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  • May cause diarrhoea
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    1 Review
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      26.11.2002 03:52
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      • "May cause diarrhoea"

      My son is 4 and prone to coughes and colds like the rest of his peer group. He has recently come down with a cold and cough and been off school. I usually dose him up with calpol and be done with it but whilst in Sainsbury's I came across Streppies which are the kiddies version of Strepsils. They were under £3 for approximately 20 pastilles which is quite expensive for panacea - there is no evidence that cough sweets help coughes. I was intrigued and bought them anyway. They are gelatine based pastilles rather than cough sweets and they taste and smell strongly of artificial strawberry flavour - my 4 year old loved them! They claim not to contain artificial colours. They are like sweets or those children's vitamins that you can buy and they are easy to suck. Obviously care must be taken with younger children and there is a warning that they can choke even on these old soft things. The age range is 4 to 12 and the idea is to soothe their throats. My son coughs at night and sometimes gets sick as a result. I gave him a pastille prior to bedtime along with Calpol and on the second night he didn't cough too much for a few hours. They are not wise for sleepy children - they might choke. If you are worried about their peggies (teeth) they are sugar free. The one draw back is that too many can cause a runny bottom because of the glycerine. Lovely. So you could have two complaints on your hands. If you are worried about your child's calorie intake (???) they are 195kcals a pastille and from the ingredients provide little in the way of fats and carbs and contain no salt. They do contain coconut oil which could be a problem for nut allergy bunnies. If you need more information on them, they are made by Crookes Healthcare Ltd, Nottingham, NG2 3AA. The fact that they are made by Strepsils makes me more inclined to believe that they are beneficial but I cannot tell accurately or scientifically if they work. My
      son enjoyed sucking them and they seemed to calm his cough temporarily - just remember to ration them or get a dose of Trotties.


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    • Product Details

      Sore Throat Pastilles for kids

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