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Boots Lip & Cold Sore Cream

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Brand: Boots / Dosage Form: Cream

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2010 11:52
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      Boots Own Lip & Cold Sore Cream

      A good few years back now I got a really bad problem on my lips in fact quite a few problems all at once. I had a cold sore on either side right in the corners and my lips were so cracked they were actually splitting and bleeding - how I ever let them get that bad is beyond me and one of the reasons I cant go 5 minutes without applying lipbalm these days! Anyway that was actually the first time Id ever had real problem with cold sores or badly cracked lips so I didnt really know what products would work and what wouldnt so when my dad bought me this "Boots Own Lip & Cold Sore Cream" I honestly had no idea wether or not it would even work. These days I am never without a tube of this just in case of a bad lip day because this is like a miracle healing cream and I strongly recommend people give this a go if you need to!

      Useful Information:
      Price: 5g Tube - £1.99
      Stockists: Boots
      Suitable For: Adults & Children With Dry, Cracked Lips Or Cold Sores.
      Apply sparingly and even hour if you need to. If the symptoms do not go way or get worse whilst using this then consult your docotor straight away.

      I really cant begin to describe how rough my lips looked and felt when I first started using this but believe me they were disgusting. I even had time off school because they looked so terrible and hurt so much and the fact that this managed to help and heal that still amazes me now. This balm is different to most as it looks and feels more like a lotion for your lips as it is white and a lot thicker than most ordinry balms - I guess that is so it nourishes and heals your lips quicker and better than most. I dont recommend applying this if your going out the house as it is noticable on your face but it definately looks better than cracked lips! I did apply this at least every hour but that is because I was suffering very badly with cracked lips & cold sores but if you only have a small sore I recommend only using a few times a day as it will still work!

      I think this took 3 days overall to remove any trace of cold sores and crackes skin from my lips and I cant stress enough how bad they looked and felt before I started using this cream so it seemed amazing to em that it managed to heal my lips so quickly and I looked actually normal again. Im never without a tube of this now just in case of another breakout like that - touch wood there hasnt been one for years but Ill never be without a tube of this again as it is a miracle cream. Fully recommended if you suffer with cold sores/cracked skin a lot as this is a godsend! Highly recommended as it really does work wonders.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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