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Boots Glycerin & Blackcurrant Linctus

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Brand: Boots / Type: Cough Linctus / cough syrup

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    3 Reviews
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      21.06.2012 15:41
      Very helpful



      A nice change to other more medicinal cough mixtures

      Throughout the year I do suffer with the odd cold of some sort but I seem to have a tendency to get a horrible, irritating cough without warning. It is the sort of horrible tickly cough that you just can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try. Doctors won't do anything about it as it is just "one of those things" simply because it happens now and then and not all the time. But when it does happen I use a combination of sore throat sweets/pastels and cough medicine. The last coughing episode I had was whilst I was at work and in my lunch I popped to the ever so faithful Boots and browsed their range of health products. I was quite shocked at the prices of the branded cough medicines and in the end I opted for Boots own Glycerin and Blackcurrant Linctus.

      Apart from being quite a lot cheaper than the mainstream brands I do know that Boots is pharmacy so I was in the hope that this may be just as good as other products. Boots do a very wide range of their own health and first aid products and I've never normally had a problem with any of them. Of course they are all generally cheaper with the more popular brands but it is always nice to save a few pennies. At the grand cost of £2.25 per bottle this wasn't going to break the bank and if need be I could just leave the bottle at work so when I do start coughing I have it on hand in my desk drawer.

      The Boots Glycerin and Blackcurrant Linctus is specifically for irritating tickly, dry coughs and sore throats. It is meant to help relieve those irritating symptoms which for me this ticked all the right boxes as when I have these coughing episodes I have that tickly cough that just doesn't sod off when you want it to! The cough medicine comes in rather boring packaging compared to the bigger brands, it simply comes in a clear glass bottle with a simple screw on top. The label goes round the middle of the bottle and is white and pale pink in colour giving the product name and on the back there is the dosage information, ingredients list. This doesn't come in a box so therefore there is no leaflet of instructions BUT on the Boots website there is a patient information sheet should you need it.

      The liquid itself is a lovely rich purple colour clearly resembling the blackcurrant element! It has quite a thick consistency which is nice but not too thick where it won't pour out of the bottle easily. Just the right thickness for you to be able to pour it onto a spoon without it spilling anywhere. As for the smell of it, it does have quite a berry type aroma and is definitely quite a sweet smell which for me is definitely a plus as I really don't like many cough medicines so this was actually quite appealing as all the others I have come across either have that linseed/liquorice smell or they are honey and lemon which I find quite sickly so bizarrely I was actually looking forward to using this.

      Dosage is obviously very important and according to Boots the recommended dosage is:
      Adults and children of 5 years and over: Two 5 ml spoonfuls. Swallow this amount 3 or 4 times a day.
      Children of 1 to 4 years: One 5 ml spoonful. Give this amount to your child to swallow 3 or 4 times a day.

      I do like the fact that my daughter can also use this (20 months old) so I don't have to buy separate cough medicines, making it a little cheaper! However, as for me I tend to do the 4 time dosage simply to keep my horrible cough at bay during the working day as I can't afford to have a coughing fit in the middle of a meeting or conference call!

      I have always had issues with taking medicines in the past and would only take them if I was literally forced to. Still as an adult I don't like it for some unknown reason but the Boots Glycerin and Blackcurrant Linctus is actually quite appealing. I have absolutely no problems in taking two spoonfuls of this 4 times a day! It has a lovely consistency which feels as if it coats the throat as you swallow it and is instantly quite relieving. I do like that it feels because of the thick consistency that it coats your throat for some kind of protection. The taste as well isn't all that bad either, yes it has that typical medicine taste but is majorly toned down by the blackcurrant which for me is a big plus as once you've swallowed the liquid you have a pleasant after taste rather than the taste which makes screw up your face as if you've just bit into a lemon!

      But does it actually work? Well I have been using this on and off for around 6 months now. My coughing episodes tend to last for 2 or 3 days at any given time and I have a bottle in my desk drawer in work just in case. Every time I use it I do have high hopes for it to work instantly but of course it doesn't BUT it certainly helps relieve a sore throat when you are constantly coughing your throat is raw so that is a positive. By the second day my throat isn't as sore so when I do cough it doesn't hurt as much and I don't seem to cough as much when I'm taking this regularly throughout the day. But I am one of these people who think whether it is a mind over matter thing. But what I do know is that it certainly helps coat the throat and soothes a sore throat and at least attempts to rid you of a tickly/irritating cough.

      Overall, for £2.25 a bottle it is definitely worth a go if you have an irritating cough and sore throat as it definitely is a good alternative to those more expensive brands. But like with most health products for colds/coughs/flu do we know whether they do actually work!? For me, I like it and will continue to buy it as apart from the decent consistency I like how it helps protect the throat. Also ideal for kids which again is another plus. Definitely a recommendation especially if you are comparing to similar products which are far more expensive. But I am only awarding 4 stars and knocking 1 off simply because I am still unsure as to whether it works - mind over matter thing!

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Boots
      Price: £2.25 per bottle
      Volume: 200ml
      Ingredients: Glucose (1.6 g), purified water, citric acid, sodium benzoate, anthocyanin, flavour (blackcurrant flavour and blackcurrant juice).


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      24.02.2012 01:03
      Very helpful



      Handy for a tickly cough.

      I am always trying to save a little bit of money and therefore have been looking for the shops own brands of medication. As I have recently had a bad cold which has left me with a bit of a sore throat through coughing, I had some Boots points to redeem so I wandered to the shelve where all the cough medications were stacked.

      As this is quite cheap at £1.50p for a 200ml bottle full, and as it is flavoured, I thought thaqt I would give it a try. This comes in a basic botle, clear see through and you can see the red linctus visable through the bottle and the flavour which is Blackcurrant and Glycerinand doesnt taste too bad as compared with most brands of cough mixture.

      It has a screw on/off lid and has clear instructions written on the side of the bottle. This is not suitable for children under the age of one. Children over the age of one take 5mls full, and adults take two 5mls full.

      This is not the most effective cough mixture on the market but I would say that to be honest it does help sooth a sore throat and stops the tickle that a cough can produce.

      The mixture inside tastes ok, and is easy to pur it is a thick red colour, guess that must be bcause of the Blackcurrant.

      It was the cheapest bottle of cough mixture I have seen on the shelve and although it is not the best it does have its uses.

      I will kep this in my medication box as it has a long sell by date, and it will come in handy for times when I have suffered a sore throat.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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      28.02.2011 22:32
      Very helpful



      A short lived soothing product

      ~Soothes a sore throat and eases a tickly cough~

      Having found that my recent cold and cough has also gifted me with a very nasty sore throat I have had to rely on a number of products that I have hoped may be able to ease my symptoms a little, making things more comfortable for short periods of time. I have been using Covonia and when that ran out yesterday the only thing I had left to fall back on was a half opened bottle of Boots Glycerin and Blackcurrant Linctus. I have used this to help ease my sore throat a little at times and found it to be of some use although I find it does have a limited action that only lasts for short periods of time when taken as directed. As these types of so called throat soothing health care products go this works reasonably well and although it is not as effective as I would like over longer periods, it does ease things just enough to take the edge off a sore throat for a short time.

      ~Presentation and ease of use~

      The product comes presented in a simply styled bottle that has a screw on top which is easy to open and close. In order to open the lid you have to break the seal and it is worth checking the seal is intact before purchase for peace of mind that the bottle has not been tampered with. The label on the front of the bottle is neat and minimal letting you know what you are buying, as it clearly shoes this is a health care item that can help to 'relieve sore throats and dry tickly coughs'. The label shows that you get 200mls of the linctus in the bottle and to the side the shelf life/ use by date of the product is clearly displayed, which I feel is helpful as sometimes these types of products are stored away for long periods prior to use.

      The Boots Glycerin and Blackcurrant Linctus can be seen from the outside of the bottle with it looking like a deep shade of blackcurrant similar to undiluted darkened Ribena, yet thicker in consistency once out of the bottle and in use. The mix of glycerin and blackcurrant are used to help ease a sore throat when taken as a small sized 1 to 2 x 5ml spoonful sized dose which varies depending on whether you are a child or an adult. I have found that the taste of the linctus is not too bad with it having strong blackcurrant influence that is pleasant enough for an adult of child to take when needed.

      ~The results~

      When I have taken this I do get a soothing effect for a short time afterwards and it also helps with a tickly cough when I have one. I have taken this linctus as directed meaning I can take up to 2 x 5ml spoons of it between 3 to 4 times a day depending on my needs and my feeling is that it has briefly helped ease my symptoms. I have combined this product with other products such as some throat sweets and pastilles, some blackcurrant powders and some Vicks First Defence and all these seem to be working as well as can be expected together. I hoped that using this product would help as it should in theory work as a cough suppressant, stopping my tickly cough from being an irritation whilst easing my sore throat at the same time. I am happy to say that having taken some of this as directed I feel it has helped for brief periods allowing me a slight rest from a constant sore throat and tickly cough.


      Adults and children over 5 years may take a total of 10mls at any one time as either 1 or 2 x 5ml spoonfuls.

      Children aged 1 to 5 years old may take just 5mls of the product at any one time as a 1 x 5ml spoonful.

      According to the information giving with the product the dose may be repeated between three or four times a day.

      This product is not suited to children under 1 year old.

      A 10 ml dose of the linctus contains 1.5 ml of glycerol and 3.4g of sucrose

      ~Price and rating~

      Over all I have found that this product works nearly as well as the Covonia I had been using before it ran out and as such I feel this has been useful in helping to soothe my sore throat and suppress the tickly cough I have at the moment. I have found that the taste of the blackcurrant flavoured linctus is pleasant enough with it having a nice consistency that is easy to take. A bottle of this costs just £1.59 which is a fair price for this type of product and whilst it has not been quite as good as the other product I was taking it has helped so I want to give it a 3 star rating.


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