand: Benylin

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2010 19:56
      Very helpful



      A Great Way To Ease Your Little Ones Cough

      With having 5 of us in the house as soon as one of us has a cold or a cough you can guarantee that no matter how careful we are we will all get it and that's why I don't have a medicine cabinet but more a medicine room!

      I have had the real flu, my husband has had man flu and the children have all had a rotten cold and cough, the colds have gone but the coughs are hanging in there so I went out and bought some cough medicine for them. I have used the adults beneylin and bought the children's one for them.

      The cough medicine is designed for children aged for 1 to 12 years and is designed for coughs and colds and it is non drowsy (I sometimes wish that it was drowsy, obviously I am joking....a little,)

      The medicine claims that it " calms and sooths coughs and colds" " provides effective relief from children's dry coughs and eases the symptoms including sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes"
      My little monsters are 4, 6 and 8 so it means that I can purchase a medicine that is suitable for them all which is not always the case and I do often have to spend a fortune on different medicines.
      The bottle itself is child proof and more often than not mrshez proof especially when trying to open it in the middle of the night!

      When you pour the medicine out you notice that the medicine is completely clear and has no colour to it and the smell is rather lovely, it's a very fruity smell and according to my children it tastes like strawberries and grapes and thankfully my fussy three have all taken the medicine without any complaints.

      Within about half an hour my daughter said that her throat was not sore any more and to quote her "it feels smooth and not scratchy anymore" and I noticed that her cough sounded less harsh and was a lot more loose and lost that dry scratchy sound that a cough can make. I repeated the dose after another 6 hours and after the second dose the cough was reduced to more of a tickle rather than the dry hard cough that had been there previously.

      I have to say that I gave all three of my girls the medicine and it really did improve their coughs a great deal. As far as easing the other symptoms I was slightly disappointed as while the systems did ease after a day or two I believe that this was just down to the cold starting to improve rather than the medicine.

      I will definitely be using the medicine again for my girls but I would only use it for the cough and not just if they have a cold on its own.

      The dosage is children 1to 2 years is one 2.5ml every six to 8 hours
      Children 2 to 5 years, one 5ml spoon every 6 to 8 hours
      Children 6 to 12 years, two spoons every 6 to 8 hours.
      There is a full instructions in the box but I did note that it states that if drowsiness occurs do not drive or drink alcohol! So no more whisky for my four year old and I took her car keys off her!


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    • Product Details

      For the symptomatic relief of dry coughs and other symptoms associated with colds in children.

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