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Argos Value Set of 12 Porcelain Dinner Set

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Brand: Argos / Type: Dinner Set

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2012 16:54
      Very helpful



      A perfect buy all in all for the money!

      I spend a lot of time with my mate Liz. In fact she virtually lives around here which means she mucks in with me, does a bit of cooking, washing up and the likes. Nice of her right? Well not really...I dread her washing up and putting things away because she has to be the most clumsy flipping person I have ever met. She has broken a full set of Pyrex dishes that I hadn't even got round to using and broken up almost two entire beautiful dinner sets I owned! Thats not to mention the odd mug, cafeteire and things too.

      I decided enough was enough. I'd buy one 'posh' dinner set she goes nowhere near and which is my special occasion set and that I'd find a cheap set for us to use on a day to day basis. These costing £4.99 a set of 4 plates, side plates and dishes were ideal and so much so in fact that I bought two sets in case Miss Clumsy decided to have accidents!

      The set came simply in a very plain box basically showing us what we were buying on it and what it was and so on. Each piece came well packaged too within a thin cardboard.

      The Set:

      Well like I have already mentioned this is a 12 piece set, 4 plates, sides and dishes and it only comes in one colour which is white. I was slightly worried about the quality of them as well as looks considering they were so cheap to buy but they are not thin and flimsy and are nicely shiny and don't look cheap at all.

      It is a porcelain set and is fully dishwasher and microwave safe. My only slight quibble with this is the sizes.

      The sizes are as follows:

      *Dinner plate diameter 23cm.
      *Side plate diameter 19cm.
      *Bowl diameter 20cm

      For me this means that the dinner plates are actually rather small. They do have a sort of 'lip' to them so food doesn't drop of the sides which is good but really these are small plates. The side plates are a smaller version of course of the dinner plates which I have no problems with and the dishes are not that deep but again I have no issue with the size of those either.

      All in all I think think that this is a great dinner set. Its cheap, good quality and looks nice although plain. Its robust enough and lets face it if things get broken its easy enough to match them back up with this plain set.

      All in all I'm really happy with this set and in fact the dinner plates being a little smaller than I'm used to may actually help my ever expanding waistline eh?!

      Only available from Argos stores or Argos.com


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