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Halls Ice Cool Mentho-Lyptus

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Brand: Halls / Type: Throat Lozenges

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2011 22:49
      Very helpful



      A very refreshing throat sweet

      ~These Halls sweets are Ice Cool~

      I came across these Halls cough and throat sweets when looking for some more soothing sweets to ease my sore throat and help unblock my nose and as soon as I set eyes on them I knew they were something I had not tried before. Having now bought these a number of times I feel able to share my thoughts about them here on Dooyoo, which is why I suggested them as a review subject here. The icy coloured pale metallic blue and silver effect pack was what caught my eye when I saw these as it stands out well on the shelves when set amongst the other sore throat and cough sweets. I feel the light coloured pack certainly made me look twice at these when I saw them, as I knew they were something I had not yet tried.

      The small pack contains 9 of the small throat sweets that are shaped like small flattened squares, having centres that are slightly indented. These Ice Cool sweets seem to be relatively colour free as they have an almost clear opaque look to them once you take one out of its paper wrapper and the shape of the sweets whilst being a little fancy, has no rough edges that will catch on a sore throat or tongue when you pop a sweet into your mouth. The paper packs are easy to handle and pop into a bag or pocket, although the sweets will become sticky if left in an open pack for too long which is why I take these only when I know I will need a pack over the course of a few days. The 9 sweets you get per pack can last for a full day if used sparingly and care should be taken not to take too many menthol based sweets in any 24 hour period.

      ~The taste test~

      The icy cold feeling that you get when taking one of these sweets is noticed after a few moments of placing one into your mouth and you have the option to either suck, crunch or chew the sweets depending on your mood at the time. If you bite into the sweets they are solid feeling and do need a little crunching in order to break them up which then releases plenty of cooling menthol vapors. The cooling soothing effects are longer lasting if you suck the sweets as the vapors are released over a longer period helping to unblock your airways as they reduce down.

      These sweets have a cooling refreshing minty menthol taste which is more cooling than any of the other Halls sweets I have tried, although I feel the menthol action is stronger in the Halls Extra Strong sweets. I haven't found the taste of these overly strong when I have taken them, although to be fair I have had a blocked nose that seems to have helped deactivate my taste buds to some extent, meaning that any flavours I have had from these sweets have been greatly reduced. The icy cool feeling that these sweets give off has been rather good in spite of my blocked nose and I have appreciated the cooling and soothing sensation that they have given.

      ~Price and rating~

      The cost of a pack of these icy throat sweets was just 50p when I bought my most recent pack which I feel isn't too bad when I compare prices of other similar products. I feel that these Halls sweets do offer something a little different than many other menthol based cough or throat sweets as they really do have a good cooling ability that can help to ease a tickle at the back of the throat for a short time allowing a rest from constant coughing. When I take one of these I do find that it soothes and helps to unblock my nose for a short time, making breathing a little easier and I like the icy cool feeling that each refreshing little Halls sweet gives when taken.

      Having taken these sweets recently and found them useful my rating for them is going to be 4 stars, as I do feel that whilst they have a nice soothing action with plenty of menthol vapors that can help to ease breathing the sugar content is a little high making these a product that is not suitable for all users. The makers of the product list the pack size as being 35.5gs with 100gs of the sweets having 390kcals and at present it seems there is no other option that offers less calories which is rather a shame. On balance I have found that almost every other similar cough or throat sweet product I have taken recently has a similar sugar content, meaning that these are not excessive when compared with other products that offer the same or similar abilities.


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