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Halls Max Strength Lozenges Honey & Lemon

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4 Reviews

Brand: Halls / Type Throat lozenges / Dosage Form: Drops

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    4 Reviews
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      22.10.2013 14:21
      Very helpful
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      Not effetcive enough for me.

      I've been suffering from one of the worst colds I've ever had, what feels like a super strain of cold virus, and I've been trying to ease the pain of my sore throat and stop my coughing with these Halls Max Strength lozenges. I bought them primarily because with a name like "max strength" I imagined these would be the strongest relief I could buy. I also often use Halls Menthol cough sweets or Halls Soothers when I'm ill and so I'm quite familiar with what the brand have to offer. This was the first time I've tried these as when I buy packs of these super strength type lozenges like this I tend to go for Strepsils.

      The product comes as 20 lozenges which are packed in two trays of plastic and foil from which you pop out the lozenge from pressing it from behind. The sheets are packed into a cardboard box which is about the size of a purse or a wallet. There is an information leaflet enclosed within the box and the outer cardboard is also printed with product information.

      The lozenges are honey and lemon flavoured and contain the active ingredients of hexylresorcinol and benzalkonium chloride solution. They are branded as being anti-bacterial and a soothing anaesthetic for "sore throat relief". The lozenges formula contains an antiseptic which actively kills germs which cause throat problems and viruses whilst the anaesthetic relieves any pain.

      There are some warnings and important dosage instructions associated with these lozenges. Adults and children over 12 years old should have one lozenge every three hours or as required but should not exceed eight lozenges in 24 hours. Children from 7-12 can only have four lozenges per 24 hours. These aren't suitable for kids under seven years old. You should also thoroughly check the side effects list on the information leaflet and not take them if you experience any of the effects. The same applies if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

      The lozenges are approximately 1 1/2 centimetres in diameter and they are a buttercup yellow colour. They smell like honey. When I put one in my mouth there is a strong flavour of honey and a really warm sensation as though they are menthol. The lozenges are hard and must be slowly sucked. Each lozenge is not always smooth - some have sharp bits which you need to soften down before it's comfortable in the mouth. Some also have air bubbles.

      What I found when using these lozenges at the very worst of my cold was that they were not very effective at soothing my aching throat. This was because the lozenges seem to require a lot of sucking before they dissolve and even then not much of the melted lozenge gets down the throat. It's as though the lozenges are too dry. They don't melt well or quickly enough and what does melt didn't ease my throat pain nor did it stop me coughing. I have to say, though, that I'm still recovering from the worst cold I've ever had so I haven't had much relief from many other products that I normally find effective either. I'm just beginning to cough a little less and have found that these lozenges are a little more effective now that I'm beginning to recover and the throat pain isn't as severe. However, they are were disappointing when I was relying on them to help me as I felt my worst. I have also been able to get better relief from liquid cough medicines and even the much cheaper cough sweets from the same brand Halls Soothers.

      I will probably not buy these again as I don't think they have been very helpful to me. However, their effectiveness might have a lot to do with the type of sore throat you have - ie. chesty cough, dry and tickly cough etc. My throat has felt really dry and deep in my chest and these lozenges haven't met my expectations.

      You can buy these at supermarkets and chemist stores like Boots and Superdrug in the UK.


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        29.05.2013 21:20
        Very helpful



        Good product to have to hand during cold/flu seasons

        The weird and unpredictable weather we seem to be going through hasn't helped with the snuffles, snotty noses and coughing fits in my house. Thankfully, so far, I am the one who is getting off lightly e.g slightly bunged nose. But realising that my throat started to feel that tingly feeling I knew I better get something to help it out. I bought these from my local Home Bargains store for £1.00.

        Why did I buy them?

        Generally, Halls products are actually good quality and bought from the right place can be reasonably priced as well. I didn't feel that the regular Halls lozenges would help that much with how I feel at the moment, and felt this was a better alternative and fitted my symptoms to the letter.

        How are they packaged?

        They are packaged in a a smallish rectangular cardboard box. The colouring is very striking and caught my eye-orange. On the front the ' Halls ' logo is huge and just by the side of that ' Max Strength'. It mentions the flavour which is honey and lemon, some of the effects it has-anaesthetic, antibacterial and soothing and what area it treats which is the throat. Also mentions in brief afew ingredients.

        On the back it tells you what the lozenges do, warnings, dosage details, storage and ingredients. On the side is the use by date.

        Inside the box is 20 lozenges that are placed in a plastic ' blistered ' tray that's covered in a foil type layer that has the Halls logo all over. To take lozenge out simply push them out and the foil breaks and out it pops!

        What are they supposed to do?

        They are supposed to help sore throats by soothing, providing an antiseptic element to it which kills germs that causes the sore throat and can aid in pain relief and discomfort because of the lozenges anaesthetic properties.

        How do they look?

        Round, flattish orange coloured lozenges that slightly resemble boiled sweets. Roughly just under 2 cm in diameter.


        Active ingredients-Hexylresorcinol 2.5mg, Benzalkonium chloride solution 1.2mg per lozenge.
        Also contains Sucrose, liquid glucose, menthol, lemon and honey flavours, Propylene glycol, Beta-carotene ( E160a ).

        How to take

        Not to be taken for children under the age of 7 years old.

        For adults and children over the age of 12, dissolve slowly in the mouth every 3 hours or when required. No more than 8 to be taken within 24 hours.

        For children aged 7-12, exactly the same as above but not take more than 4 over a 24 hour period.

        How to I find them?

        Firstly they are just the right size. The immediate flavours I got were the honey first and then the lemon. Neither were strong or sickly, but just the right amount where you got the taste of it but it wasn't clawing. Quite fresh.

        I didn't get a taste of menthol, but did get a slight sensation of it in the mouth and at the back of the throat. It was very subtle. What I did get which was quite obvious is while sucking on the lozenge and also when it had finished, my mouth felt a little odd. Not In an awful why but didn't quite feel normal. Best thing I can compare it to is when you go to the dentist and you get a needle in your gum. You can move your face but it just feels lazy and feels slightly frozen and not natural. I wouldn't say it feels as strong as that, because it doesn't, but my point is my mouth didn't feel quite like my mouth. Even felt as if the texture inside was different. This I can only put down to the anaesthetic element to this product as mouth and felt did feel alittle numb.

        Throat felt alittle less tingly and more comfortable so was quite happy with that.

        Would I buy again? I would, especially at the price I paid. I would be interested in other flavours to give some form of variety. The only thing that put me off was how my mouth felt afterwards. I didn't even feel comfortable eating or drinking afterwards as I wasn't convinced what I would be consuming I would be able to taste properly. But the flip side of this is the fact I wont treat these as sweets, as you can do with a lot of similar type products and I know for a fact I would take them if and when needed.

        They taste nice and pleasant, and helps elevate mild cold symptoms in the throat area. I just wont eat or drink anything immediately afterwards!


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        13.02.2013 20:01
        Very helpful



        a great sore throat lozenge

        I would suffer sore throats quite a lot, normally if I get the flu or a cold it hits me in the glands and throat worse. Throughout the winter months I had a few sore throats that weren't too major so I didn't want anything too strong to get rid of them. I came across the Halls Max Strength Sore Throat Relief Honey and Lemon Lozenges in Poundland and decided to pick them up to try them out.

        To take these lozenges you slowly let them dissolve in your mouth. The dosage is as follows:
        Over 12's
        Take 1 lozenge every 3 hours, do not take more than 8 in 24 hours.
        Under 12's
        Take one every 3 hours, do not take more than 4 in 24 hours.
        **if you experience any side effects shown on the back of box consult your doctor.

        The Lozenges
        The active ingredients in these lozenges are Hexylresorcinol 2.5mg, Benzalkonium chloride solution 1.2mg per lozenge.
        They are honey and lemon flavoured and taste quite sugary, though this is ok because I think, for me, there is nothing worse when you are feeling unwell than having nasty tasting cough remedies.
        These lozenges are antibacterial to kill the germs causing your throat to be sore and also they have an anaesthetic in them to help relieve pain and discomfort.

        Do They Work?
        I have found that these lozenges are great, they work really well and my throat feels much smoother and less painful when I use them. I like that these are antibacterial as it stops my throat getting any worse and the anaesthetic in them also seems to work really well as when they are in my mouth, my throat feels a little numb or tingly and isn't as sore.
        I would definitely recommend these lozenges and think that they are just as good as Strepsils, or any other throat lozenge that I have tried before.

        Price and Availability
        You can buy these lozenges in Poundland for £1, I have also came across them a few times in Poundworld for the same price. I think that this is a fantastic price and they are much cheaper and affordable than Strepsils and I find they work just as well.

        I think that these are a great buy, they are cheap, they work well, they taste good and they are antibacterial. Overall I would give these lozenges 5 out of 5 stars.

        *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        12.03.2012 21:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        honey & lemon flavoured throat lozenges

        I was suffering from a sore throat a few weeks ago, there seems to be something going round and so I wanted to get a medicine that would be fast and effective. I had never seen these Halls Max Strength before but I came across these for a good price and decided to give them a try as I love anything Honey & Lemon flavoured. I had quite a bad cough and a dry tickly throat and so I wanted a good sized box that would have enough lozenges to cure my throat, the box I got included twenty lozenges which seemed a very good start.


        These lozenges come in an orange rectangular shaped box with an image of the lozenges on the front and in yellow bold type 'Max Strength'. The box states that these are for sore throat relief and that they are Honey & Lemon flavoured. It states that these are 'antibacterial' and 'soothing' as well as having directions of use and ingredients listed on the back. It is a very bright and eye catching box which seems to be a lot more vibrant than other medicines which is nice.


        The back of this packet has a list of warning before using these, it states that these are only for use on adults ages twelve years and upwards and if sore throat persists that you should consult a doctor if it is followed by fever, headache, rash, swelling, nausea or vomiting. These lozenges are meant to work in ten seconds to fight coughs and sore throats and cool nasal passages. These sweets contain an antiseptic base to kill germs that cause sore throats and work as an anaesthetic to relieve pain.

        When using these I took one every four hours which is usually the standard for lozenges. They are yellow sweets and smell quite sweet, to taste they are strong which was surprising for honey & lemon but they still have a sweet and pleasant taste and as soon as I took these my throat instantly felt less dry and made it easier to swallow. I felt having a lozenge just made my throat more moist and the taste and everything just turned down the pain that I had.

        I kept on taking these until the whole packet of twenty was consumed which did take a couple of days but I continued every four hours having these. I felt that after a couple of days these did help and continued to soothe the pain in my throat but what I do feel is that they are not effective enough just on their own. Their main purpose is to just calm swelling and pain and make a more pleasant and tolerable feeling especially if you are at work.

        I took these along with capsules and I think the combination eventually cleared the pain in my throat. I do recommend these as, as far as lozenges go they do work well and do make the pain go down to a minimum. These have a really nice taste for medicine and the sweetness takes the focus off throat pain and makes for a much nicer feeling. I felt these did work quite quickly and if taken correctly then they really should help in some way to relieve a sore throat.

        INGREDIENTS: Menthol 8 mg. Other ingredients: Beta carotene, flavours, glucose syrup, honey, soy lecithin, sucrose, water.


        I got my packet of Halls Max Strength in Poundland where they only cost £1 for a box of twenty lozenges which is a great deal.

        I could not find an official Halls website.


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