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Brand: Meltus / Type: Coughs, Colds & Flu / Dosage Form: Syrup

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    6 Reviews
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      14.10.2011 18:58
      Very helpful
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      A good chesty cough medicine

      It is rare for me to get colds these days.....in fact I only usually get a cold about every 2 yrs; whereas when I was younger I would always suffer with colds and sore throats. The problem is, as I rarely get colds when I do get them, I get them very bad! This one started off with a terrible sore throat, which dragged on for days; then in-between was the non stop sneezing and runny nose. Unfortunately I also get Asthma so colds tend to go straight to my chest. Hence I developed a terrible chesty cough and lots of catarrh. After about 5 days I was still ill and I spoke to my mum. I had already followed her advice regarding gargling with salt water; which is a very good thing to do. When I told her about my cough, she told me to go straight out and buy this Meltus chesty cough medicine. It was the only one she recommended. Usually I just take paracetemol and sore throat tablets, which I did with this cold. However, because this was a really bad cough with still a bit of a sore throat, so I followed her advice and bought this cough medicine.


      Adults & Children over 12 years of age;

      One to two 5ml spoonfuls every 3 to 4 hours. It states to be taken slowly.

      This medicine is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.


      This product contains 9% v/v of alcohol. Each 5mg dose may contain 0.38g of Alcohol.

      Undesirable effects;

      It has been reported that there may be stomach disturbances when using this product; If any unwanted effects occur you should cease taking the medicine and see your GP or Pharmacist.

      The mistake I think I made was not continuing with this medicine for longer. I took it for 2 days. The only reason I stopped taking it was because I could not stand the taste. To be honest it tastes absolutely vile. It reminds me of a cough medicine mum used to give me as a child! However, for the short period of time I did use it; it did seem to be effective; I produced more mucus and there was some slight relief to my then moderate sore throat.

      The makers of Meltus state the following;

      Adult Meltus for chesty coughs provided symptomatic relief of coughs and catarrh associated with Influenza, colds and mild Throat infections without causing drowsiness'

      In a way I wish I had continued taking the Meltus for a couple of days longer but I found myself having to drink a cup of water after each 5ml spoonful in attempt to take away the nasty taste. I an pretty sure my mum would give Meltus 5 Dooyoo stars; I have decided that it is worthy of 4 stars; one, due to its taste which I would like to see much improved and for two; because whilst it did work a bit; I did not give it a chance to see more effects. Im sure the results would have been even better had I continued with this medicine; sometimes perhaps it is the case that things that taste awful are actually good for you!


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        09.09.2011 12:15
        Very helpful



        Meltus is strong and it doesn't cause drowsiness!

        About Meltus for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh

        Whenever I have cough, which is most likely to be once a year, I always really on two brands of cough medicine to help clear up my cough and relieve the itchiness in my throat. One of the brands that I rely on is Meltus because it is very effective. Meltus is very very strong and it is indicated on the bottle that it is maximum strength. When taking one 5ml teaspoonful of Meltus for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh, I found that the taste is a bit bitter yet also sweet. However, it definitely does the job of clearing up the catarrh! The best thing I like about Meltus for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh is the balance it has between not causing drowsiness and the strong strength of the medicine. It is ideal to have this if you're planning on going to work with your cough, as it doesn't cause drowsiness and you won't be sleeping at your desk!

        Value for Money

        Meltus for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh cost £2.85 in Boots for a 100ml bottle. It is great value for money and one bottle has lasted me a month, which is the time it took for my cough to clear up completely. It not suitable for under 12's!


        Meltus for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh contains 100g of Guaiphensin, 2.5 mg of Cetylpryidinium Chloride, 1.75 g of Sucrose, 0.5g of honey, alcohol and it has to be stored below 25 degrees. Meltus for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh is manufactured by Cupal Ltd in Manchester and is distributed by SSL International Plc which is also in Manchester.


        I would definitely recommend Meltus for Chesty Coughs and catarrh as I have felt that it always magically starts working to improve my cough symptoms straight away.

        I hope you enjoyed reading my review. I may also be posting this review on Ciao under my same username Angela150.


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        08.06.2011 12:39
        Very helpful



        A super cough mixture that really works

        All last week I was plagued with one hell of a head cold and cough and I still don't feel right, it really just doesn't want to leave! I have never felt so ill, so I have been trying all sorts to try and make me feel better. I had tried two different cough medicines and the one that really helped was from Meltus.
        Adult Max Strength - Meltus for Chesty Coughs:

        For relief of -

        Chesty coughs
        Soothing sore throats
        Has warming vapours helping to clear catarrh
        Loosens mucous within the bronchial tubes

        My findings:

        The start of last week I started with a tickly dry cough, I started to take simple linctus but it wasn't doing anything at all. My chest was feeling heavier and it was like I needed to cough something up out my throat, so my partner popped to my local chemist and the assistant recommended Meltus for Chesty Coughs.

        I had seen it before but never tried and now next time I have a chesty cough this will be my first choice, its was my little wonder in a bottle! It states to take one to two 5ml spoons every few hours so to begin with I was taking the two 5ml and as soon as you take it in seconds you feel it warming your throat and chest soothing your throat and best of all it helped my cough millions. I was still coughing after all it's not a miracle cure, but my cough was a 100 times easier and not so sharp in my throat.

        After a couple of hours you can feel it start to wear off so you know when your next dose is due. The first couple of day taking this I couldn't taste it due to my cold, my partner said it smelt horrible but he hates medicines full stop anyway. When I could taste it, it was like a mild cherry and honey flavour to me not really over keen but if it works I don't take how it tastes.

        Taking this for a few days my cough and my chest is so much easier even on a night time when I was at my worst it was brilliant calming my cough so I could get a few hours sleep. From start to finish I was using this cough mixture for six days the first for four days two 5ml every few hours then my last two days just one 5ml every couple of hours.

        My second day my chest loosened and I was coughing that horrid stuff up that was resting my chest. In all my years this for me is certainly the best cough medicine I have ever tried. The consistency of this medicine is very thick and dark almost black looking, but I think as the mixture is so thick it coats your throat well giving you that longer feeling of relief.

        The packaging for this medicine I think stands out well from others; it comes in a green box which has different shades of green. It comes in a child proof bottle too (well child proof for some, my 5 years niece can open it!) with top that you have to push down then twist before you open.

        How to take:

        For adults only - one or two 5ml spoonfuls to be taken and swallowed slowly every three to four hours.

        Price and Availability:

        This cost me £3.49 from my local chemist for a 200ml bottle. It is also available online form £1.66 but then you will have to wait for it to be delivered.


        I really can not fault this one bit, it works like a treat! It doesn't taste that nice but after all when feeling the way I did you don't care about the taste if it's going to help ease your cough and chest. It pricey compared to some other cough mixtures on the market but again as this helped me so much I didn't mind paying that will bit extra.

        Five out of five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        They Quote -
        "Adult Meltus Expectorant for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh - Deep, warm penetrating relief. A demulcent, anti bacterial base to soothe sore throats with warming vapours to help clear catarrh. Helps loosens mucus in the bronchial tubes"

        "No drowsiness for the symptomatic relief of coughs and catarrh associated with influenza, colds and mild throat infections without causing drowsiness"
        Active Ingredients - Guaiphenesin 100mg, Cetpyridinium Chloride 2.5mg, Sucrose 1.75g, Purified honey 0.5g and also contains alcohol

        I'm not a doctor so before taking this medicine I would talk to your pharmacist or doctor to this is this would be suitable for you to take. Don't forget to always read the label in case your sensitive to any of the ingredients present.


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          16.05.2011 11:38
          Very helpful



          An effective linctus which does what it says on the bottle.

          Having just recovered from a virus which caused a really chesty cough and a subsequent catarrhal condition I resorted to my favourite daytime remedy Meltus Chest Cough Linctus which is an 'over the counter' product.

          ***What It Is and Does***
          The bottle state that it has an antiseptic base, which is good for sore throats.
          It has a thick consistency which means you can swallow it down really slowly and get the benefit of the vapours which come from the mixture and loosen the mucus in the bronchial tubes.
          It also contains Guaifenesin which has been proved to thin the mucus (catarrh) and this ingredient is a main part of the much more expensive Benlyn product. Many other products have this ingredient but Meltus contains 100mgms per 5mls - the same as Benlyn.
          I think it has a lovely liquoricy taste which may be personal to me.
          I do use the Benlyn night time mixture to suppress coughing and aid sleep at night but as Benlyn 'non-sleepy' is so expensive then Meltus is just as good for daytime.
          There is also a Meltus for Baby and Meltus Dry Cough mixture - though I have not tried these.

          ***Where to Buy It***
          Boots charge £2.85 but you can buy the 100ml size from Poundland at £1 and Savers for £1.99 though Savers periodically have it on offer for 99p. Amazon have the 200ml size for £4.99 and the 100ml at £1.66 with free delivery.

          ***Does It Work***
          In my opinion this is the most effective and comforting cough linctus I have used and it is similar but also MUCH cheaper than Benlyn which is hard to find at any discoount price. Meltus really does appear to loosen the mucus so you can cough effectively however you do have to be careful as the taste is rather addictive!


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          24.03.2011 20:25
          Very helpful



          Fights flu hard

          I recently bought Meltus Max Strength after suffering with a long bout of flu. I had all the classic symptoms including chesty cough, bunged up nose, sinus tension and exhaustion. To make matters worse I then managed to pass the dreaded flu on to the other half who of course ended up with, I quote, ' worsening symptoms '.

          After trying all the usual medicines available on the market including Lemsips and good old honey and lemon, I opted for something a little stronger with a bit of a kick to shift the virus out for good. So on a visit to Sainsbury's to stock up on vital supplies I grabbed a bottle of Meltus!

          I must admit I wasn't expecting the world but needed something, anything to keep me and him quiet and contented long enough to grab a couple of hours sleep, and my god did it work!

          Meltus is designed to relieve chesty coughs and sooth irritated sore throats. The non drowsy formula means it is ideal for anyone that needs to be fully alert during the day (i.e. operating machinery or driving). Its demulcent, antiseptic base aids, soothes and protects sore throats whilst the warming vapours help to clear the build up of catarrh and loosen mucus found in the bronchial tubes. (Basically it hits the flu hard, feels warm and soothing and generally makes you feel better)

          When taking the product always make sure to shake the 100ml bottle well before dispensing 1 to 2 5ml teaspoons of medicine. The product should then be taken by orally and swallowed slowly (to feel the full benefits), this should be repeated as needed every 3 to 4 hours.
          Due the powerful mixture this product is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years old. There are however other forms of Meltus on the market aimed at younger children all the way down to babies so shop around to find the most suitable product. I would stress that if your symptoms do not seem to clear within a few days consult a doctor.

          The product should be stored at room temperature (no greater than 25 degress), this is due to the ingredients including purified honey and sucrose. Overall I feel this product is ideal for the medicine cabinet, costing just under £3.00 a bottle is good value for money and for once actually does what it says on the tin.

          P.S I must mention as with all good medicines this once tastes awful!


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          15.02.2011 09:23



          definitely worth a try if you can ignore the taste

          This cough medicine is a 200ml bottle of liquid and it claims to -

          relieve chesty coughs
          have an antiseptic base which soothes sore throats
          warming vapours which help clear catarrh
          loosens mucuous in the bronchial tubes
          as well as provide relief of coughs influenza cold and mild throat infections whichout causing drowsiness

          This smells nice similar to buttercup syrup but when you taste it it is totally different It does advise for you to slowly swallow this medicine but the taste is really strong and i found it hard to do i kept gulping it down as fast as i could After you have swallowed it a very warm burning feeling starts in your mouth then down your throat it only lasts seconds and disappears.

          it straight away lessened the pain in my throat considerably and stopped my chest from being so tight and my cough was reduced also i would recommend this medicine for anyone suffering with cold or flu symptoms it seemed more effective than any other i have taken in the last 12 months.

          It seems in most shops this sells for just under £5 a bottle


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      • Product Details

        Relieves chesty coughs / Soothes sore throats / NON-DROWSY / Adult Meltus for Chesty Coughs provides symptomatic relief of coughs and catarrh associated with influenza, colds and mild throat infections without causing drowsiness / How Meltus works / Relieves chesty coughs / A demulcent, antiseptic base soothes sore throats / Warming vapours help clear catarrh / Loosens mucous in the bronchial tubes / Meltus is a Trade Mark of the SSL group / Active Ingredients, Each 5ml oral liquid contains:, Guaiphenesin 100mg, Cetylpyridinium Chloride 2.5mg, Sucrose 1.75g, Purified Honey 0.5g, Also contains: Alcohol (see leaflet) KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN / Store below 25C / SHAKE THE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE USE / Dosage / One or two 5ml spoonfuls to be taken and swallowed slowly every three or four hours / Not suitable for children under 12 years / Warning / If symptoms persist or worsen consult your doctor / For further information please read thesupplied leaflet.

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