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Halifax Clarity Credit Card

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6 Reviews
  • No purchase fees abroad
  • Widely accepted
  • No rewards for using this
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    6 Reviews
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      05.10.2015 21:46
      Very helpful


      • "Backed by Mastercard"
      • "Widely accepted"
      • "No charges for using Overseas"


      • "No rewards for using this"

      The card that doesn't charge you for using it abroad

      I took out this card when we discovered how much my Amex card was charging us for using it when we were abroad. It was quite a lot too which added up when we were using it for hotels and meals etc when on holiday. I believe it was around 2.5%.

      I read about this on Martin's Money saving website and he suggested the Halifax was a good one woth no charges for using abroad.

      I do feel a little guilty as I never use this inthe UK as I use my AMex card which earns me Airmiles when in the UK. I do se this for a small purchase every six months or so if we have not been away for a while just to make sure it is still okay!

      I never use an ATM while abroad for cash back on a credit card as that is NIT free. they charge interest from the day you take the cash advance. If you need to then use a debit card for that.

      We still phone all our credit and debit card banks to let them know where and when we are travelling so there is never going to be an issue with our cards being stopped as they think they have been stolen - we got caught in New Zealand as we had not let te Bank know and I could not use my debit card which was annoying as then we did have to use the credit card or miss out on a helicopter ride on to the glacier.

      This offers no rewards for using it so if you don't travel a lot it is not the best card for use in the UK.


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      03.10.2015 18:38
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Zero loading on foreign currency transactions"


      Zero loading on foreign currency transactions.

      Each of my credit cards has a specific purpose and each is used in different ways. My Halifax Clarity is my overseas credit card and - thanks to the nature of my job - it takes a heck of a hammering most months.

      It's rare that I use it in the UK as I have other cards that offer cash back or hotel points that I use at home. But this is the one I use for hotels, train tickets, restaurants and all other spending in foreign currencies. It's the main one I take on holiday too.

      People who travel infrequently may not be aware of just how much most credit and debit cards charge you for the pleasure and convenience of using their cards overseas. Typical charges come to around 2.5 to 3% of your spending. I probably run up an average of £800 to £1000 on this card most months - representing a typical saving of between £20 to £30 a months. I think you'll agree that's better off in my pocket than a bank's pocket.

      I don't take cash from ATMs in other countries with this card because I neither understand nor want to pay for cash advances on any credit card. For that purpose I have a Norwich and Peterborough current account which has zero fees.

      For any overseas travel, I recommend to never rely on just one credit or debit card just in case it should get lost, broken or eaten by an ATM machine. This for me is the best of the best when it comes to spending outside the country.


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        06.12.2014 13:34
        Very helpful


        • "Great customer service every time"
        • "Easy application"
        • "Low / no fees abroad"


        No usage fees, fantastic customer service and widely accepted.

        I'm a regular customer of HSBC and historically have managed all of my banking with them.

        My only issue with them as a company has been the fees they charge whilst abroad which can really impact my finances if I'm on holiday as I'm self employed and so don't receive holiday pay.

        I now travel more often and realised that I would need to find a better solution if I wanted to save money. I looked on trusty finance site moneysavingexpert and this Clarity card was number one on the list of recommended cards. Here's why:

        * No usage fees
        * No fee to transfer a balance
        * No cash withdrawal fee
        * No fee to use it anywhere worldwide
        * No annual fee

        It was a no brainer really. I immediately applied online which was very easy to do - it took me around 5 minutes. They confirmed instantly that my application was successful and within a week I had received my card, pin number and online banking details via post.

        I had trouble logging into online banking for the first time and opted to call Halifax at 11pm on a Friday night - they have a cheap number to call from mobile phones which is a real bonus.

        Not only were they open - they are 24 hours a day - my call was answered quickly and dealt with easily. Within no time at all I was online.

        The call center is in the UK too.

        I now use nothing else when I'm abroad and I absolutely love the clarity card. I'm so thankful I found it - it has saved me a fortune.


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        22.10.2014 22:03
        Very helpful


        • "Multiple users"
        • "No balance transfer fee"
        • "No fee for cash withdrawals (just interest)"
        • "No purchase fees abroad"


        Cheap and easy to use, safe and widely accepted!

        We got a Halifax Clarity Card ready for our holiday abroad this year, as we felt really uncomfortable about the thought of carrying huge amounts of cash around with us, and were astounded at the commission rates for currency exchanging in the shops!

        The main thing that drew us to the Halifax Clarity card was the "no purchase fee abroad". Pretty much every other card that we looked at had this fee, and so it was a no brainer for our holiday!

        So, in order to have some cash ready for when we got to Turkey, we exchanged £50 (about 150 TL), with the intention to rely on the card for everything else. We were a little nervous about this, but decided that it was worth a try, and through scouring message boards knew that we could access cash over there if we really needed to.

        I applied in branch, but had no Halifax current account. Went for a short meeting with an advisor and was told there and then that I had been accepted - fabulous! Really easy and great staff :)

        We actually used the card for the first time in the UK - my car (typically!) needed a new exhaust the day before we went away - thank goodness for this credit card! In a way, this was quite a relief to use it with no problems, it gave us a bit more confidence for the holiday!

        Once in Turkey, we used the card for the first time in our Hotel. No problems whatsoever. From then on, as it is a Mastercard, we found that it was widely accepted at all of the Restaurants, most of the shops, all of the attractions - we were really impressed at how many places accepted it. And, we still had our smaller amount of cash for the bits and bobs that needed it, such as stamps, odd drinks, postcards and such. The other great thing was that with this card, we could actually have 2 cardholders, which was also piece of mind for us. We took both with us and left one in the hotel room - so if somehow one did get lost, we had a "back up" card. (Good job Future Husband is good with watching the pennies! :D)

        We also had a day excursion to Greece, and used the card in Greece. Again, no problems whatsoever. The card was widely accepted. In Greece, we made our only cash withdrawal of the whole holiday - 40 euros.

        Before we went away, we phoned Halifax and told them that we were going, so had no trouble in using the card or in being checked by Halifax about use of the card. Also, through online banking, we could log on each day and just keep an eye on what we were actually spending (using "plastic", especially when in a different currency can start to get confusing after a while!). Then, when we got home, we did an online transfer of the funds straight onto the card - this was possibly the most complex bit as I didn't have a Halifax current account, but again, staff at the branch were really helpful. Overall, on our £840 spend, we paid a grand total of 24p interest - which was for our 40 euros cash withdrawal.

        As you can probably tell from my review, I found the Halifax Clarity Card to be fantastic for our trip abroad. Cheap and easy to use, and widely accepted! The only down side for me was actually paying the balance (as I was not a Halifax customer) and of course, the fact that you do pay interest on cash withdrawals. For us, this was no problem at all, but I imagine if you did withdraw a lot of cash, then you might end up paying a bit more. However, most cards charge this plus lots of other fees too!

        Overall, I would definitely recommend this card if you are going to be spending abroad. It really was so convenient, you definitely do not need to be carrying hundreds of pounds of cash around with you. Our 150TL lasted us a full week - in fact, we were trying to get rid of the lira towards the end, and we even came back with 4TL in our pockets! :)


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        03.05.2011 09:06
        Very helpful



        The best way to get money overseas

        Up until recently when I was travelling overseas it was relatively easy for me to get money exchanged without being ripped off. I have a Nationwide Flex account and was able to use this account to get money free from charges at ATMs and at a fair rate.

        Unfortunately a couple of years ago the Nationwide phased the benefits of the Flex account out, leaving me looking for an alternative. I tried a Caxton FX pre-paid Mastercard but the problem with that is you have to load at a specific rate and if the rate goes up later on then tough. You also have to load a certain amount and if it runs out and you don't have access to the internet to load more you might be in trouble.

        What I really wanted was a credit card which would offer free cash withdrawals, zero commission on purchases and a true exchange rate. Such a credit card used to be pretty common but in these credit crunched times I have found more and more card companies are slipping in charges on the sly which if you are not careful you won't spot until it's too late.

        I learned this to my cost last year when I purchased a small item from a French website using another credit card only to be hammered with additional charges - something that had never happened to me with a credit card before. I was so disgusted that I decided to do a little research and find a card I could use abroad that wouldn't cost me the earth. During this research it became patently obvious to me that the best credit card for using overseas is the Halifax Clarity card.

        ~~The Card~~

        You can apply for a Halifax Clarity card in a branch or online. It is a Mastercard and it offers the following benefits to users:-

        * No fee to transfer a balance
        * No cash withdrawal fee
        * No fee to use it anywhere worldwide
        * No annual fee

        When I applied this card was offering rewards for qualifying customers - so if I spent £300 in a month I would get a £5 reward.

        While the lack of fees - particularly for overseas use - was the main carrot which led me to this card, it was qualifying for the monthly reward that sealed the deal for me.

        ~~Applying for the Card~~

        As an existing Bank of Scotland Ultimate Reward account holder, it was simplicity itself for me to apply for this card. I did so via online banking and the process took about five minutes with the decision given then.

        My status as an Ultimate Reward account holder also qualified me for the reward feature on the card. I have done a little research and I am unsure if the reward feature is still offered to new customers however - so it looks like I applied in the nick of time.

        You can apply for the card over the phone or in a branch too.

        The card itself took just over a week to arrive, with the PIN code arriving a few days before. The account was added to my online banking within a week or so of my application being approved too.

        ~~My Thoughts~~

        I try to limit my use of credit cards and rarely carry a balance over but I knew when I got this card it would get something of a hammering on my holiday. I took the precaution of calling HBOS card services before I left to inform them I would be overseas to ensure my card would work for the duration of my trip and to ensure I wouldn't be plagued with phone calls from their fraud department. I would recommend anyone do this when planning on using a credit card overseas of course - whether it be a Clarity card or not.

        I first used the card to make a fairly large cash withdrawal at Newark Airport while we were on a layover waiting for our connecting flight to Las Vegas and this went without a hitch. I was relieved about this as I had initial fears that the card would be refused leaving me to use another card which would cost me more to use.

        I actually had no problems using the card at all - although I did make one mistake on my travels, and that was to use the card as security when staying in hotels - nothing is actually taken from your card during these stays but a freeze is put on your card. This led to my credit limit depleting towards the end of my stay despite the fact I hadn't actually spent the money and the hotel rooms had all been paid for in advance. I had a similar deposit put on the card when I hired a car and it took nearly a week for this money to "unfreeze".

        Had I considered this more I would have used a different card purely for this purpose. I have a credit limit of just shy of £1500 on my card which I thought would be more than adequate for the holiday but at one point I was only able to withdraw $50! So if you are planning on using this card purely for travels it might be worth asking for as large a credit limit as possible.

        As the card is Mastercard I found it was accepted everywhere and I had no problems at all using it either in stores in the US - although it's worth noting you will be asked for photo ID when using a credit card for shopping - or at ATMs.

        Managing your account is easy - you can do it online. Unfortunately I wasn't quite as organised as I should have been - despite contacting the credit card department of my bank before I left, I didn't realise that HBOS will block your internet banking if they spy you are logging in from a different country. This led to a few expensive phone calls on my mobile to rectify the situation. Once I had sorted out the problem I was able to clearly see what I had spent and what exchange rate I was getting when I logged into the internet on my netbook.

        I had loaded my Caxton FX card up with $500 a couple of days before I left and got a rate of $1.58. The lowest rate I got on my Clarity Card was $1.62 and some days the rate was $1.63.

        When I got home and all transactions appeared on my account online, I was able to clearly see what I had spent and how much it had cost me. Each transaction was also clearly marked with the exchange rate.

        The only charge made on a total of £1127 spent on the card was interest of £2.32 on the cash withdrawals I made totalling £580.23. You pay interest on all cash withdrawals with this card from the minute you take the money out but purchases are interest free so long as you pay your bill in full every month. When I got my statement, I got the £5 reward for spending more than £300 so I effectively got everything interest free.

        You can pay your bill online, by post, over the phone or in a branch. I haven't set up a direct debit for the minimum payment but this is an option you can consider. I pay online and my only quibble is the Faster Payments system doesn't work on HBOS credit cards so do bear this in mind and pay your bill in good time to avoid late payment charges. I find a payment usually takes about 3 or 4 working days to show on my account.


        As the rewards aspect of this card seems to have been phased out, I would recommend this primarily as a card for travelling. My sister used a Barclaycard while on holiday and she was charged 2.6% on every transaction she made which soon added up on a final bill of £1,000 - and that was purely on purchases. My total charge of £2.32 seemed miniscule in comparison.

        The application process is painless and quick so if you have a holiday planned in the next month or so and are looking for a reasonably cheap way to get money and buy items when overseas then I would recommend you consider this card.

        My only caveat would be to ensure you have a fairly high credit limit to cover those freezes on your card that hotels and car hire companies can impose and to ensure you contact Halifax before you go to inform them you will be overseas. I was told their fraud department are pretty hot at contacting you if your card is used overseas and you haven't told them and certainly my experience with the HBOS website while abroad would back this up.

        I would also stress that as with all credit cards, it works best if you don't carry a balance over - if you do this you will find it's one of the most expensive ways to borrow money.

        I have been impressed with this card and will keep hold of it for as long as Halifax offer the benefit of being able to use it worldwide free of charge. I am aware that this can change - my experience with my Nationwide Flex account acts as a stark reminder of that - but for now this card probably offers the cheapest way to get money when you are travelling or if you are buying something from an overseas website.

        I shan't list the interest rates Halifax charge on this card - although it's worth saying that what they charge you will vary depending on your circumstances. You can find this out, along with charges Halifax make should you miss a payment or for other services on the Halifax website by clicking the link below.



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          25.01.2011 01:52
          Very helpful



          Halifax Clarity Credit Card

          I applied for a Halifax Clarity Credit Card on the Halifax website and got accepted. I think my chances were pretty good anyway as I already had the Halifax 'Reward' Current Account in good standing (plus I've been offered it in branch previously), so the only thing I was worried about was getting a low credit limit. Surprisingly, Halifax gave me a limit over £5K but I'll never use that much. Not just because I don't want to get into debt but also because if I spend over a certain amount, it starts becoming less profitable (I'll explain later). Applying was just a case of clicking a button on the Halifax site and then putting in a few details such as earnings. I didn't have to enter much as I already banked with Halifax and was logged into my account whilst doing it. About a week and a half later, I got my funky new card in the post, followed by PIN number and welcome letter. Had to do the usual phone up to activate card, which is annoying as you have to speak to a salesman who will in turn try to sell you something.


          I already hold six other credit cards from various other financial institutions, so why did I want to get the Halifax Clarity Credit Card? One word ... "Cashback!" (or is that 2 words?). I only ever apply for cards for the rewards of if there was a good offer somewhere for me. i.e. balance transfer, 0% on purchases if I wanted to buy something expensive, never for more credit. The Clarity card was no different.

          On its own, the Clarity card has nice features such as no cash withdrawal fees and no foreign transaction fees, no balance transfer fees, which are pretty unique for a credit card already but if you happen to also hold a Halifax Reward or Ultimate Reward account, they give you £5 cashback each month you spend £300 or over on the card! Buying things just to reach the £300 threshold is a false economy but I found I usually spend more than that anyway on my other cards.

          I've had the card for 2 months now and use the Clarity in conjunction with my Egg World Mastercard (which gives 1% cashback) and my Barclaycard Platinum (which gives 2% for petrol and supermarket spending, 0.5% for everything else). Getting £5 from a £300 spend, works out to 1.67%. However, if I were to spend way over the threshold, I'd be worse off. E.g. I spend £500 on the Clarity and get the fixed £5 cashback, it works out to just 1% cashback. I would be better off spending £300 on the Clarity and then £200 on the Egg Card (1% cashback) or Barclaycard (2% petrol and supermarket) depending on where I'm shopping. This is assuming its multiple combined purchases rather than one big purchase totaling £500.


          The account can be managed online, phone, post, ATM or in branch, as you'd expect from a high street bank. I tend to pay my bill online but sometimes write a cheque when the statement comes through the post. I've also set up a Direct Debit just in case I forget to pay. The website is easy to use but may take a bit of getting used to as they recently redesigned the site. The option to pay money into the credit card account from my current account was automatically added when I added my card to my online banking account.

          As with any credit card account, it is imperative that you pay on time and stay within the credit limit, otherwise you could mess up your credit rating as well as get hit with a fine. Halifax charge a £12 penalty for each of these offences, which is expensive but you need only stay within limits and keep up payments (even if only the minimum amount).

          When logged into my account, I saw that I have options to have an additional card holder, change the billing date (can be changed twice per 6 months or pay £5 fee), request new credit limit, etc. All important information on how to pay, fees, etc are also easily found.

          With my trying to achieve the 'spend £300 without going too much over' target each month, I like to keep a close eye on the balance by logging into my Halifax online banking account to view the balance, which brings me to something I don't like about the card. Transactions do seem to take longer to show up on the account. If I buy something with card, the transaction doesn't seem to show up for a few days. However, the date of the transaction when it finally does show up, is backdated to the actual date of the transaction or next working day if it's a weekend/holiday. Payments to the card are credited next working day but this was not always the case. The banks have upgraded so Faster Payments work with credit card payments so that's good. Payments, however, aren't paid via the credit card account with a debit card like other cards. You have to either use the paper statement giro credit or send the money direct from another bank account, which is a bit silly and leaves more room for errors. i.e. sending to the wrong account.



          - £5 Cashback every month you spend £300 and above (gets credited as soon as the the month's statement is available)
          - No cash withdrawal fees
          - No foreign transaction fees
          - No balance transfer fees
          - No Annual Fees


          - £5 reward only open to those with a Halifax Reward / Ultimate Reward Current Account
          - Need self control as it is still a credit card
          - Need to pay off bill in full each month to make it worthwhile
          - Need to spend around the £300 for maximum value. Any more and the percentage cashback works out to be less.
          - Transactions slow to appear
          - Payments to the card need to be sent by BACs or via the paper statement by post or in branch.


          I know some people consider credit cards to be evil but they are a necessary evil for some, and a useful financial management tool for others. For me, it's the latter, and a way for me to profit from the card companies instead of the other way around! I can definitely recommend the Clarity card, especially if you have a Halifax Reward account and have complete control of your spending and no expensive debts. If you buy from abroad a lot, this card avoids the foreign charges. If you need to withdraw cash from a credit card, this card may be a cheaper option at the point of withdrawal as there's no 3-4% (£3-£4 minimum) as well as a cheaper interest rate but interest is charged immediately like other cards so I don't recommend it for that unless you're desperate. For balance transfers, there's no fee but there's also no 0% period for the transfer so unless you have a balance on a more expensive credit card AND you can't get a hold of a 0%, then it may not be worth it as you'd be paying the 12.9% interest on the Clarity card right away. For everything else and when combined with a different reward card, it's excellent if used properly and sensibly. Highly recommended (but not to everyone).

          Thanks for reading!

          * Information accurate as at 24/01/2011

          Fees and charges for your information

          * Missed / late payment - £12.00
          * Returned payment - £12.00
          * Exceeding card spending limit - £12.00
          * Stopped credit card cheques (excludes lost or stolen cheques) - £10
          * Duplicate card statement - £5
          * Statement date change - £5
          * Foreign currency payment - £10


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