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Nurofen Colds & Flu

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Brand: Nurofen

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2009 15:33
      Very helpful



      A very good stand by to have in your medicine cupboard.

      If you get a real dose of proper flu you will know it. So many people refer to flu as something they get for a couple of days which makes them feel under the weather, but a real dose of influenza leaves you bedbound, and can be very serious in the young, the elderly, and those with serious pre existing medical conditions. About 10 years ago our entire family got it and we were all in bed for two weeks.

      It was like a nightmare horror film, bodies everywhere- 6 in total- a sea of tartan blankets, and a ten mile exclusion zone, as no one would come near us to save our souls! Nothing we had since ever touched that in severity, but it can get rotten, especially somehow for men-at least in our house they seem to drop like flies and are glued to the settee incapacitated!

      As there are many viral infections with rotten symptoms which have various degrees of severity I always keep some "Nurofen For Colds And Flu" in my first aid kit, because if you start with something you will generally be too sick to want to go to the chemist yourself. Most of these infections present with a typical scenario, headache, runny nose, and aches and pains, and it is always a good idea to wait to see how you really are before dosing yourself up with medicines. I usually do what I was taught in the school of nursing where I trained, that is in the case of minor colds and winter ailments that hot fluids and copious amounts of them, keeping warm and cosy, and not venturing out to spread your germs is the first method of treatment.

      If you are sicker than this, and have a temperature and bodily aches and pains these may be more comfortable for you if you take something to relieve them. We had it drummed into us by our tutor that paracetamol is a dangerous drug, and that even one tablet is enough to destroy a healthy kidney tubule. I know it is dished out these days as a panacea for everything, and it does have its role as a pain killer, but personally I never touch it as I can still see my nursing tutor standing over me uttering words of caution where the drug was concerned. It rules out for me anyway things like Lemsip which are paracetamol based.

      If you are on a tight budget then some ibuprofen from any supermarket should be enough to help with the aches and pains, and also to relieve a temperature, but make sure you understand the risks and the groups who can't take this, as it is also part of the group who must not take "Nurofen For Colds And Flu", which I am basing this review on. These are those with asthma, stomach ulcers or any history of them, are diabetic, have kidney problems, or are on any anticoagulant medication such as warfarin. Also not suitable for those under 12. Ibuprofen is the generic drug, Nurofen is the fancy branded name, but they are identical except for price.

      Supposing you have more severe symptoms in your sinus region and you can't breathe or sleep, and are feeling rough as well as all the other cold symptoms this is where I use "Nurofen For Colds And Flu" as it is made from Ibuprofen and a decongestant called Pseudoepidrine. I don't use these lightly as a blocked nose will often respond to Olbas oil, a great natural standby, or some warming lemon or eucalyptus tea (Liptons do a great one for this) but sometimes things are dire and you just need relief, so here is where these tablets come into their own.

      Nurofen for Colds and Flu are a pharmacy only medicine and you can buy them in small amounts from a chemist. I tend to buy a small number to keep ready in case someone in the house gets ill at the weekend. They are about £5 for 24 tablets. You will only be able to buy these in small amounts as the drug Pseudoephedrine which acts as a decongestant has been used by drug makers to produce illegal substances at home, and as this has recently come to notice the sales are strictly controlled.

      The way that this drug combo works is that the Nurofen (which is part of a group of drugs called non steroidal anti-inflammatory) blocks prostaglandins and so reduces pain and inflammation, so if you have aches and pains as a result of the flu these will be alleviated for a few hours. It will also cause the temperature peaks to subside and you should feel more human. The decongestant should by constricting the blood flow to the sinus passages help to unblock them. In my experience this works very well and you can feel semi human again quite quickly.

      It is very important however to think carefully about the dangers and risks of taking these over the counter remedies, and to try natural things first. Many people don't realise that it is the body's natural response to infection to raise body temperature and it is healing in itself. However you can't always suffer so if you do take these please remember a few points.

      Always take any Ibuprofen or Nurofen products with food. If you are not up to a meal at least eat a biscuit, because they can irritate the stomach lining even in healthy people with no history of stomach ulcers.

      Never take them if you are under 12, have diabetes, kidney failure, are pregnant, if you are on an antidepressant medication called an MAOI and have taken one in the last 14 days, or have liver failure. Anyone with asthma must check with their doctor first, and if you have ever had any allergic reaction to any form of Aspirin or Ibuprofen then you can never take these.

      If you have any kind of bowel disease at all, high blood pressure, over active thyroid, connective tissue diseases such as lupus, glaucoma, heart disease, or are on blood thinning drugs, then please don't take these unless you have been given permission by a doctor. There are many other exclusions to so please check.

      There are so many people who should not be taking these that I only recommend them for healthy fit adults, with no medical conditions at all, which is why they have pharmacy guided sales.

      The usual dose if you are in the category who are fine to take them is 2 tablets with water every four hours but no more than 6 in 24 hours. The tablets are small and easy to swallow.

      In my experience if you take these in about half an hour you will begin to feel quite a bit better and this will last until the next dose is due a few hours later.

      GP surgeries would be clogged to the doors with people if medicines like these were unavailable, and thank goodness they are. If you are not improving after three days, and you are otherwise fit, it may be prudent to call NHS direct for advice. You could have a bacterial infection on top of the viral one, and a cough, very sore throat, or persistently raised temperature may need looking at. Never ignore chest pain or breathing difficulty as this can develop with a viral infection and can be an emergency. I know this to my cost as a viral infection caused pericarditis in me where the lining of the heart was inflamed. Also treat babies and children as well as the elderly or those who are ill already with kid gloves and get them checked out early.

      I think it is always a great idea to make some home made soup when you are fit and well and just find a little corner of your freezer for it, as when you are ill this can be easily defrosted and enjoyed. Also keep a stock of instant jellies, a few energy drinks, and some basics in the fridge for those times when illness strikes. Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea available from health food stores is the best lemon drink I have ever tasted and it's handy to store.

      It is possible for those on a tight budget to recreate the effect of these tablets by making their own alternative. If you have got some Ibuprofen from a supermarket you have already got the Nurofen, so you just need to supplement it with a decongestant which you can buy separately in the chemist. Sudafed is a good one and this will cut the cost of buying the "Nurofen For Colds And Flu".

      I think that Nurofen For Cold And Flu is a great product for when you have moderate to severe flu, and for when you are in a situation where you need to improve quickly for an event or for work. I would not suggest you take these for minor colds as simple comforting remedies will suffice.

      Try to contain the virus by washing hands really thoroughly. When I was in my nurse training we did experiments on hand washing times and techniques, and you would be amazed how many more bacteria survive if you wash with haste and don't do a thorough job. Only use tissues and discard them. My mum used to boil hankies in a special pan-revolting but true, and probably very hygienic, but don't think it's an up to date way to go about things. In a family where there are several of you make sure all the communal points of contact are washed thoroughly. Worst offenders are keyboards on computers, toilet handles, and door handles, as well as kitchen areas too.

      A final word about swine flu-

      If someone does get the flu, especially at the moment, be a bit more vigilant especially if they have been to areas where swine flu is, or may have been in contact with anyone who has. Call NHS Direct for advice and don't go out. If you have followed my little plan for having a first aid box and a freezer ready you can call for help and look after yourself in the first instance.

      A Summary for "Nurofen For Colds And Flu"

      I think it is a very good medicine when used correctly by the right patient. Cheaper alternatives are available so ask the pharmacist for advice. Never overdose, check carefully the amount you should take and always look after yourself well when you have viral infections. Treat conservatively first but don't be afraid to seek help and advice by calling NHS Direct at any time, watching the elderly and young children like hawks, and the fit and healthy for signs of breathing difficulties, chest pain or other severe symptoms.


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      Get the benefits of ibuprofen with pseudoephedrine - a strong non-drowsy decongestant - to give you relief from cold or flu symptoms.

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