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Jakemans Menthol & Eucalyptus Sweets

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Brand: Jakemans / Type: Coughs, Colds & Flu

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    3 Reviews
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      22.06.2012 08:44
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I love this Jakemans sweets, they are cheap to buy and taste delicious. I often buy this particular flavour when I have a dry throat or a sore throat. I find they ease the discomfort a little bit and taste nice at the same time. I bought 2 packets recently because they were on special offer.

      They come in a transparent plastic bag. The bag is a deep navy blue colour and the sweets can be seen through the little window just below the name printed on the front of the bag. There are 15 sweets individually wrapped in a transparent wrapper. The sweets are oval shape and approximately an inch in length. They are a kind of off white colour.

      They are menthol sweets which have a hint of lemon flavour, they have a slight lemon smell but the lemon isn't too strong. They have a hard texture and once placed into the mouth the lemon is apparent but not as strong a taste as the menthol in my opinion. They have quite a strong taste of the menthol immediately they are in the mouth.

      I find that when I start to suck them, I can taste more menthol taste the longer I am sucking them. I find they ease a sore throat quite well, help to soothe it and the menthol also helps a blocked nose. When I have a blocked nose, they work really well to unblock the nasal area really well. I can feel the relief when I breathe through my nose. There is nothing worse than a blocked nose and I find it to be really irritating. These help just to help me breathe a little easier.

      It tells me on the front of the packet that Jakemans have been around since 1907, over a century, so that is an indication these are good sweets or they wouldn't still be on sale. I can see why they have been around for many years. They are really good quality sweets and ones with an excellent taste.

      They do soothe a sore throat perfectly to help ease the pain. They are mouth watering and pleasant sweets. They are extra strong ones and have eucalyptus and the menthol, added with a hint of lemon. All good ingredients to ease sore throats or a chesty cough. I suck them when I have an irritating cough sometimes when I am outdoors and in a place where I want to cough but in a place where coughing can be annoying to people around me. I find just sucking one of these helps a cough to subside a little bit until I am able to cough and not annoy people. I do find that if I crunch them when I am at the end of sucking the sweet that the menthol is at its strongest. I can definitely feel the menthol hitting my nasal area and it does make my eyes water slightly and is more apparent. I don't mind this feeling but some people may find it a little too strong a taste at this point of eating the sweets because it is fairly strong and some may find it a little unpleasant but I kind of like this feeling and so I usually just crunch the last bit of the sweet.

      I think for the price of just 55p for a 100g bag and 15 sweets in the pack is a really good value price, I paid a £1 for 2 bags on special offer from Tesco's and so I saved a little money buying 2 packets. They are cheap to buy and very affordable for a mentholated sweet in my opinion.

      They are not too sweet a taste and they don't taste bland, they are just amazingly good tasty sweets for all the family to enjoy. I do think they are a little too strong for younger members of the family to eat. I wouldn't offer them to a young child and they are certainly not suitable for my little grandson who is 3 and a half because he wouldn't be able to chew them because of the hard texture. Also the menthol taste is too strong for younger children to eat in my opinion.

      These do have a lasting taste in the mouth after they have been eaten, they help refresh the mouth perfectly if you are wanting a sweet that can help a dry mouth. They are super tasty sweets and ones I will continue to buy in the future.

      I highly recommend these for anyone who is looking for a cheap brand of menthol taste and ones that help sore throats or just to help refresh the mouth a little bit if you have eaten something that has a nasty smell and you are wanting to remove the smell until you can brush your teeth at home.

      They have a really good best before date, the packets I bought had a best before date until November 2013, a really long time and they can be bought well in advance and kept in a cool place until you want to eat them. So you can easily stock up for the winter months in my opinion.

      It also tells me on the packet that they are also suitable for Vegetarians.

      I give these 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        19.03.2011 08:39
        Very helpful



        Brilliant cough sweets

        I bought a packet of these Jakemans Menthol and Eucalyptus from Manchester airport on Tuesday, and I was excited as I had only ever tried this flavour once before, and it was a while ago - it seems to be the hardest flavour to find in shops.

        I absolutely love Jakemans cough sweets, and I have tried all of the available flavours from the range, but tend to usually buy the original throat and chest cough sweets,purely because they seem to often be the only available flavour in most of the shops, garages or chemists that I use.

        My Dad first introduced me to Jakemans original Throat and Chest sweets a few years back when I was suffering from a bit of the old 'man flu', and being somewhat of an expert on sweets in general, my dad turned up with a bag of these for me during a visit to see me.

        The Jakemans brand has been in existence since 1907, and so they have a fully tried and tested track record, and the brand does seem to be getting more and more popular over the last few years since I have heard of them.

        The extra strong Menthol and Eucalyptus sweets are basically a hard boiled sweet, which are blue in colour, and probably just a bit larger in size than a locket or tune. They come in a bright light blue coloured plastic bag, with a see-through patch at the front of the bag which exposes a few of the sweets contained within the bag. Each bag contains 100 grams of individually wrapped sweets inside it, and while I was a little bored sitting on the plane I counted the sweets out, and there were 16 in total (sad I know!)

        As with all the others in the Jakemans range, there is an instant strong smell of menthol, as the bag is opened up, and as the sweets themselves are unwrapped, this scent intensifies.

        As mentioned above, the sweets are boiled, and very hard, with no soft centre, and the idea is to suck them in your mouth, until the sweet has dissolved. I usually find a sweet will last the best part of an hour before it has completely dissolved in my mouth, if I just suck it, and don't bite into it.

        I would describe the flavour as a combination of Menthol and eucalyptus which tastes great, and gets to work on clearing a blocked nose, or a sore throat very quickly. There is also a gentle hint of lemon / lime in the background which adds to the flavour, and gives it a real feel of a sweet, as opposed to a purely medicinal product. They do have a strong, but inviting kick to them, which provides a soothing vapour to the throat, and helps to clear the airways. They also leave the mouth feeling fresh fruity after the sweet has fully dissolved, and can leave you with a bit of a blue tongue!

        They have the feel of a very good quality product, from the design on the bag, the wrappers, the taste, and the effects that the sweets have. For anyone interested they do not contain any artificial colours, and they are suitable for vegetarians!

        The price of these bags of Jakemans cough sweets varies a huge amount depending on where you buy them from, for example I often pay around 70p a bag from my local Morrison's supermarket, but on Tuesday I had to suffer the robbing prices of an airport, where everything seems to be marked up massively, due to the constraints and lack of other options. I paid £1:39 for my pack, which is a lot to pay, but bearing in mind that a packet of extra strong mints were priced at about 80p, then these didn't seem to bad.

        I find them a really tasty alternative to mints, and so I probably get through a packet of these most weeks. These are a medicinal sweet though, and so it is sensible to restrict consumption to just a few a day, or one every few hours if being taken as a one-off to help cure a cough and sore throat.

        For information, Jakemans do produce 5 different flavours of menthol cough sweets, all coming in very similar looking packaging, just differing in terms of name, and the colouring of the packaging designed to match the colour of the cough sweets inside the bag as follows:

        Throat and Chest - Black Bag / sweets
        Menthol and Eucalyptus - Blue Bag / sweets
        Cheery Menthol - Red Bag / sweets
        Honey and Lemon Menthol - Yellow Bag / sweets
        Blueberry Menthol - Purple Bag / sweets

        Overall they are a fantastic addition to the Jakemans range of boiled sweets. It is great from my point of view to see the range of sweets becoming more and more popular in the UK, as they are obviously becoming more widely available in shops, supermarkets, chemists, garages, and even airports. I even managed to buy a packet of the original throat and chest cough sweets from a bar at a theatre a few weeks ago!
        Well done to Soadfan for getting the Jakemans brand onto Dooyoo!

        Thanks for reading.

        © L500589 2011


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          23.02.2011 15:47
          Very helpful



          A helpful throat sweet

          ~Jakemans help to soothe and decongest~

          The range of throat sweets produced by Jakemans have to be amongst my favorite brands which I know I can rely on to provide a good degree of soothing air way opening action when suffering from any kind of cough, cold, sore throat or slight breathing issue. I came across the Jakemans range by chance in a well known chemist store when I was looking for some suitable throat sweets and liked the traditional look of them when I first saw the original version of these in their smart black themed packing. Since then I have bought Jakemans products including these Extra Strong Menthol and Eucalyptus Throat Sweets regularly and found them to be consistently effective.

          When wanting to review these menthol and eucalyptus throat sweets I searched the listings and found that none of the range were listed here on Dooyoo which was surprising, so product suggestions were made for the complete range of sweets, as I feel they offer a flavour and strength to suit many needs that can help when suffering from a cold or sore throat. The range of products Jakemans make include the traditional throat sweets (black coloured bag and sweets), blueberry and menthol throat sweets (wine coloured bag and sweets), honey and lemon throat sweets (bright yellow bag and honey coloured sweets) cherry menthol throat sweets (cherry red coloured bag and cherry coloured sweets) and finally these menthol and eucalyptus flavoured throat sweets with a hint of lemon. These throat sweets come packed into a bright blue themed bag that reflects the contents rather well and stands out well on the shelves when on in store displays. Having now reviewed 4 of the flavours so far, the menthol and eucalyptus throat sweets from the range are the last type in production that I am able to share my thoughts about.

          ~What Jakemans say about their products~

          Jakemans say that they have 'refined and updated the way they make their products' which has been shown in the slightly more modern lozenge style that the sweets now come in that is sleek and easy to take when needed. Jakemans say that since the changes 'you get even more great flavour, in a smooth, perfectly sized sweet you'll love' which is something I would agree with, as I feel these are even better than they used to be now I am accustomed to the new lozenge shape of the sweets. The menthol and eucalyptus throat sweets are made using 'only the finest ingredients' to make up sweets that are 'carefully blended with menthol and eucalyptus with a light hint of lemon' to provide a 'unique mouthwatering and refreshing taste', which once again is something I would certainly agree with as these do provide all that and more. My feelings are that these throat sweets are a high quality product, with a consistently good taste and a good amount of soothing menthol and eucalyptus in each and every sweet. Jakemans are a privately owned company based in Boston, England, who first opened for business back in 1907, the company make their throat sweets as small a range of 5 different menthol based flavours including these ones, which are stocked in many well known chemist stores and supermarkets making them easy to source when needed.

          ~How easy are they to use?~

          I find these throat sweets are very easy to take when needed as the simple plastic bag they are contained in is made with a light yet effective seal at the top end, that makes it quick and easy to pull apart in order to open the bag up and reveal the soothing contents within. The bags are made so that it is possible to store your menthol and eucalyptus sweets inside it even when it has been opened and it works better than the paper tube type packs that many branded throat sweets come in these days. I find that once the bag has been opened I am still able to store the rest of the sweets in the same bag for some time before use without them becoming sticky or gloopy. This is due to the fact that each sweet comes wrapped on its own in a clear plastic wrapper that makes it possible for them to remain in good condition for a number of weeks prior to use even when the bag they are stored in has been opened fro some time.

          If wanting to leave the confines of your home in order to get some much needed fresh air after having been confined with a nasty cold it is easy enough to take a handful of these throat sweets with you as they are neatly wrapped in individual clear plastic wrappers. This means that you don't need to take the whole bag with you all the time and can simply throw a few of the sweets into your pocket when away from home to use when required. I find that the ease with which you can safely place a few of these well wrapped sweets into a pocket or bag with no fear of them leaving a sticky mess behind when suffering from a cold, cough, sore throat or any form of light breathing issue, makes them very useful to keep in the home for those just in case moments.

          ~Presentation of the product~

          I feel that the simple and easy to open and store bag that the sweets come works well when in use. The bags are made from a light plastic type material that is easy to handle with it being both light and strong at the same time. The colour theme used for the menthol, eucalyptus and lemon sweets is in a vivid and brightly shaded blue tone that I feel is in keeping with the flavour of the menthol based sweets contained within it. As with the rest of the products from this range the blue bags that these sweets come packed into have a small viewing strip or window on the front of them, that allows you to catch a glimpse of what is stored within each bag. Each bag is clearly branded as being a Jakemans product and my view is that the combination of the Jakemans logo along with the colour of the bag makes it very easy to spot these when in store set amongst the many other rival brands that you can choose from.

          The text on the front of the bag clearly shows these sweets as being 'soothing menthol sweets' that have been 'carefully blended with eucalyptus' which is of course completely accurate. Turning the pack over to reveal the back of the pack allows you to see further information about the number of calories per 100gs bag of the product. This is the point when you come to see that these sweets are quite high in terms of calories, as there are 392 kcals per 100gs. As you get between 14 to 16 sweets per bag it works out as roughly just under 30 calories per single throat sweet and in my opinion this is the only real down side of the product. If you are able to restrict the number of throat sweets consumed per day then these additional calories won't be too bad, however when taking a number of these sweets in any day, these extra calories can be a problem for some. The sugar content in these throat sweets may also mean certain people are unable to take them and may need to source sugar free alternatives, as there is nothing like that available from the Jakemans range of products at this time.

          ~How well do these work?~

          I am pleased to say that having used all of the varieties available from the range I have found these menthol and eucalyptus sweets with their subtle hint of soothing lemon to be very effective. I like the way that these sweets give off a light fresh clearing effect within a very short time of taking one and I feel that this variety works well when I am suffering from very stuffy noses and sore throats. I feel that this flavour sits well within the range offered by Jakemans as each type of throat sweet has its own benefits, with there being a flavour to suit many tastes or requirements. Taking one of these menthol sweets can certainly help to ease a chesty cough, soothe a sore throat and generally open the air ways to help you breathe easier when struggling with coughs and colds and as such I often keep a couple of bags from the range of flavours in my medicine cabinet.

          The menthol, lemon and eucalyptus flavours which seem to come from these sweets is very helpful and it lasts for some time when you pop just one sweet into your mouth. These sweets work little by little to help unblock cold filled noses by releasing their refreshing ingredients and really can help to open up your airways to help with breathing when suffering from a cold. I like the way that the sweets are able to help ease soothe sore throats and I find them very useful to take when suffering from a chesty cough as they help cut down on that annoying tickle you get when you have been coughing on and off for a number of hours. I have found that each sweet can last up to 10 minutes or so if you can avoid crunching them, which I feel makes these sweets both useful and long lasting when in use.

          ~Price and rating~

          At the moment this flavour of throat sweets seems to be the most difficult of the 5 flavours to get hold of which is a shame as these do work really well. The cost of a 100g bag of these sweets is most often between 61p to 66p per pack with some of the major supermarkets offering 2 bags for £1 across any flavour in the range, although as mentioned you often cannot find this flavour without a little searching. I feel value for money from these sweets is very good when you take into account the amount of sweets you get from each bag which can contain between 14 to 16 sweets. These sweets are suitable for vergetarians and contain no artificial colours which is pleasing to see with the only down side to these that I can see being their sugar content. Over all I would say that these menthol based throat sweets from the Jakemans range work really well when in use, although the effects are not long lasting over the course of a few hours unless you pop in another sweet from time to time. Over all I feel that these work better than many other similar menthol based throat sweets and as such I want to to award these a full 5 star product rating.


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        • Product Details

          Jakeman's Menthol & Eucalyptus Sweets:Carefully blended with menthol to provide a soothing vapour action Made with only the finest ingredients Suitable for vegetarians Contains no artificial coloursJakeman's: Jakemans is an independent, privately owned company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of quality, menthol based confectionery / It was established in 1907 and has been operating in the Boston, Lincolnshire area since that date / Today Jakemans is one of the fastest growing brands in the functional confectionery sector.

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