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Value Health Cold Sore Patch

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Brand: Value Health / Type: Cold Sore Patch

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2011 20:08
      Very helpful



      Not for me they didn't do a thing!

      I very often suffer with cold sores (ok its correct name is herpes, but that simply sounds gross doesn't it lol!). Just lately I have had one on my lip that no matter what I apply to it (and I've bought and tried loads of remedies out lately believe me!), it may settle for a while but bang......out the blue it just flares back up!

      I spotted a pack of ten of these in my local Poundland store the other day and decided that at only £1.00 for a pack of ten patches (working out at a mere 10p a patch!) I simply had no choice but to give them a go as I was desperate and my cold sore was red, pussy, scabby an looked like it was trying to take over my whole face and I hated it!

      The Packaging:

      The box the patches come in is mainly white with a black and white kind of photograph on the front of it of a woman with a patch on her lip and we are told that they are Cold Sore Patch 'Relieves instantly, heals faster and is invisible' and that there are of course 10 patches in the box.on the back of the box other information listed includes being shown through diagrams how to use them and a bit of information is given about them and contact details for Value Health Limited (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Simple enough and easy to follow instructions are given and inside the box you get a long silver foil and oblong in shape pack, its easy to tear open and within that you get the small disc shaped patches and in see through plastic with little extra sections so you can pick them up without getting them dirty.

      Using Them:

      All you do is peel off the patch and apply it on to dry skin. My cold sore was slap bang in the middle of my lip an the patch adhered itself very well to it and moulded in shape to the area. I could feel it though it wasn't overly annoying or anything.......however as for invisible I could see it as soon as I popped it on and my friends spotted it straight off too!

      It is made from polythene and like I have said rather sticky (stays in place for a good couple of hours providing your not eating or drinking or anything else) and it is hypoallergenic and has been priorly soaked with Melaleuca which is known for healing cold sores/herpes. We are not told on the packaging how long to leave them on for but like I said mine peeled off within a couple of hours all by itself.

      I found this patch rather obtrusive though and not one bit invisible so I have since used them on my own and away from people and/or when sleeping! They don't have any fragrance to them at all but they are not a product you can easily forget is there sadly!

      These I found ok for putting on lips apart from corners of the mouth as they simply fall off as well so bear that fact in mind before purchasing these!

      Do They Work Though?:

      In a word no they don't work for me at all. They are annoying to wear as they can be seen highly and you can't use your lips for anything so maybe best worn when sleeping. Although I persevered with these for over a week my cold sores never diminished in size or looked healed or less visible or anything like that and basically I found these to be totally pointless and a waste of a quid!

      Only available in discount stores and in shops like Poundland and the 99p shop.


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